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8 Travel Experiences Which are Better With Glasses!

November 24, 2021

Curious whether you should invest in glasses for your next trip?

When I first travelled the world, I had one pair of glasses, that sometimes I wore, and sometimes I didn’t. And actually, whenever I need sunglasses, I sacrificed my vision, in favour of protecting my eyes from the sunlight.

Looking back, I should’ve got myself some prescription sunglasses, along with some other options for ‘normal’ glasses, so I had plenty of choices and options to roll with, depending on where we were or what we were doing.

If you’re trying to decide whether glasses will improve your life, and your travels, here are some ways they can improve your experiences. You’ll wonder why you ever put off getting a pair.

Any kind of observation deck

If you’re visiting a city, and plan on enjoying those beautiful views – then you’ll want a perfect vision for any kind of observation deck or vista. Seriosuly, what’s the point of heading up there, if you can’t see the views on offer?

I remember one day we went to the Top of the Rock, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses when we initially entered to the observation deck. When I put my glasses on, it was like another world – the view was so much more impressive and incredible and awe-inspiring.

Meals in restaurants

If you’ve ever ordered a meal in a restaurant and copied your friend’s order, because you can’t see the small writing on the menu, you’ll know what it’s like not to enjoy your food.

Asking people to read out the items to you can be tedious for them or embarrassing for you. It’s much better to be able to choose for yourself, plus wearing glasses can mean you enjoy the settings and can spy on other people’s food choices as they get delivered to their tables!

By investing in a pair of Ray-Ban prescription glasses from EyeBuyDirect, you’ll look great and get to choose your own food from the menu. This will make your meal more enjoyable, so you can concentrate on spending quality time with your friends or family.

Navigating airports and stations

One of the main things that glasses can help with when travelling, is navigating stations, airports, cities, etc. Without glasses, it can be so easy to miss crucial information, like a delayed flight or a cancelled train.

In the past, I’ve actually misread an airport gate and headed to the wrong part of the airport – all because I didn’t have my glasses with me!

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Playing sports or active activities

If you like enjoying the odd sports bar when you’re travelling, or perhaps like to enjoy some outdoor pursuits, then glasses are going to help you enjoy these things so much more. Being able to see clearly can help improve accuracy and give you a better chance of winning. You’re more likely to enjoy the experience more if you can see what you’re doing.

Reading on planes and trains

If you spend a lot of time traveling, you may spend a lot of time reading. I know I spend a lot of time reading on planes, or in airports, or on trains. You’ll probably find that your eyes get tired quickly without glasses, so having glasses to hand means you can escape boredom a little longer, by reading for longer too.

Or if you’re staying in hotels, the lighting can be poor and you end up sitting in an uncomfortable position so the light can reach the pages when this could be solved by wearing glasses.

Attending gigs

If you’re watching your favourite act at a sell-out gig, unless you’re lucky enough to be at the front, you might not see much of anything.

With the high cost of gig tickets, only being able to hear the music while seeing a distant figure on the stage, isn’t the ideal way to get the best value for your money. Glasses can make the whole experience clearer and more enjoyable.

Soaking it all in

Let’s face it, being able to see clearly is so much better than… not! Being able to enjoy the views from a taxi window, or seeing the sunset, or seeing the mountains creep up into the horizon.

Glasses give you the ability to see everything clearly and uninterrupted, which means you get to soak everything in.

Watching a subtitled film at the cinema

If you’ve ever tried to watch a subtitled film at the cinema without glasses, you’ll know the two choices you have. You can either sit at the front and crane your neck to see, or sit further back and risk not being able to see and read the subtitles fast enough, then miss vital action scenes while straining to read.

If you want to enjoy the film and read the subtitles quickly, without missing any crucial action on the screen, glasses make this much easier. Foreign films can offer something different from the latest blockbusters, so it’s a shame to miss out on the full experience over something which is easy to fix.

Don’t be put off by bad experiences!

You may have bad memories of some of the glasses available as a child, and the limited colours and thick frames. But that’s no longer the only option you have.

Now there are plenty of choices and designer frames, with prescription lenses. Some are so stylish that even those who don’t need glasses wear the non-prescription version as a fashion accessory. 

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