Where would you travel if you won the lottery?

If budget was no issue, where would you travel and where would you stay? It’s a daydream question that can keep me busy for hours, spending time googling the world’s most expensive hotel suites, and the world’s most luxurious airlines! If you didn’t have to worry about money and you won the lottery tomorrow…. the world would literally be your playground, and oh boy, there are so many places I would go to.

So, here are a few things that I’d spend my winnings on…

Stop at an over-water villa in Bora Bora

I’ve dreamt of visiting Bora Bora but the truth is, it’s such an exclusive resort (and such an expensive one) that’s it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to visit. That doesn’t stop me dreaming about it though, who knows, one day I might get lucky. I’d book one of the iconic over-water villas (maybe even one of the ones with 2 or 3 floors), and fly first class all the way there. It’s like a dream world, and is literally heaven on Earth.

A suite at The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

I’ve spent a lot of time in Dubai, and I’ve stopped at some beautiful hotels… But I’ve always dreamt about stopping in the Burj Al Arab. The hotel itself is iconic in the world of luxury travel – and the stunning hotel is just mindblowingly beautiful inside and outside. I’ve been for afternoon tea in their restaurant (which was incredible), and I imagine was just a small taste of how things must be if you stop as a guest.

A private lodge in Queenstown, New Zealand

It’s no secret that Queenstown is my absolute favourite place in the world. It has the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever seen, so I’d spend some of my winnings on a private lodge over looking the mountains and lake. I’d stop for a whole year and watch the seasons change and the landscape adapt with them. What could be more beautiful than watching the seasons come and go in the most beautiful place in the world?

The Sky Suites, Aria, Las Vegas

This is probably what I’d do the week after I won the lottery. My husband and I always joke that the day we win the lottery we’ll fly straight to Vegas. We visit Vegas every year anyway and our favourite hotel is the Aria (we love it) – but it’d be something else to stop in their Sky Suites. The Sky Suites are some of the most luxurious hotel rooms in the city, so that would be a pretty great way to celebrate.



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