5 Essential Stretches To Relax Your Muscles During A Long Haul Flight

October 15, 2019

Doing certain stretches while traveling on a plane can help you keep your muscles relaxed. Remaining seated for an extended time period on long haul flights can have a negative impact on your health and overall wellness. In fact, a professional chiropractor would also disapprove of sitting in a fixed position for long as the same could have adverse implications. Here, we have listed the 5 essential stretches you can do to relax your muscles during a long-haul flight.

1. Relax your neck and shoulders

Lack of movement for a prolonged period of time can cause your neck and shoulders to become stiff. First of all, sit straight and relax your shoulders by dropping them down. Place your right hand on the top of your head and gently pull to the right. Once done, repeat the same process with your left hand too. This will help you get rid of sore muscles.

2. Stretch your upper back

If you have been sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long time, it can have a detrimental impact on your posture. However, you can relax your muscles by doing some deep stretches in your seat. Raise both your arms up and clasp one wrist. Draw the arm over your head and lean slightly towards one side. Repeat the same process with the other arm. Doing this will relieve pain, thereby keeping your muscles relaxed.

3. Stretch your lower back

If you remain seated in a particular position for hours, your lower back can become extremely stiff. A little bit of movement can help you get rid of this tightness in your muscles. To do this stretch, you must sit in a cross-legged position. Twist your torso towards the upper leg and maintain this posture for at least a few seconds. Reverse the direction and repeat the same process. This simple exercise will loosen up your muscles in no time.

4. Relax your hip muscles

Prolonged sitting can cause your hips to become stiff and achy. Getting up and moving around a little during the flight is not sufficient to eliminate the discomfort. You can stretch your hips by lifting your right ankle and placing it atop your left thigh. Then lightly push your thigh down in the direction of the ground so as to stretch your hip muscles.

5. Roll Your Ankles

It is very common for anyone to experience severe ankle pain during long-haul flights. When you remain seated in a fixed position for a prolonged time period, your ankles are likely to become swollen as a result of the same. Drinking lots of water on such long trips is the best way to stay hydrated and ensure proper blood flow. Nonetheless, you can alleviate muscle pain by doing a couple of basic ankle rolls. Lift one of your feet off the ground and roll your ankles in a clockwise direction. Lift the other foot and repeat the entire process again.

It’s imperative to keep your muscles relaxed while traveling on a plane so as to ensure a comfortable flight experience. You can repeat the above-mentioned airplane stretches every 30 minutes during a long-haul flight for constant relief and keep any worries about muscle stiffness at bay!

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