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16 Fun Things to do at Christmas in Vegas (and Christmas FAQs!)

June 10, 2021

Are you looking for things to do At Christmas in Vegas? Keep reading!

Christmas in Vegas is a lot of fun, you might not think of Las Vegas as a Christmas vacation spot, but believe it or not, it’s actually a lot of fun spending Christmas in Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your trip to Las Vegas at Christmas – then this list should fill you with ideas and give you lots of amazing activities to look forward to!

But before we get to the many things to do at Christmas in Vegas, let’s answer a few questions!

Christmas in Vegas

What is it like during December in Las Vegas?

Like with most other cities in the USA, Christmas in Vegas is festive! Christmas in Vegas is fun, festive and ‘christmassy’!

As you’d expect! You’ll find the casinos and hotels decorated in a wonderfully festive way, including Christmas trees, garlands and window displays. It’s a wonderful place to wander around at Christmas time!

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Is Christmas in Vegas busy?

December is definitely a busy month for Las Vegas, people love visiting for the festive season, there’s no doubt about it.

It’s not as busy in December as it is during the spring / summer months (these are the party months) but you should still expect to see crowds and a good atmosphere.

On Christmas day, crowds will decrease, but then the numbers increase again around December 28th / 29th as the new years celebrations move into the city!

Now, let’s talk about things to do at Christmas in Las Vegas!

Ice-skating at the Cosmopolitan

Ice-skating is the best option for things to do in Las Vegas at Christmas time! Christmas in vegas wouldn’t be complete without a spot of ice-skating at the Cosmopolitan hotel!

The ice-rink at the Cosmopolitan hotel is one of the best winter attractions in the city – and it’s one you won’t want to miss. With amazing views of the city, and the most lovely festive atmosphere, this should be at the top of your list for spending Christmas in Las Vegas.

Christmas in Vegas

Christmas Shopping

Christmas in Vegas means you’ll definitely want to partake in a spot of Christmas shopping!

Vegas has loads of brilliant malls along the strip, so take a stroll along enjoy any winter bargains or Christmas deals (here’s a list of the best shopping malls in Las Vegas).

I love shopping in Las Vegas, and it’s definitely one of the best things to do at Christmas in Vegas.

christmas in las vegas

Bellagio Conservatory

Christmas in Vegas wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Bellagio Conservatory. This beautiful indoor garden at the conservatory is redesigned and changed with each season, and Christmas in Vegas obviously warrants a spectacular redesign!

You’ll find the most festive garden decorations, extravagant and festive and magical! A perfect activity for when you’re spending Christmas in Las Vegas.

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Christmas in Vegas

Christmas shows

Each year, you’ll find special Christmas shows on at different hotels.

It’s worth having a bit of a dig around and seeing what kind of Christmas specials are on during the time you’re there. It’s a great option for spending Christmas in Vegas.

Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Next on your to-do list for Christmas in Vegas, it’s the state’s largest drive-thru light show, Glittering Lights Las Vegas! If you can rent a car during your time in Las vegas at Christmas – then this is a real must-see.

It’s so magical and festive, and it’s completely unique to anything else in the city. Christmas in Vegas wouldn’t be the same without it!

The High Roller

Another great choice for things to do at Christmas in Vegas, is the High Roller. This is a huge ferris wheel with amazing views of the city, so it’s a great way to see the lovely festive city from up above.

It’s also indoors and sheltered, which means if it’s a particularly cold December – it’s a great activity.

The Aria Spa

OK, this next suggestion for spending at Christmas in Vegas isn’t necessarily a festive idea – but it is something to warm you up and relax you!

The Aria Spa is one of the best in Las Vegas, and it’s one of the only Las Vegas spas with a co-ed outdoor heated pool (perfect for warming up in the winter months).

We really recommend booking in for a spa day here, having a couple of treatments, relaxing in the warm pool, and just enjoying a bit of festive relaxation. If you have a big night out planned for Christmas in Las Vegas, then you could do this during the day beforehand!

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Christmas in Las Vegas

The Bellagio Fountains

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without visiting the Bellagio Fountain, and during Christmas in Vegas you’ll find the classic fountain soundtrack replaced by a rather more festive soundtrack, with the fountains dancing to all your favorite Christmas songs.

It’s well worth a watch! If you fancy enjoying the fountains from indoors, then you should check out this list of restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains. Then you can watch from the warmth!

It’s a perfect thing to do at Christmas in Vegas!

Christmas in Vegas: Visit Santa

There are lots of places to visit Santa in Las Vegas – so if you’re visiting with kids, then make sure to organise a trip to see Santa Claus! Christmas in Vegas wouldn’t be the same without a trip to see Santa! Ho Ho Ho!

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christmas in vegas

Santa in the shipwreck

Another great option for things to do at Christmas in Las Vegas! Santa has put his scuba gear on for Christmas in Vegas!

He makes a stop at Mandalay Bay’s famous shark reef and aquarium every weekend from December 7 and it’s great fun to watch if you’re spending Christmas in Las Vegas!

Outlet shopping at Christmas in Las Vegas

If you’re heading to Vegas before Christmas, you might be looking for some bargain gifts! Christmas in Vegas is great because you can take advantage of all their great outlet malls!

Spend the afternoon browsing and Christmas shopping, and you’ll come home with some amazing gifts that family and friends will adore. Make sure to snap up some bargains when enjoying Christmas in Vegas.

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christmas in vegas

Visit Red Rock Canyon

If you fancy a day out of the city when spending Christmas in Las Vegas, then make sure you visit Red Rock Canyon during your trip!

Sure, Christmas in Vegas isn’t really about visiting state parks, but it’s a really nice break from the city, and it’s a great change of scenery too.

I love it there, and it’s not far from the city at all! Whereas the Grand Canyon can be a little cold at Christmas time, Red Rock Canyon is much warmer, and easier to get to. I recommend the tours below, for making it even easier!

Christmas buffet

Next on my list of things to do at Christmas in Vegas, it’s a buffet! Lots of the hotels who offer buffets will also offer a special christmas-themed buffet around the festive season.

Expect to find Christmas pudding, Egg-nogg, brussel sprouts, etc. It’s a Christmas feast! Here’s info on the Aria buffet, and the Wynn buffet.

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Take a food tour

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, then taking a food tour at Christmas in Las Vegas is a great idea.

You won’t necessarily get ‘Christmas themed food’ – you will get to spend a few hours trying some of the best food in the city (which i think would be really enjoyable and definitely in the Christmas spirit! Secret Food Tours offer a really great one!

‘Top of the World’ at Stratosphere

If you’re after a really special and festive restaurant, then I think the Top of the World restaurant and the Stratosphere is perfect. It’s revolves, so you get this amazing 360 view of the city below you, and you’d better believe they decorate for Christmas in Vegas!

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Eiffel Tower viewing platform

Next on my list of things to do at Christmas in Vegas, it’s the Eiffel Tower viewing platform.

This is always a romantic option for activities in Las Vegas – but even more so at Christmas. It’s a lovely choice for fun things to do as a couple at Christmas in Vegas, and you’ll get lovely Christmas views of the city too.

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Hopefully this list has given you lots of inspiration for spending Christmas in Vegas!

As you’ll probably have realised by now, spending Christmas in Vegas is so much fun! It’s such a lovely festive time of year to visit, there’s nowhere quite like it!

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