Looking out for the best cozy Thanksgiving movies for your next movie night? Keep reading!

Autumn is a time for cozy Thanksgiving movies, delicious food, and quality time with friends and family!

If you’re looking for the best cozy Thanksgiving movies to watch this fall, then you’ve absolutely come to the right place!

So, let’s get into it and talk about some of the best cozy Thanksgiving movies out there!

Here are our favorite cozy Thanksgiving movies to watch!

Little Women (2019)

We couldn’t create a list of cozy Thanksgiving movies without talking about Little Women. 

Although the original version with Winona Rider is amazing, there’s something about the cinematography, costumes, and Saoirse Ronan’s impeccable performance that makes this one of our all-time favorite cozy Thanksgiving movies.

It’s not a dedicated Thanksgiving movie, but this fascinating tale about gender and sisterhood is a must-watch as it follows the March family in the run-up to Christmas.

We won’t give everything away, but this is one of the cozy Thanksgiving movies that’s bound to make you appreciate your nearest and dearest while reflecting on what the holiday is all about.

The Turkey Bowl (2018)

Another cozy Thanksgiving movie that we love is The Turkey Bowl. 

It follows a man who gets taken back to his rural hometown by his high school friends on Thanksgiving to finish a snowed-out football game that took place 15 years earlier.

It’s 100% a sports comedy film, but you don’t necessarily need to have a working knowledge of American football to add this to your list of cozy Thanksgiving movies to check out.

Although this is one of the cozy Thanksgiving movies that may not land with kiddos (the jokes will probably go over their heads!), it’s a great film for putting on while you’re clearing down the kitchen, lighting the fireplace, and doing some reflecting.

Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew (2018)

You can always count on PBS to come through when it comes to cozy Thanksgiving movies, and Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew is no exception.

Until very recently, PBS would always release cozy Thanksgiving movies to usher in the holidays and they were almost always about Anne of Green Gables.

This film follows Anne as she goes to school in a new city, and it’s completely charming, perfect for children, and ideal for cuddling up with a slice of pecan pie on the couch.

Seriously, is there anything better than cozy Thanksgiving movies? We think not.

Home for the Holidays (1995)

Next on our list of cozy Thanksgiving movies to watch this year is Home for the Holidays!

Home for the Holidays is a beloved American comedy-drama film that follows a woman called Claudia who loses her job after having an affair with her boss – yikes.

After she leaves, she realizes that she has nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, resulting in crazy antics as she goes home for the holidays (hence the title of the movie!).

This film is surprisingly uplifting, and it’s been one of the most popular cozy Thanksgiving movies since it was released in 1995.

Although it’s not exactly inappropriate for children (it has adult themes, but nothing X-rated!), they’ll probably find it one of the more boring cozy Thanksgiving movies as they simply can’t relate to it.

Scent of a Woman (1992)

If you’re on the hunt for cozy Thanksgiving movies that might get you to shed a tear or two, then you’ll want to check out Scent of a Woman.

Originally released in 1992, this incredible film follows a student (played by Chris O’Donnell) who finds himself looking after a blind veteran (played by the legendary Al Pacino) over Thanksgiving break.

This is one of our top cozy Thanksgiving movies as it teaches you about the meaning of friendship and compassion and features an Oscar-winning performance from Pacino.

Talk about a win-win!

Curly Sue (1991)

We understand that finding cozy Thanksgiving movies can be challenging if you’re trying to please the entire family. But never fear, as Curly Sue is here!

This is one of the cozy Thanksgiving movies that may border on cloying (it’s very sweet and cutesy), but it’s simple enough that even young children will be able to follow along and enjoy it.

The concept of the film is slightly strange but surprisingly adorable. It follows a young orphan girl who helps a homeless man get food and shelter from unsuspecting members of the public. Things then take an unexpected turn when the two prey on a successful lawyer.

Although it’s been panned by critics over the years for being on the basic side, it’s one of those cozy Thanksgiving movies that you’re guaranteed to watch every year as a family tradition.

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

Oh man, we couldn’t create a list of the best cozy Thanksgiving movies without including Planes, Trains & Automobiles. 

We’d say that it might just be one of the best cozy Thanksgiving movies ever made. Yep – we’re that serious about this one.

It stars Steve Martin and John Candy and follows Martin’s character Neal as he tries to get home for the holidays.

Despite being utterly goofy and hilarious, it’s one of those cozy Thanksgiving movies that manages to balance humor with a few life lessons about tolerance and consideration.

It’s a great all-rounder, so be sure to add it to your list of cozy Thanksgiving movies to check out this year!

The Big Chill (1983)

Are you searching for cozy Thanksgiving movies with seriously incredible casting? If so, you’ll just love The Big Chill.

Starring huge names like Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, and Glenn Close, it doesn’t get much more A-list than this – trust us.

The story follows a group of friends who reunite 15 years after graduating from the University of Michigan. It covers serious themes like suicide, so it may not be suitable for the entire family.

Although the film itself will keep you glued to the screen (and bring back some serious 80s nostalgia!), this is one of the cozy Thanksgiving movies with an amazing soundtrack. 

Boasting everything from classic soul hits to pop-rock music from the 70s, you’re bound to be jiving along with the characters. It’s a super sweet choice for cozy Thanksgiving movies.

The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side is quite a serious entry to our list of cozy Thanksgiving movies, but it features an incredible performance from Sandra Bullock and covers an incredible range of themes.

The movie follows the real-life Tuohy family who foster a homeless American teenager who goes on to become a world-famous American football player.

It has dark moments, but watching the group sit down to a Thanksgiving feast is bound to move even the most hardened member of your family.

It’s one of the cozy Thanksgiving movies that we’d say wasn’t to be missed, so be sure to add it to your shortlist.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You’ve Got Mail is always going to be one of our all-time favorite cozy Thanksgiving movies, as it features a dedicated dinner scene and stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (and what could be better than that?!).

The movie follows the internet love story of a book superstore mogul and an independent bookstore owner during the holidays.

The anonymity and secrecy of the whole thing make this one of our top cozy Thanksgiving movies that’s bound to make you smile and cringe in equal measures.

So, prepare yourself! You can see why we chose this for cozy Thanksgiving movies.

Avalon (1990)

Avalon is a slightly different entry onto our list of cozy Thanksgiving movies, as it follows the story of Polish Jews who come to the USA in the early twentieth century.

The film follows the Kaye family who tries hard to adjust to American culture, and it’s a fascinating glimpse into just how multicultural the country is.

Keep an eye out for the moving Thanksgiving scene that will remind you what the holiday is all about.

Although it’s one of the longer cozy Thanksgiving movies on our list at over two hours, it’s worth sitting through – we promise!

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Krisha (2015)

If you’re a fan of darker (yet still cozy) Thanksgiving movies, then you’ll appreciate everything that Krisha has to offer. Don’t worry – it’s still relatively lighthearted and funny!

It follows the story of a woman who goes back to the family she abandoned on Thanksgiving. As you can imagine, things get tense.

Although it’s not one of the most traditional cozy Thanksgiving movies around, it’s a clever flick that teaches you a lot about the importance of family.

Oh, and it won the Grand Jury and Audience Awards at the South-by-Southwest Film Festival, so it must be worth adding to your list of cozy Thanksgiving movies to watch – right?

Cozy Thanksgiving movies: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

This is among our top cozy Thanksgiving movies for families with kids, as it’s on the shorter side and features familiar characters.

The film follows the entire Peanuts gang through a classic Thanksgiving and involves Peppermint Patty taking charge of the event.

It’s funny, charming, and full of old-school humor, making it the perfect film to add to your yearly rotation of cozy Thanksgiving movies!


Tower Heist (2011)

Next on our list of cozy Thanksgiving movies, it’s Tower Heist, which is about a group of apartment-block workers, who pull off an epic heist on the evil penthouse owner.

We know, this might not sound like the coziest movie, but it’s really funny, warm-hearted, and has a good moral to the story.

It’s also set in NYC, and you get a glimpse of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which makes us feel extra cozy! A cute and cozy Thanksgiving movie, if ever there was one!

Another great cozy Thanksgiving movie!

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Addams Family Values (1993)

The Addams Family Values (1993) gets our vote for one of the best cozy Thanksgiving movies, because it’s totally nostalgic and reminds us of our childhood!

Sure, you might not think the Addams Family would be associated with the best cozy Thanksgiving movies, but we totally think it qualifies!

And whilst you might expect the plot to center around Halloween, there’s actually a Thanksgiving pageant featured – unlike any other!

It’s not the most obvious choice for cozy Thanksgiving movies, but one we love!

Grumpy Old Men (1993)

The final spot on our list of the best cozy Thanksgiving movies is Grumpy Old Men.

This classic flick has been impressing audiences since 1993, and it remains one of our all-time favorite cozy Thanksgiving movies that the entire family will enjoy.

It stars Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau who play (you guessed it!) two grumpy old men who are chasing the same woman during the holidays.

It’s not just about Thanksgiving and includes pranks, slapstick moments, and a hilarious script that you’re bound to find charming. It’s a gorgeous choice for cozy Thanksgiving movies .

We hope this list of cozy Thanksgiving movies has given you lots of inspiration for movies to watch!

Which of these cozy Thanksgiving movies will you be watching first?

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