9 Real Haunted Houses in NYC

May 5, 2020

Are you looking for real haunted houses in NYC? Here are some of the spookiest locations in NYC – perfect for a Halloween walk!

New York is littered with spooky spots. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you’re practically tripping over haunted spots in the city that never sleeps. The believers amongst you may say that the reason for this sleeplessness lies not in the Big Apple’s constant buzz, but within the spooky stories that haunt its history. If you’re looking for the ultimate list of real haunted houses in NYC – this is the list for you!

Whether you’re a ghost-story fanatic or a hardcore sceptic, these real haunted houses in New York City are bound to leave your bones rattling. So here are the best real haunted houses in NYC…

Melrose Hall

The first on my list of real haunted houses in NYC, it’s Melrose Hall. A Colonial-era home that’s riddled with secret passages and includes a mysterious dungeon, this grand manor has a long, ghostly history. During the 19th century, many spoke of a female ghost named Alva who would haunt this stately home. 

If you’re wondering who Alva is, she was supposedly a woman locked in one of the rooms and left to die of starvation. Dark, we know. Though the house was pulled down in 1903, its story remains. Previously located at Bedford Avenue in Flatbush, why not stroll down the street and see if you can sense Alva’s mysterious ghostly presence? Definitely a must-see real haunted house in NYC.

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Van Cortlandt House

This Georgian-style house is the next on my list of real haunted houses in NYC. Van Cortlandt House has been standing since 1748 and was sold to the City of New York in 1887. Occupied by several famous figures (Lafayette and George Washington to name just two), this place has long had a reputation for housing ghostly spirits. 

Though functioning as a museum these days, many have said that creepy dolls walk the halls whilst doors close on their own at the historic Van Cortlandt House. A trick of churlish winds or the work of ghoulish spirits? It’s for you to decide… A must-visit real haunted houses in NYC.

Van Cortlandt House real haunted houses in NYC

The Dakota

The Dakota is my next pick of real haunted houses in NYC. Already a rather infamous property due to its featured role in Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby and the unfortunate site of John Lennon’s assassination, this building is supernatural both due to its cultural history and general passer-by reports. 

Guests have reported seeing a little girl dressed in old-fashioned garments. Not only this, but the ghost of the famous Beatle himself is said to stalk the halls of this establishment. I mean, if you’re a super-fan, it may be worth visiting just for a potential ghostly meet-and-greet… A super spooky real haunted house in NYC.

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The Morris Jumel Mansion

One of Manhattan’s oldest homes, this large mansion in Washington Heights was built way back in 1765. Having served as a military headquarters for both sides of the Revolution, it’s got some spooky, bloody American history at its core.

Bought by Stephen Jumel and his wife Eliza in 1810, it’s said to have supernatural elements that persist in the present day. The ghost of Eliza Jumel is said to stalk the halls and encourage quiet and tranquillity if things get too loud for her liking; shivers galore…

Real haunted houses in NYC

85 West 3rd Street

Next on my list of real haunted houses in NYC, is 85 West 3rd St. NYU is well-known for being haunted. With a deserved spooky spot on this list of real haunted houses in NYC, it’s a concentrated speck of terror on New York’s sizeable map. Occupied by Edgar Allan Pie for eight months in 1844 and 1845, it was here that “The Cask of Amontillado” was written.

Though the only part of the original construction that remains is the bannister, numerous students have cited seeing Poe’s ghost climbing it. Perhaps it’s not only an excessive workload that keeps NYU’s law students up at night.

Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea is next on my list of real haunted houses in NYC. This famous building has been home to several artists throughout its existence. With Dylan Thomas and Mark Twain among its inhabitants, it’s certainly an iconic fixture in New York. However, it’s not only known for its star-studded lodgers, but its creepy stories

First, there’s the murder of Nancy Spungen by her boyfriend Sid Vicious. However, there’s not only that murder that haunts these halls. There’s also said to be a ghost named Mary who haunts the halls searching for her husband who was lost to the Titanic disaster. 

14 West 10th Street

Deemed by some as the most haunted building in New York, it’s said to have as many as 22 ghosts haunting its hallowed halls. The site of several gruesome incidents throughout the 20th Century, 14th West 10th Street was witness to a murder-suicide and the death of six-year-old Lisa Steinberg by her adoptive father amongst others.

As Mark Twain lived here at the turn of the 20th century, the legend himself has often been seen ascending the fantastic staircase. A must-visit real haunted houses in NYC.

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Flushing Quaker Meeting House

The Flushing Quaker Meeting House is my next choice for real haunted houses in NYC. It was built in 1694 and is one of the oldest places of worship in New York. Though its hauntings are not widely reported in literature, in 1884, an article in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported someone dressed solely in white with “an old-style sword hanging at its side”. 

Though not an antagonistic spirit, this spooky presence is still said to lurk around the halls of the meeting house.

real haunted houses in New York

Merchant’s House Museum

And last on my list of real haunted houses in NYC, it’s the Merchant’s House Museum. This place completely revels in its notorious haunted rep. Built in 1822 by a wealthy merchant, this museum is a look into the personal lives of New York’s elite back in the 19th century. Supposedly, the ghost of the wealthy merchant is said to incessantly stalk these halls.

Having been unable to find a mate in life, she continues to live life as a spinster into the 21st century. Who knows, maybe she’s searching for her perfect match amongst the museum’s visitors…

the real haunted houses in nyc

I hope that this list of real haunted houses in New York has piqued your interest in ghost-spotting!

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, these historic spots are interesting enough to satisfy both thrill and culture seekers. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed to feel your heart-racing in these spots; let’s just say you’ll get your money’s worth.

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