Review: Five Guys Burgers – London

Pad and I are MASSIVE fans of meat. Most places we visit, the first thing we look out for (not even exaggerating here) is a BBQ place, a steak place or a burger place. Usually we’ll have… View Post

5 Reasons I Love Sydney

When we first visited Sydney over New Year, whilst we both loved Sydney neither of us fell in love with it, not as much as we have with other cities like NYC. This time however,… View Post

Night-Time City-Scape Photography

My favourite time to take photos is during the evening when the sun goes down – because for most cities this is when they look the prettiest and the definitely the most photogenic! This will… View Post

The stories behind the photographs.

I love taking photos – and growing up I think I used to annoy people at times with my incessant need to take photos all the time. As a traveller though – this is something which definitely… View Post

6 Reasons You Should Love Dubai

Dubai, like many of the World’s major cities – is made of Marmite. You either love it or hate it…. I love it. We’re not in Dubai at the moment – but I thought this… View Post

Thoughts on Sydney

For our New Years Eve in Sydney blog post: Click Here. We’ve been in Sydney for around a week now – so I wanted to update with some observations we’ve made about the city. It’s… View Post

The Bucket List

Here is our bucket list of our travels, we’ll be updating this and crossing stuff off as we do them! New Zealand Skydive Jump off a big cliff (attached to something preferably) Para-gliding FergBurger Go Dolphin… View Post

About Elle-Rose

Hi, I’m Elle-Rose, the editor, photographer, writer (and traveller!) behind The World and Then Some.  I travel a lot for work, and for pleasure – and this is where I document everything and write about… View Post