6 Must-Visit Restaurants When Tripping Sydney

May 1, 2018

Traveling to Sydney any time soon? Be sure to plan your trip well and maximize your time while here. There are so many things to do in this diverse city, so seize the moment and just have fun with your travel buddies.

One of the things you should not miss when in Sydney is its world-class restaurants. The restaurant scene here never disappoints anyone. You absolutely need to taste its delectable and authentic cuisine, for they are all award-winning.

Listed below are some of the best restaurants you must check out when in Sydney:


Head to Quay and savor its palate-pleasing meals. Undoubtedly, this restaurant is one of Sydney’s top restaurants because of its food and location. It is an ideal place to celebrate any occasions or simply treat yourself while vacationing in the city.

Black by Ezard

Smoking hot wagyu steaks anyone? Dine at Black by Ezard and indulge in its mouth-watering dishes. This modern steakhouse boasts of its stunning views of Sydney Harbour, chic interiors, as well as its American and Australian produce. For the love of tender and flavorful steaks, visit this restaurant and enjoy a fresh dining experience.

Pei Modern

Satisfy your cravings at Pei Modern. This bistro has a modern-day design of terrace tables that lets each customer eat in communal style. With its laid-back atmosphere, you are sure to enjoy your time here. Additionally, the food is priced reasonably and always carefully presented.


Delight in the soul-satisfying food at Bennelong. This quintessential fine dining at the Opera House has now reopened to provide the best produce in all of Australia. It is headed by the celebrity chef Peter Gilmore together with John Fink and Kylie Ball. Your dining experience here will absolutely be a top-notch.

The Malaya

Eat out at The Malaya when you are looking for some authentic spicy food. It is a Malayan restaurant that serves up original Malaysian cuisine and offers a striking harbor view while dining in. In case you are craving for Asian cuisine while in Sydney, then this is the perfect go-to place for you. A bit change in your everyday meals won’t hurt.


Visit Guillaume at the old Darcy’s building and enjoy its tasty and seasonal French cuisine. It is an ultimate place for fine dining with your loved ones and takes pride of its exquisite food. Not to mention, this fancy local restaurant has astounding interiors and comfortable ambiance that lets you have a good time eating your appetizing meal.

Sydney is surely home to top rated Sydney hotels and restaurants. Make it a point to try any of these when you are in the city for a memorable dining experience you will take with you when you get back to your home country. Food will always be a top priority when traveling, so better prioritise it as well and ensure that you get to taste local food at local restaurants in Sydney. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than making your soul and stomach full.

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