The stories behind the photographs.

I love taking photos – and growing up I think I used to annoy people at times with my incessant need to take photos all the time. As a traveller though – this is something which definitely pays off – as months (even years) after your trip, you can look through and have all these incredible memories flood back to you.

Sometimes though, there is a much more interesting story behind a photograph, than what you’d initially think. I was browsing through a couple of photos from Sydney today, and it was funny thinking of all the stories behind some of the photos I took – even though at first glance they look like just your average holiday snap. Anyway, this got me thinking – so I decided to trawl through some much older photos too (some from travelling, some not) to see what I could find. So here they are… photos and stories.

On first glance this photo looks a bit rubbish. It’s all blurred and it’s not really in focus at all. But this was taken exactly at midnight NYE as we watched the Sydney fireworks display infront of us. We’d been planning it for so long, and it was such an awesome night, that it doesn’t even matter if the photo is rubbish.

This photo was taken during our trip to NYC in 2011. We’d been walking around somewhere central and came across this random group of girls all waiting around this door. In NYC you’re always expecting to run into someone famous – so I asked who these kids were waiting for and they told me they were expecting Robert Pattinson to arrive soon. Now, I don’t even like him that much, and I frown upon the Twilight movies – but still, it’d be cool to see him, right? So we waiting in-line for like 30 minutes seeing if he’d show up. He didn’t.

Before I lived in London, day trips to London were like the best thing ever. Emily, Lizzie and myself arranged a day trip to the big city one summer and it was awesome. However. Please note the colour of my hair. BLONDE. Except the blonde was awful and didn’t sut me at all. So for the whole day I took all my photos in black and white. I know that’s ridiculous but it’s true. The next day I dyed my hair back brown. Lesson learnt.

This is probably the most hilarious photos I’ve ever taken. Not really because it’s even that funny – but because I remember how much we laughed when we noticed it. I think it still remains one of our family’s in-jokes. Grace and Megan I’m talking to you.

This photo isn’t really anything special when you first look at it. Just a couple of shadows. It’s actually the first photo I ever took of Pad and I though, so pretty special to me. I remember how annoying my bag was too (it was fringed and the little fringes would fall out in random places, like a breadcrumb trail). It was taken in Trafalgar Sq, one of our favourite places even now.

This photo was taken one NYE, when myself and lovely girlies decided we’d stop in instead of go out. We decided to do some kind of “ready steady cook” kind of thing and each of us brought ingredients and different parts of the meal. It was all going very well, but both Philippa and Marcelle spent the night with food poisoning. I thought I’d got away with it though and escaped the food poisoning (which was lucky – as I had a flight the next day) but I had no such luck. My food poisoning kicked in the next day and I spent a night throwing up in the airport. But look at us here, all happy and blissfully unaware of what would come. 

Taken in the Oman in the middle east, this was taken after hours of being thrown around the back of a 4×4 jeep. I think Bekah and I just need some fresh air, and also to feel solid ground for 5 minutes.

About 5 minutes before this photo was taken I had been sobbing to myself. Not that you’d be able to tell! This was taken at the top of a big hill in Bay of Islands, NZ – a hill which we’d had to (practically) climb and hike up barefoot. It took about 20 minutes, but was probably the steepest thing I’ve ever walked up. For the duration of said climb, I had been certain we were nearly at the top – but the top never came. So I cried. I cried for the top to come. It did eventually, and when I got up there it dawned on me how much of a loser I was. The view was worth it, promise. And I’ll try never to be so pathetic again when faced with a steep incline. 

This was taken in the Vatican, Rome. The holiday itself, was one of my favourite holidays ever but I think Philippa would agree this day was our low-point. I had made a bad footwear choice (this get’s icky, so stop reading if you’re not feeling it) as Rome is covered in cobble stones – and flimsy footwear just doesn’t cut it there. My shoes were super flimsy and the blisters I got spoke for themselves. They had personalities, names and professions and lives of their own. Anyway – it all got too much – so I popped my blister in the Vatican courtyard. Even typing that feels wrong. But I did. I’m sorry Mr Pope. This photo was taken just afterwards. 

This is the best travel game ever. And I think during our skiing holiday we were all on the brink of addiction with this game. Literally, I think I enjoyed the game more than the skiing. It’s called Bananagrams incase anyone was interested. Buy it.

I still get teased for this photo and it’s one of the biggest running jokes between Pad and I. The night we took it was at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and was one of my favourite dates we’ve ever had. And, I don’t mind that I look stupid, because I know how much (on many occasions) it’s made him laugh. I wish I’d bought that hat though.


  • Philippa

    Aaah, this is great! I am glad you have immortalised the moment you popped your blister with an earring in the holy ground of the Vatican (yes, you failed to mention your instrument of choice!) In fact, it was so severe that you had to sit in the courtyard well I did a whistle-wind tour of the rest of the building, despite my Dad’s firm instructions: NEVER SEPARATE!

    • Elle-Rose

      I actually completely forgot it was with an earring! That’s how desperate I was to end the pain!! I shall be doing an entire blog post on rome soon actually – so I will be sure to have full exposure in that one!