Everyone needs a vacation. So if you’re looking to take a break from the usual hustle and bustle but have no clue where to go, you might want to check out Anguilla. Apart from the pleasant weather, the beautiful people, and breathtaking views including sunsets, Anguilla is also famed for its exclusively sumptuous Villas.

Below are five of the best Anguilla villas for rent:

Kandara Villa

If you’re looking for that out-of-this-world Anguillan experience, then Kandara Villa is most certainly the place for you. Located in Barnes Bay, Kandara Villa has about an acre of trimmed gardens capable of accentuating the feeling of calmness. The luxurious villa is also situated on an island serving as a backdrop of arguably the best sunsets you’ll ever lay your eyes on. The Kandara luxury villa contains six bedrooms and 7.5 baths, which makes it the perfect getaway for family, colleagues, and friends.

You’ll also get to enjoy fascinating morsels at the dining gala, which is retrofitted with sliding glass doors. If you happen to be a lover of swimming out in the open, then you’ll most certainly enjoy the Kandara’s very own secluded swimming cove. In addition to all the luxuries mentioned above, you’ll have the chance to shop at the West End Bay, which is only three minutes away from the villa.

The Waves Villa

The Waves Villa is, without a doubt, a beguiling place to stay. It is situated near the ocean, meaning you’ll be on the front seat when it comes to receiving all the magical vibes from the beach. The Waves Villa has some of the best oceanic views you’ll ever get to see. The interior of the lodge is beautifully laced with wood and local artwork, effortlessly bringing out the exotic look that everyone looks out for whenever they are on vacation.

You’ll also get to enjoy an outdoor pool complete with hammocks for resting. If you feel like the pool is too small for you, free to invade the Shoal Bay Beach for a swim, which is only five minutes away. You’ll also get to enjoy your exotic meals under skylight roofs and open-beam ceilings.

The Waves Villa has three sleeping arrangements, namely; a single bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. The three-bedroom option comes with its very own balcony with the most beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings.

The Anani-Kamique Villa

It’s no secret that the Anani-Kamique Villa is the acme of tranquility and exclusivity. So, if you’re looking to get away (in every sense of the term), then this is the place you might want to consider. In addition to being situated on a private cove, the Anani-Kamique Villa also boasts of having an awe-inspiring view of St. Martin Mountains. The villa itself is uniquely constructed; its overtly open walls will end up giving you that much-needed sense of calmness.

You’re also free to enjoy the exclusivity of a well-constructed gazebo situated somewhere in the villa. As far as the sleeping arrangements go, the Anani-Kamique Villa has four. These include a single bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and four bedrooms. If you happen to be a tennis enthusiast, then you should enjoy the Anguilla Tennis Academy situated only two miles from the villa. Snorkeling is also available at the reef-protected waters near the villa.

The L Embellie Beach Villa and Cottage

If you happen to have a thing for coconut trees and the tranquility they bring, then this is the place for you! L Embellie Beach Villa and Cottage is situated in the Forest Bay in Anguilla. The beachfront property boasts of a well-kept private compound articulated with a nicely designed swimming pool. The sleeping arrangements available is three bedrooms with four bathrooms. These rooms are capable of hosting up to six guests altogether.

Zenaida Beach and Tennis Estate

The ever-therapeutic Zenaida Beach and Tennis Estate are situated on the Sandy Hill Bay in Anguilla. For starters, it has an insanely designed infinity pool that offers a panoramic view of the massive azure bodies that stretch to the horizon. The colonial estate is also articulated with acres of swanky gardens dotted with a mixture of contemporary furniture and Asian antiques. The sleeping arrangements range from one to seven bedrooms.

A final word

There are many luxurious Anguilla villas for rent including the Infinity Villa at Sheriva, and the Villa Amarilla at the edge of Shoal Bay. That said, you should always take your time and check out as many as you can!