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20 Beautiful Charlottesville Wineries That You’ll LOVE

March 31, 2023

Have you been looking for the most beautiful Charlottesville wineries? If so, keep reading for our top picks!

Charlottesville is home to several incredible wineries as it’s on the Monticello Wine Trail. So if you’re looking for the best Charlottesville wineries to visit, you’ve come to the right place.

Because there are so many wineries in Charlottesville, you might be struggling to whittle down your options to find the most stunning Charlottesville wineries to check out.

But don’t stress – we’ve done the job for you!

We’ve created a list of the finest wineries in Charlottesville that have amazing pours and beautiful scenery.

Now let’s get right to it and explore the beautiful wineries in Charlottesville!

The Best Charlottesville Wineries to Check Out This Year…

Barboursville Vineyards

First on our list of the best Charlottesville wineries to check out, we have Barboursville Vineyards.

This place is owned by northern Italians, and it’s on the ruins of Thomas Jefferson’s old home Barbour Mansion!

So, it’s certainly one of the most historical wineries in Charlottesville that’s worth visiting.

They serve almost 20 excellent wines, but we recommend prioritizing the Octagon which is seriously delicious.

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Stinson Vineyards

Next on our list of the best Charlottesville wineries, we have Stinson Vineyards!

It’s considered a boutique vineyard as it’s on the smaller side, but you’ll still find several excellent small-lot wines onsite.

We adore the cozy tasting room, and they also use traditional French winemaking methods to make the richest reds possible.

If you’re not sure which wines to try, their Crose (which is a Merlot Rose!) is well worth a sip or two.

To be honest, it’s almost entirely responsible for Stinson making it onto our list of amazing Charlottesville wineries!

King Family Vineyards

Our next pick for the best Charlottesville wineries to visit this year, it’s King Family Vineyards!

This place is tucked away in Crozet and it produces an impressive 22,000 cases a year to export (and taste onsite of course!).

They specialize in chardonnays that are fruity and acidic, but you can’t go wrong with the reds either!

If you’re not sure where to start when visiting Charlottesville wineries, these guys offer a stellar tasting menu with 5 different wines.

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Loving Cup

If you’re on the hunt for the best Charlottesville wineries that are actually worth your time, try Loving Cup!

It’s one of the only organic wineries on the entire East Coast, and it’s always looking for ways to improve its approach to sustainability.

The porch area is truly gorgeous, and you can taste their wines under hanging vines or with views of the forestry nearby.

It’s definitely one of the most beautiful Charlottesville wineries on the map – so don’t miss it!

Keswick Vineyards

Our next suggestion for the most stunning Charlottesville wineries is Keswick Vineyards.

This 400-acre vineyard is just 15 miles northeast of Charlottesville and serves incredible white wines in a gorgeous tasting area.

Plus, there’s an amazing porch area if you’re visiting during the summertime and fancy sitting outside!

The tastings are reasonably priced, and you can also order light snacks (or bring your own) if you’re feeling hungry.

Blenheim Vineyards

Next on our list of Charlottesville wineries, we have Blenheim Vineyards – and it won’t let you down!

This place is super laid-back, so you don’t need to worry about dressing for the occasion or sniffing your pours before you sip.

We also love that the tasting room boasts a stunning reclaimed wood frame that gives the entire place a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Plus, the tasting menu is under $10, which makes it one of the best wineries in Charlottesville for folks on a budget!

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Veritas Vineyard and Winery

If you want to check out the best Charlottesville wineries, then Veritas Vineyard and Winery needs to be on your shortlist.

It’s surrounded by a beautiful meadow, and they offer both classic and reserve wines during tastings (you can pick 4 to try!).

Visiting during the winter? Chill out on the large couches! If you’re here during the summertime, you can sit on the gorgeous lawn area.

Whenever you head here, you need to try the Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc pours. 

Early Mountain Vineyard

Our next suggestion for the best Charlottesville wineries is Early Mountain Vineyard.

We adore the fact that they have a full restaurant, a beautiful patio area, and a 350-acre plot of land that feels so relaxed.

The average tasting fee is usually $14, but you can tack on a few more dollars to try the vineyard’s most exclusive pours.

Gabriele Rausse Winery

If you’re looking for wineries in Charlottesville that feel away from it all, you’ll love Gabriele Rausse Winery.

But don’t think that it’s uptight or boring. Oh no, this place is super hip and often has music blasting from record players throughout the day.

We recommend doing their full tasting for $12, but you can easily do the half tasting if you’re pinching pennies.

Whatever you do, their Rose wines are must-tries!

Pippin Hill

Our next pick for the best Charlottesville wineries is Pippin Hill which is perched on top of a hill and offers stunning views.

It’s best known for its chardonnays and cabernet francs, but you’ll also find a few other pours if you ask!

Although it’s one of the top Charlottesville wineries for photos, you’ll also want to order lunch while you’re here (the cheeseboards are amazing!).

Jefferson Vineyards

Jefferson Vineyards is one of the top wineries in Charlottesville for a reason – it’s just absolutely gorgeous!

This place is surrounded by towering trees and you’ll get views of rolling hills from literally every angle.

And hey, the wines are pretty delicious too.

We suggest trying their premium reserve wines if you can afford them, but you’ll also appreciate the varietal Viognier if you’re a first-time visitor.

Oh, and did we mention that this is one of the Charlottesville wineries with a dog-friendly tasting room?


Editorial credit: Kristi Blokhin /

Wisdom Oak Winery

Our next pick for Charlottesville wineries that are super easy on the eye is Wisdom Oak Winery.

It’s one of the newer wineries in Charlottesville that’s on the Monticello Wine Trail, but it’s quickly become a huge success.

Their Bordeaux blend is glorious, but you won’t be disappointed with any of their small-batch pours.

The tasting room is usually open between 11:30 am and 5 pm from Friday to Sunday and we always recommend booking a spot.

And just be warned that kids aren’t allowed inside, but they can hang around the hillside and picnic spots!

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Eastwood Farm and Winery

Next on our list of amazing Charlottesville wineries, we have Eastwood Farm and Winery!

It’s only been around since 2016, but the rustic feel and the fact that it’s family-friendly is a huge reason for its quick success.

We recommend trying the glorious chardonnay that tastes fresh and fruity, but you can’t go wrong with any of their whites.

If you want to soak up the alcohol, feel free to order one of their delicious flatbreads!

Thatch Winery

Thatch Winery is our next pick for Charlottesville wineries that you should check out ASAP.

It embodies the relaxed and cozy feel of the countryside with its intimate garden tasting area. 

Plus, we just love the fact that the main building is built with a charming thatched roof (hence the name!).

All of their wines are tasty, but their award-winning Tannat bottle is the one to beat!

Pollak Vineyards

Our next suggestion for Charlottesville wineries that you’re bound to love is Pollak Vineyards!

It’s tucked away in Greenwood on a 98-acre farm, and it boasts upwards of 17,000 vines that produce tons of French wine varieties.

You can enjoy their tasting menu on the sprawling patio or head inside when the weather starts to bite.

Oh, and did we mention that this is one of the wineries in Charlottesville that offers charcuterie boards and local jams?

For a fee, of course!

If you’re not sure which wines to try, we recommend the Merlot or Cabernet Franc for the smoothest sips.

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Knight’s Gambit Vineyard

If you’ve been searching for awesome Charlottesville wineries, then you’ll adore Knight’s Gambit Vineyard!

They offer a great selection of wines, but it’s the huge cheese boards that make this place worth visiting.

And the sprawling patio area of course!

If you choose to visit, you’ll get to enjoy pinot grigio, merlots, and chardonnays as you take in the hills of Albemarle County.


Afton Mountain Vineyards

The next place on our list of Charlottesville wineries is Afton Mountain Vineyards.

It’s been around since 1978 and boasts panoramic views of the mountains (hence the name!) and a selection of excellent wines.

Although they grow almost a dozen varietals here, the tasting menu pares things down and offers five solid options.

And don’t forget to chow down on the snacks that they offer during the tasting sessions too!

If you want to extend your stay at one of the most beautiful Charlottesville wineries, feel free to book a dog-friendly cottage.

Editorial credit: Kristi Blokhin /

Horton Vineyards

Next on our list of the best wineries in Charlottesville – it’s Horton Vineyards!

You’ll need to hop in the car and travel about 15 miles from central Charlottesville to get here – but the old-world vibes are worth it!

Aside from the awesome castle-like structure at the center of the vineyard, you’ll also find over 50 wines to sample onsite.

Plus, you can easily spend an hour or so just walking through the gorgeous vines and taking it all in.

Mount Ida Reserve

To round off our list of the best Charlottesville wineries, we have Mount Ida Reserve – and it ends this rundown with a bang!

It’s just 30 minutes from Charlottesville and the views of the mountains from here are just stunning.

And as it’s so large, you genuinely can visit with a partner and feel like you’re the only ones here!

Whether you want to sample their tasting menu or buy a few pours to take home for the family, you’ll want to spend an entire afternoon here.

Seriously, you need at least a few hours to truly appreciate these views!

We hope this list of the best Charlottesville wineries has given you plenty of ideas and inspiration!

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