How to finance a round-the-world trip

Travelling around the world was the best and most exciting thing I ever did. The adventure of waking up in a new place every week is something that can’t be beaten. There’s nothing like it,… View Post

Things do to in Paris when it Rains

Pad and I have a habit of getting unlucky with weather. When we were in Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the USA earlier in the year – thunder and rain seemed to follow is around… View Post

PR and Advertising

Are you open to advertising and PR requests? As a travel blogger, I’m completely open to PR Partnerships and advertising, so please get in touch if you’d like to talk more about what I can… View Post

I Have Something To Confess.

One thing I was hoping to get out of travelling – or rather, get rid of – was my fear of flying. I know. Why travel the world when you are absolutely petrified of flying?… View Post

Let’s talk about Patong, Phuket.

I’ll admit, when I booked our time in Thailand for this RTW trip – I did it a little blindly. I don’t know a whole lot about Thailand – having never really travelled here properly… View Post

Bay of Rain. I mean, Islands.

So, Pad and I were feeling pretty smug after Wellington. We managed to plan our 4 day trip to coinside with the most gorgeous spell of weather, like ever. This week we headed to Bay… View Post

This Is What We Moved Here For

When we were planning our move to New Zealand, the sheer amazingness of the views on offer in Queenstown, were what swung the decision for us. When you Google Image Search: Queenstown, the most common… View Post

The Bucket List

Here is our bucket list of our travels, we’ll be updating this and crossing stuff off as we do them! New Zealand Skydive Jump off a big cliff (attached to something preferably) Para-gliding FergBurger Go Dolphin… View Post