Queenstown LUGE!!

New Zealand is Beautiful – especially in the summertime. And by far, some of the most fun I’ve had since living here was our day spent on the Queenstown Luge. WE LOVE THE LUGE! It’s… View Post

Skateboards and Hitch Hikers

There are two things in life, which I (being totally honest here) thought only existed in American movies. These two things are: Skateboarders and Hitch Hikers. Sure, I knew that both of these things were actually… View Post

Bay of Rain. I mean, Islands.

So, Pad and I were feeling pretty smug after Wellington. We managed to plan our 4 day trip to coinside with the most gorgeous spell of weather, like ever. This week we headed to Bay… View Post

Warning. I might get festive on you.

Christmas is going to be a bit different in New Zealand – which is both exciting and also a bit sad. Instead of the usual Christmas traditions we’re used to (largely dependant on it snowing… View Post

Remember that time when…. It was the worst day ever?

Whilst travel is often full of awesome experiences and life changing moments – when you travel, you also kind of set yourself up a fall. Someone once said “It’s not a proper trip until you’ve made a fool of yourself” and I absolutely agree with that. What kind of traveller would you even be if you didn’t muck up once in a while?… View Post

Places to Fill Your Belly in Welly.

We ate in some pretty super fantastic places in Wellington (New Zealand) so here are our two big recommendations. The first was a southern style restaurant called Sweet Mothers Kitchen – based on southern american… View Post

Sky High Views Are The Best Kind.

When we first flew into Queenstown (when we first moved here) I didn’t have a window seat. Which is always rubbish. Especially when you are flying over New Zealand. When we flew out to Wellington… View Post

A Photo Post

Thought I’d do a post full of photos – I haven’t uploaded all our photos so far (for obvious reasons…) so loads of really nice ones have been missed out. But they’re so pretty –… View Post

This Is What We Moved Here For

When we were planning our move to New Zealand, the sheer amazingness of the views on offer in Queenstown, were what swung the decision for us. When you Google Image Search: Queenstown, the most common… View Post

So this is where we live now!

So, let’s start off by saying… Queenstown is amazing. We were so lucky, when we landed we were surrounded by clear blue skies – and the place was completely in it’s element. We went straight… View Post

a few more photos from Auckland

We’re finally heading down to Queenstown tomorrow morning, after spending 2/3 amazing days in Auckland. So excited to pick up our keys for our new apartment! And to have a Ferg Burger too of course…!… View Post

The Bucket List

Here is our bucket list of our travels, we’ll be updating this and crossing stuff off as we do them! New Zealand Skydive Jump off a big cliff (attached to something preferably) Para-gliding FergBurger Go Dolphin… View Post

Stuff we’ll miss about London.

I wanted to get this site populated with a few posts before we went – so here’s another. As friends will know – this move isn’t a permanent one and we are more than planning… View Post

the plan so far

So here’s the plan. Pad and I will be moving to New Zealand. It’s really far away and it will take us 3 different flights, over 3 days to get to where we’ll be living.… View Post

About Elle-Rose

Hi, I’m Elle-Rose, the editor, photographer, writer (and traveller!) behind The World and Then Some.  I travel a lot for work, and for pleasure – and this is where I document everything and write about… View Post

ZipTrek Eco Tours – Queenstown

  Yesterday we went up the Gondola again (yay!) for an afternoon of ZipTrekking through the Queenstown forest! We were really lucky to have been given some complimentary tickets, so it was a great chance… View Post