5 Amazing Roadtrip Destinations You’ll Love

September 25, 2018

There’s nothing quite as fun as a road trip. Stock up on snacks, sync your Spotify playlist and plan out your route! Whether you’re driving to your final destination, or you’re making the road trip part of the holiday – here are some amazing locations we know you’ll love.

With cheap car hire being easier to find than ever before, it’s time to take a road trip!


Scotland has some beautiful lochs, incredible roads, and stunning scenery. You could start at one of Scotland’s beautiful cities where you’ll easily be able to rent a car (we recommend Edinburgh) and then make your way up the country, where the towns and cities become fewer, and the countryside becomes more rugged and epic. Book in some nights at a wonderful BnB, and maybe even stop at a whiskey tasting along the way too (but don’t drive afterwards!).

Great Ocean Road, Australia

This epic road runs along the south east coast of Australia, and has some of the most beautiful coastal views ever. The roaring ocean, the cliffs edges, and the incredible vistas are just breathtaking. Stop off and see some Koala Bears, and maybe even a spot of coastal hiking.

Route 66, USA

Route 66 is one of the most famous road trip routes in the world, and spans right across the States. It’ll take you from Chicago all the way to LA, and the Santa Monica Pier. We love the pier especially, it’s such a fun day out. The coastline is also a great place to hang out after the road trip too.


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