3 Honeymoon Destinations Newlyweds Love

September 25, 2018

Congratulations! Whether you’re planning your wedding or honeymoon destination, or you’re still searching for the perfect, romantic escape after your nuptials, here you’ll find a little inspiration on honeymoon destinations you’ll both fall in love with.

Niagara Falls

Rainbows in the spray, the roar of the cascading water, spectacular views as far as the eye can see – there’s a lot to fall in love with at Niagara Falls. So much so that many honeymooners and travellers alike go more than once – even taking their children for the experience a few years down the line. And it’s not just the spectacular waterfall that mesmerises lovers and families alike, Niagara Falls is surrounded by romantic walks, secluded parks and pathways providing the perfect backdrop for some romantic memories.

Niagara Falls hotels are ready to cater for honeymooning couples with a wide range of romance packages available, rooms with incredible views and romantic memories galore.

For those thrill-seeking couples, Niagara Falls has got you covered as there are plenty of opportunities to navigate across Niagara Whirlpool on ziplines and over high wired obstacles. You could even complete your day with a helicopter ride over the falls, with your loved on by your side. Perfect.


Edinburgh and Glasgow might be the first places that spring to mind when we think of Scotland. But what about the world in-between and even beyond the city life? From wooded wonderlands, to breath-taking lochs, deep, spectacular glens and the abundance of wildlife on show; Scotland is the honeymoon location that just keeps on giving.

In this land of legends and romantic tales of bravery and gallantry, you’re sure to get swept up by the majesty of your surroundings. Not forgetting a spot of dolphin watching, distillery tours and maybe a round of golf or two on one of Scotland’s famous, world-class courses.

Yes, you might need to bring a big coat, but setting up camp in a 5 star castle with a hot tub, spa and exquisite Michelin Star food? I’m sure you and your new life partner will manage.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of nature’s most spectacular pulls, The Grand Canyon, Arizona is not necessarily a traditional destination for honeymooners but that’s part of it’s charm. This incredible geological wonder is perfect for honeymooners with a sense of adventure and who don’t fancy spending their time together sunbathing on a tropical beach.

You can explore the Canyon by foot, with the most popular trail (with a guide) lasting about two days. Although there are shorter hikes too! You can choose to camp out, directly under a blanket of stars, or if you’d rather have a little bit of comfort then one of the Canyons historic hotels will see you right.

As for romantic moments? The peace and tranquillity of the Canyon gives lots of time for reflection and quiet, and not forgetting the spectacular sunsets from the rim of the Canyon itself. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

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