The Deal with Black Friday Savings on Travel

Black Friday, otherwise known as that retail extravaganza that takes place the day after American thanksgiving – where you just spent the day being thankful for all that you have – in which you try to elbow strangers out of the way and rack up your credit card making purchases promising huge deals and big savings. Every year it seems this tradition spreads further and further, now becoming a normal practice in Europe as well, along with cyber Monday. And of course not without its appeal, since almost anyone would be lured by the promise of life-changing deals. Although not really drawn in by the technology or fashion discounts, I do admit that in the past I was lured by the half-price travel deals that were to offer – who doesn’t want to save money on vacation packages? This year, however, I am being a little more cautious with these deals, and here’s the reason why.


So What’s the Deal on these Deals?

In the wake of Brexit, with the £ in considerable flux, it is unclear as to which companies can afford at this point to offer the incredible discounts of Black Friday sales. One industry, however, which according to Oliver Smith of the Telegraph looks “certain to be at the forefront of the price-cutting frenzy,” is the travel industry.

However, Smith cautions that the reductions on travel are most likely expected to include destinations like Greece, Egypt and Turkey – which are destinations currently undergoing instability, unrest and turmoil. Deals these may be, but a relaxing dream vacation they may not be. It’s not my place to say avoid deals like this completely, but certainly proceed with caution. With offers the likes of these, I am becoming more and more skeptical as to which deals are actually deals, and which are merely companies trying to offload currently un-popular locations in the form of a deal.

The Deals that I am Interested In

A few of the deals that do seem to be promising to me, however, are as follows. Carnival Cruise Line, as Donald Wood reports for Travel Pulse, has actually teamed up with Amazon to sell incredible Black Friday vacation packages. Apparently only applicable for the first 1,150 customers, this limited Black Friday Deal seems to actually have a lot more freedom than other travel deals. As long as you book your trip and take it between March 2017 and April 2019, you seem to have the freedom to plan this as you please. Of course destinations can also be limited here, but at least you have a two years of leeway. What’s more, if you do your research you can find incredible referral programs, like this one, that offers a £100 Amazon voucher, the likes of which can help make this discounted cruise through Amazon even cheaper. It seems like a great way to make a dream vacation affordable.

The other really appealing deal is with Virgin Trains, which is supposed to be offering 200,000 discounted tickets, with fares as low as £5 for standard tickets and as low as £20 for first class tickets. This is appealing to me because it caters to travel within my own backyard, which are areas that are free of political unrest and diseases. Sounds pretty good to me.

To Sum Up

All of this being said, there will be many promising deals on flights, stays at hotels, and other intriguing Black Friday travel discounts that are a good deal, you merely need to know where to look and often to be one of the first in line. In the end, the trick is to thoroughly look at the deal itself, including the price bottom line and all of the fine print before booking, in order to see if it really is indeed a good deal or not. Don’t let yourself get swayed by the buzz of how discounted it is or how much you are saving; becoming informed can help assuage any travel deal disappointment.



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