Travelling around America: How to stay safe

If you love to travel, you’ll know it comes with risks – especially if you go somewhere where they drive on the other side of the road, like America. Whilst America is an amazing country that’s full of fascinating people, different cultures and beautiful sights, it can feel daunting to travel there knowing that the health system is very different and each state follows its own laws. Despite being an English-speaking country, the culture in many states can feel quite unique and you might feel like you stand out as a tourist.

So, how can you stay safe whilst travelling around America?

Know the roads

As America drives on the right-hand side of the road, it can feel quite scary if you decide to rent a car. Make sure you brush up on driving laws before you get to the states and only rent a car if you’re a confident driver. Remember that different states have different penalties on speeding so always be aware of the speed limit. If you get into an accident on the road, it’s useful to be aware of where the nearest hospital is, and of any good lawyers, like these attorneys in Florence, SC. Remember that, alongside driving on the other side of the road, roads in America don’t have many roundabouts and you’re allowed to turn right on a red light. Weird, right?

Do your research

America is a huge country, and if you’re travelling across states you’ll notice significant differences in the vibe. The sandy shores of chilled out California, for example, feel like another world compared to the bustling, concrete jungle that is New York. So, when you go to a different state, research the area you’re staying in and make sure you know where’s considered a high-crime area. Avoid walking around these areas at night-time, especially if you’re alone.


If you have a long-term health condition, it’s important that you bring your medication with you when travelling to America, as falling ill and needing to go to hospital could be extremely costly. However, bringing medication into the US can be difficult, as there are certain restrictions. For example, you aren’t allowed to bring more than 90 days’ worth of prescription pills. Also, make sure you keep them in their original containers and bring them in your hand luggage, in case of theft from your checked-in luggage.

Protect your valuables

When you’re travelling to America, it’s important to keep an eye on your valuables – just like if you were travelling anywhere else. Whilst you might be tempted to take all your money out with you, it’s advisable to separate your cash into piles and keep notes in different locations. That way, if any gets lost or stolen, it’s not the whole lot. Likewise, whilst items like bum bags are useful, try not to have them on display, as they pinpoint you as a tourist and can be a target for thieves. It’s wise to keep any other valuables hidden, such as cameras, phones or tablets.


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