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Top 15 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai (that you’ll LOVE!)

August 7, 2021

Are you looking for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai? If so, keep reading!

If you’ve got a craving for Indian food in Dubai, then you’re going to love this list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai! Dubai has a thriving Indian community, and the Indian restaurants in the city are simply delicious!

If you’re searching for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai, then hopefully you’ll find somewhere you love on this list! From delicious curries to amazing chutneys and naan bread… There are some seriously fantastic choices on this list! So let’s get into it!

Here are the best indian restaurants in Dubai…

Ravi’s Restaurant

First up on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai… It’s Ravi’s restaurant. One of Dubai’s best Indian restaurants is Ravi’s Restaurant.

Though this restaurant used to fly under the radar, it’s now one of the most popular spots at which to grab some great Indian food. It might seem like a basic choice, but Ravi’s Butter Chicken is a stellar highlight that you should absolutely order if you pay this place a visit – trust us, it’s life-changing! This is definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai!

Paratha King

If you’re looking for the best vegetarian Indian eats in Dubai, look no further than Paratha king. Paratha King is definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai! They pride themselves on employing top chefs who ensure that all food is fresh and of the highest quality – always a winning factor in our book!

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However, it’s not just the staff here that are excellent, but their food is genuinely excellent. Serving more than 100 varieties of vegetarian stuffed parathas, Paratha King continues to redefine the art of Paratha making.

So, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you’re after, be sure to sample some of the finest Parathas in town! This is a great choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Little Miss India

Though the décor at Little Miss India is a bit of a mish-mash, its spectacular food is always well put together. Now, Little Miss India isn’t a casual eatery, and you’ll certainly be paying for the privilege of dining here. This is a great pick for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

However, if you can afford its rather high prices, it’s certainly worth booking a table! We hear that the signature lamb chops are to die for, so be sure to add them to your personal feasting menu.

Pind Da Dhaba

Pind Da Dhaba is next on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. If you love smaller plates and elevated flavours, then you’ll adore Pind Da Dhaba. This restaurant specialises in Punjabi cuisine, so it is rather meat-heavy.

However, you’ll find a load of great vegetarian options here too, so don’t stress if you’re not a big meat eater. The presentation of the food at Pind Da Dhaba is next level, so be sure to take a sneaky photo or two before digging in. Definitely don’t miss out on this choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.


Indego is next on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. Another one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai is Indego. You’ll be pleased to know that this restaurant was opened by Chef Vineet Bhatia (who just so happens to have a Michelin star to his name!), so you’re sure to be in good hands.

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What makes this place so popular though is its use of authentic spices. When you head to Indego, you’re guaranteed a real taste of India. You’re going to love this choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai!

Rang Mahal

If you’re all about the ambience, then you’ll want to visit Rang Mahal, which is next on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. Though this place serves some truly top-notch food, this fine dining restaurant is worth experiencing for the awesome décor too.

A meal here doesn’t exactly come cheap, but it’s more than worth the investment, as one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai, you’ll have an amazing experience. Be sure to call ahead though, they tend to book up far in advance!


Gharana is next on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. Another rather bougie option for Indian food in Dubai is Gharana. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, this restaurant is well known for its homey atmosphere and authentic dishes.

With amazing local flavours and some of the coolest interior design workaround, it’s certainly a restaurant for the books. You’ll love visiting this choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Antique Bazaar

Antique Bazaar is next on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. You may be noticing a theme here, but the best Indian restaurants in Dubai tend to have one thing in common: great décor!

Antique Bazaar is no different; with an awesome old-fashioned vibe that will make you feel as though you’re dining amongst royalty, it’s certainly a place to go to if you’re looking to dine in style.

With a massive menu that is inspired by Indian royalty, you’re sure to leave having eaten like a king (or queen!). This is such a great choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

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Armani Amal

Another excellent Indian restaurant in Dubai that serves up great vegetarian fare is Armani Amal. Though the food here is a major draw, the view is worth the cost of the meal alone!

The restaurant is encased by glass walls, so you get an unbeatable view of the skyline if you choose to spend the evening here. We highly recommend booking in for a meal and making the night last with a cheeky glass of wine or two. You might as well make the most of the view, after all! You’ll love this pick for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai!

Maharaja Bhog

Maharaja Bhog is next on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai! If you’re looking for an Indian restaurant in Dubai with a difference, then you’ll want to head down to Maharaja Bhog.

Located next to Ansar Gallery, this restaurant offers up curries, breads, rice, and all the usual fare. However, it also specialises in rarer dishes and some popular Indian sweet foods. So, if you’re looking to try something a little different, then be sure to hit this place up. It’s a wonderful choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai, you’ll love it!

Indya by Vineet

Indya by Vineet is the next choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai! This amazing place won the TimeOut award for the best Indian restaurant in Dubai in 2020, so you’ll know that you’re in safe hands here!

Run by the first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star (Vineet Bhatia), this restaurant serves a great number of delectable dishes that will keep you coming back for more. So, whether it’s seafood, meat, or veggie curry that you’re craving, Indya have got you more than covered.


Another popular Indian restaurant in Dubai is Carnival, it’s definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai! True to its name, this place is lively, so we recommend heading here if you’re after a great night out with friends.

Though the main pull at Carnival is the food, they also have an excellent drinks menu that you can choose from if you’re looking to truly drink the night away!

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Masti is next on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai – and it’s a wonderful fine-dining choice too. If you’re looking for fine dining in Dubai’s La Mer, then this is a brilliant choice. You’ll find all that you seek and more at Masti!

This is one of Dubai’s best Indian restaurants as not only does it serve up great food, but its location by the sea makes it amazing for a relaxing night out. Talk about a win-win. This is an amazing choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai!

Bombay Brasserie

Another great choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai – it’s Bombay Brasserie! We’re all about funky décor, and if you’re looking for a cool yet sophisticated Indian restaurant in Dubai, then you’ll want to check out Bombay Brasserie.

Though this place is bright and fun, it also serves up some of the best food in Dubai. So, whether you’re looking for a hearty curry or some excellent seafood, you won’t be disappointed at this dining spot. You’ll love this choice for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.


The final restaurant on our list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai is Mohalla. Known by locals as THE place for Indian street food, Mohalla is a great place to grab a more casual bite to eat.

However, just because these guys specialise in street food doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting less than you might get at fine dining spots – quite the opposite! Though the atmosphere is chill, the food here is top notch so don’t miss out.

Hopefully this list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai has been helpful!

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing choices for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai! Hopefully, one of our options on this list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai will tick your boxes and be the perfect location!

Is Dubai a country? Find out more about Dubai, and where it is located!

June 28, 2021

So you’re wondering… Is Dubai a country?

So you’re wondering “Is Dubai a country?”

The answer: No! Dubai is a city, not a country. Dubai is located in the country of The United Arab Emirates. It is one of the 7 Emirates (which is similar to a state).

Is Dubai a country?

Why do people think Dubai is a country?

Dubai likely gets confused for a country, for a few reasons:

  • It’s a well-known city, with a firm identity. Similar to small countries.
  • It’s a big, fast-growing city, which many confuse for being country-like.
  • It has a huge airport dub, and a well known national airline (Emirates Airlines) which can often make people assume Dubai is a country, not a city.

Dubai, as we mentioned above, is actually a city, within the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The UAE is a middle-eastern country comprised of 7 states (called Emirates). These states are; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

The different Emirates within the UAE have different unique ways of life, and different architecture, etc – which makes them all unique in their own way. Dubai is one of the most modern Emirates, and it’s really popular with visitors from all over the world, including a big expat population from places like the USA and the UK too.

Is Dubai a country?

Where is Dubai located?

If you’re wondering ‘Is Dubai a country?” then you might want to know a little more about where Dubai is located, and where it is in relation to other countries and parts of the world!

Dubai is located in the UAE, which is in the Middle East. You can see Dubai on the map below. It is nestled between Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, and across the Perisian Gulf from Iran.

Dubai flight times from around the world

As we already mentioned, Dubai is a big flight hub – which is often why people find themselves wondering “Is Dubai a country?”.

Dubai is a great hub for air travel because it’s pretty much central to many desirable locations – making it a great stop-off location, or transfer location for many long-haul routes. Here are the flight times from Dubai to many popular travel destinations:

Dubai to London flight time: 7 hours, 30 minutes (direct)

Dubai to NYC flight time: 13 hours, 55 minutes (direct)

Dubai to Sydney flight time: 13 hours, 50 minutes (direct)

Dubai to Paris flight time: 7 hours, 15 minutes (direct)

Dubai to Hong Kong flight time: 8 hours, 0 minutes (direct)

Dubai to Tokyo flight time: 9 hours, 55 minutes (direct)

Dubai to Delhi flight time: 3 hours, 25 minutes (direct)

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Should you visit Dubai?

Maybe you’re looking into the question “Is Dubai a country?” because you want to learn more about visiting Dubai. So, should you visit Dubai? Is it an interesting location?

My personal opinion, is yes! Dubai is a great location and a wonderful place to visit!

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It’s a city like no other, having been primarily developed and built in the recent decades, you’ll find incredible examples of architecture in Dubai – towering examples of how much humans can achieve! Including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Kalifa!

You’ll also find the world’s only 7* hotel in Dubai, one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, and a myriad of other amazing sights and sounds.

Dubai is a mixture of sun and sea and skyscrapers, and it’s a buzzing city with a really mixed and international population. People in Dubai are welcoming, friendly and always willing to have a chat (from my experience!). There are also lots of amazing parts of the city to explore, from Downtown sky scrapers to the towering heights of Dubai Marina, and the relaxing sands of the many beautiful beaches. It has something for everyone!

Is Dubai a country?

Blog posts about Dubai

Looking for more information about Dubai? If so – these articles might be useful when it comes to planning your trip to Dubai!

Hopefully we’ve answered your question… Is Dubai a country?

And hopefully we have given you plemnty of inspiration for your trip to Dubai too! Dubai is a wonderful city with plenty of things to do and see, and it’s a great place to enjoy all year round!

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

May 28, 2021

Are you visiting the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai soon?

If so, you might be wondering about this amazing airport lounge and looking to learn more about the experience. The Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai is like no other – it’s one of the best business class lounges in the world – and it’s offerings are truly unique and luxurious. If you’re expecting the best – you won’t be disappointed.

The aim of this guide to the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai, is to tell you everything you need to know about visiting, from the moment you enter, to the moment you board your plane. So you’ll know exactly what to expect when visiting the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai.

Dubai airport

How big is the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai?

HUGE! Don’t worry about finding a space to sit in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai, this is one of the biggest airport lounges I’ve ever been in. The Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai is actually located on a separate floor to the ‘regular’ airport, and stretches along the entire airport shopping concourse, tucked away above all the chaos of departures.

The Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai is biggest than you’ll expect, and each time you visit, you will find new little nooks to enjoy, or rooms to discover.

What is the seating like?

There are plenty of different kinds of seating in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai. Because the lounge is so big – they’ve really been able to fill it with plenty of seating choice for all kind of passengers.

For example, if you fancy sitting somewhere quiet, with a little more privacy – you’ll find little ‘napping’ rooms with loungers. See below.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

If you’d rather sit at a table and eat and work – then the more tradiitonal dining style area will probably suit you more. See below.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

There’s also ‘bar’ style seating, and lounge style seating (similar to what you’d find in a member’s club). See below.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

There is also a more relaxed lounge area, with loungers and a chilled out vibe. This is great if you want to relax, but don’t necessarily need the peace and quiet of the napping rooms. See below.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

In short, there are so many places to sit and enjoy the lounge, and so many different varieties of seats, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We’d recommend when visiting the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai for the first time, to explore the lounge properly before committing to a seat or an area. Obviously, you can change seats freely, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to base yourself in a little area for the couple of hours and settle in. So, before committing and settling, make sure you’ve had a proper walk around the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai, so you know exactly what’s on offer.

Do I need to dress smart to enter the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai?

In short, not really.

This is a business class lounge (yes) but that doesn’t mean everyone in there is dressed as a business traveller. All kinds of people use the lounge (from couples on their honeymoon, to families and solo travellers). Whatever you’re wearing for your flight, will be fine to wear in the lounge, there’s no ‘smart dress code’ for entering.

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Is there free food in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai?

Yes, inside the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai, you’ll find several buffet locations and snack counters. The selection is really good actually, we’re always pleasantly surprised by how good the food is there.

Different parts of the lounge will offer different types of food – for example, some food areas will serve traditional Arabic breakfasts, and some will offer a more continental style. We particularly love the dinner selection, as last time we visited they had lots of lovely food on offer, like currys and naans. So it’s just your choice, which you opt for.

There are also drink available throughout the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai, again, the choices on offer vary depending on where you sit. You’ll also find bottled water too.

Oh, and coffee! Let’s not forget about the coffee!

You can now enjoy a personalised barista experience with Costa Coffee inside the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

How can I spend my time in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai?

It’s really up to you, there aren’t any ‘rules’ as to how you should spend your time waiting for your flight. We usually grab something to eat from the buffets, and then sit and read with a few drinks, or watch the sport in the TV areas of the lounge. But it’s completely up to you, the lounge is designed specifically so you can spend time doing/enjoying your time however you choose. Whether that be reading one of the magazines they provide, napping, working, eating, or watching TV.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

Can I shower in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai?

Yes! And this is one of the big advantages of using the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai. The showers are plentiful (We have never needed to queue or wait to use one) and they’re beautifully presented too. It’s like stepping into a shower at your own mini-spa. It’s a really lovely feature of the lounge, and it’s something we recommend taking advantage of!

Photo credit: Business Insider

Is there free-wifi?

Yes there is – so don’t worry about staying connected during your time using the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai. Whether you’re sending work emails or online shopping – you’ll be able to do it.

Can I leave the lounge to shop, once I’ve entered it?

Yes you can, that’s absolutely fine.

You’ll need to keep your passport and boarding pass with you (this is a little like your ticket to enter). So if you leave, just ensure you have those items with you, so you can be re-admitted to the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai once again.

I usually leave my husband in the lounge to settle with our things, and then do some shopping downstairs in the main departure lounge, and then come back up to the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai to relax until our flight leaves, once I’m finished shopping.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

Hopefully this has answered any questions you might have about visiting the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai!

If you have a visit to the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai planned, trust me, you’ll love it. It’s one of the most wonderful airport lounges in the world – and the style, amenities and service surpassed my expectations each time we visit Dubai. It’s a really wonderful example of how amazing airport lounges can be.

Here are some more photos of the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai just in case you’re curious and want to have a look around! It’s also worth checking out their website too, for any additional questions.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

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Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai
Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai
Emirates logo

How to spend a weekend in Dubai: 15 amazing activities for every budget

April 29, 2021

Are you wondering how to spend the weekend in Dubai? Keep reading for my ideas!

So you’re headed to the UAE for a weekend in Dubai? You’re probably on the lookout for things to do in Dubai and how to spend your weekend in Dubai! Keep reading for loads of ideas!

If you’re new to the city – I’ll try and include some ideas for your weekend in Dubai that will help you see some of the main sights in the city – but I’ll also include some non-touristy things to do at the weekend in Dubai to give you lots of variety!

The great news is, Dubai comes alive at the weekend, and there are so many options option to you if you’re spending a weekend in Dubai. From luxury yacht tours, to strolling around and people watching – this city has something for everyone.

The Burj Kalifa

You can’t visit Dubai, without seeing the Burj Kalifa. No – literally – it’s so big you CAN’T MISS IT. This is the world’s tallest building and it dominates the Dubai skyline. It’s one of the best things to do in Dubai, and it should be top of your list for a weekend in Dubai. It’s a must-see, and it’s totally unique to Dubai. Even if you don’t go up to the top, it’s lovely just to soak int he view from a restaurant or car overlooking the amazing structure. The Address Hotel Downtown has amazing views of the Burj from several of their eateries – so I’d head there first!

People watching at Dubai Marina

Another perfect addition to your weekend in Dubai itinerary is the Dubai Marina. It’s not necessarily an attraction – but a neighbourhood in the city. Dubai Marina is a marina surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants and skyscrapers – and it’s pretty amazing, so should definitely make your list of activities for your weekend in Dubai. I love it here and it’s one of my favourite parts of the city, it’s a perfect place for Dubai sightseeing.

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Yacht Cruise

If you want to splash out during your weekend in Dubai, then a yacht cruise is the one for you! Most yacht tours leave from Dubai marina (so it’s a chance to do a bit of extra Dubai sightseeing!) and they’re surprisingly affordable. A private yacht tour will obviously set you back a few bob during your weekend in Dubai, but if you opt for a group yacht tour, you still get to do some Dubai sightseeing from the comfort of a yacht – but the experience is shared. There’s not much more difference! It’s a great way to see the skyline of Dubai.

The Atlantis Hotel

If you fancy going somewhere really touristy during your weekend in Dubai, The Atlantis Hotel is one of the top spots of Dubai Sightseeing. It’s one of the most recognisable hotels in the city – and it’s a huge resort in itself, so it’s definitely something to tick off and visit. You could make a reservation at any of the restaurants inside, but also take the chance to explore this huge hotel.

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The Pointe

Another great place to visiting during a weekend in Dubai is The Pointe. The Pointe is relatively new addition to Dubai, and it’s a great must-visit complex. The Pointe is an entertainment complex, with fountains similar to the Dubai Fountains (located at the mall) but with amazing views of the Atlantis Hotel instead. It’s a great choice to add to your weekend in Dubai itinerary.

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Rooftop cinema

If you’re planning a romantic date during your weekend in Dubai, then you’re going to want to check out one of the city’s new rooftop cinemas! I just love the rooftop cinemas… they’re outside, but super sophisticated, stylish and comfortable. You’ll love it, and it’s a great way to spend one of the evenings during your weekend in Dubai.

Relax on the beach

Not everything during your weekend in Dubai has to cost money or have a ticket price. In fact, there are many amazing free things to do in Dubai. Relaxing on the Beach is one of them – and doesn’t cost a thing. Take a few hours during your weekend in Dubai to sit on the beach and soak in some of that sunshine Dubai is so famous for!

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is an older neighbourhood in Dubai, so if you want to do some Dubai sightseeing away from the skyscrapers and glamour during your weekend in Dubai – this is a great choice. Dubai sightseeing isn’t all luxury and glitz – and Dubai Creek is a perfect example of this. Learn a bit more about local and historical culture in this part of Dubai, and make a bit of time for local culture during your weekend in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

Next on my list of things to do during your weekend in Dubai, it’s the Dubai Mall – you can’t go to Dubai without visiting this world-famous mall! It’s located right by the Burj Khalifa – so it’s a bit of a Dubai sightseeing hotspot! The Mall is absolutely HUGE and you could easily spend the day exploring the hundreds of shops inside! On a particularly hot day of Dubai sightseeing – this is a great place to hide out in the air conditioning! This is a perfect way to spend time during your weekend in Dubai.

The Dubai Fountains

The Dubai Fountains are next on my list for your weekend in Dubai. The Dubai Fountains are an iconic option for Dubai sightseeing – and you’ll want to make sure you have time to catch a couple of shows. I wrote about the best ways to watch the Dubai Fountains here, so make sure to check that guide out. If you’ve seen The Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, the Dubai Fountains are a little bit like that – but MUCH BIGGER! This is a great choice for your weekend in Dubai, and it’s free too!

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Shopping in Dubai

If you’re in the city for a fleeting weekend in Dubai, then shopping is a must. There are so many great shopping locations in Dubai, but some of my favourites include; Dubai Mall, The Emirates Mall, The Pointe, The Marina Mall, The Springs Mall – and many more.

Visit La Mer

La Mer is one of the developed public beaches in Dubai, and it’s a great activity for a weekend in Dubai. There’s a beautiful beach to enjoy, as well as loads of restaurants (beach side of course!) activities, shops and so much more. If you’ve got kids with you for your weekend in Dubai, then they will love it here – it’s really family friendly.

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Dubai Miracle Garden

If you fancy spending some time during your weekend in Dubai somewhere peaceful and laid back – then Dubai Miracle Garden is a wonderful choice. It feels a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the city – and it’s a really wonderful place to spend a few quiet hours during your weekend in Dubai.

Have a spa day during your weekend in Dubai

If you really want to turn up the relaxation during your weekend in Dubai, then you simply have to book yourselves in for a spa day. Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious spas in the whole world – and if you love spa treatments, you’re definitely going to want to book one in for your weekend in Dubai. So pack your bathing suit, and get ready to spend your weekend in Dubai being pampered!

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A brunch!

If you want to enjoy some great food and drinks during your weekend in Dubai, then you have to book yourself a table at one of Dubai’s famous brunches! They’re really something else, and you won’t have experienced anything like it! They’re a lot of fun and perfect for anyone who loves food and drink and likes to indulge a little during their weekend in Dubai. Here’s a list of the best brunches in Dubai.

I hope this guide to a weekend in Dubai has been helpful and given you lots of ideas!

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The Ultimate Dubai Sightseeing List: My guide to tours, day-trip and things to do.

January 5, 2021

Are you looking for some tips for Dubai sightseeing? If so – this ultimate guide to sightseeing in Dubai has everything you need to know!

There are so many amazing options when it comes to Dubai sightseeing! Sightseeing in Dubai is jam-packed with activities, things to do and places to see.

With rolling dunes, stunning architecture, and some of the most unique experiences around, it’s unsurprising that Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for sightseeing. However, if you’re not quite sure where to start when it comes to Dubai sightseeing, you might be wanting some external help on what tours and day trips to consider. 

things to do in dubai

In our ultimate guide to Dubai sightseeing, this is exactly what we’ll help you with! I’ve been visiting Dubai for more than 10 years (I have family in the city – and think of it as my second home!) so I like to think I know the best places, and the best things to do in Dubai.

Though some of these suggestions won’t suit everyone, there are plenty of Dubai sightseeing tours and things to do in the city. So, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush out on the dunes or just want to cover the city’s major landmarks, these tours and day trips should give you all that you’re looking for and more! 

Get ready for some amazing Dubai sightseeing suggestions!

Morning desert safari

Many of Dubai’s best sightseeing tours take place in the early morning. As you may already know, Dubai is famous for its amazing sand dunes, so you’ll absolutely want to put this at the top of your list of things to do if you’re heading to the city.

This tour of the Dubai desert takes visitors out on a 4×4 Land Cruiser for a rip-roaring dune-bashing experience! If you wish to, you can even slide down the sand dunes on a sandboard; we can bet you’ve never tried that particular sport before!

As the desert is only 45 minutes from Dubai, this is a great Dubai sightseeing trip for those that don’t want to travel too far from the center. 

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

list of dubai sightseeing

Sunrise camel trek

Next on my list of Dubai sightseeing activities, it’s a camel trek! Another tour worth getting up for is this sunrise camel trek. As pickup and drop off is arranged with centrally located Dubai hotels, you won’t have to worry about transport to and from the desert – phew!

The actual camel ride part of this tour lasts around 45 minutes, but one of the best aspects of this tour is the sunrise view photo stop that gives you the most stunning shots. However, that’s not all you get on this tour! As well as a welcome drink, you also get a delicious breakfast included too. What could be better?

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

dubai sightseeing desert safari


I did this myself last year, and it was hands-down one of the best things I’ve ever done in Dubai, one of my favourite choices for Dubai sightseeing. It was so much fun!! Not only will you get the adrenaline rush that comes with riding a jet ski, but you’ll also get to awe at the Burj Khalifa and some of Dubai’s finest skyscrapers from the water.

Though this tour isn’t particularly long, it’s one of the most exhilarating experiences that you can have in Dubai, so I really recommend it. I loved every second of it.

Oh, and if you wanted some pictures of your outing on the water, then don’t worry – instructors take pictures during your ride, so you can savor the memory forever! It’s the perfect option for Dubai sightseeing!

Click here to book tickets for jetskiing!

sightseeing in Dubai

Arabian Dune Safari with a BBQ

If you want to experience the Arabian dunes but fancy an amazing meal afterwards, then this is the tour that you should choose whilst in Dubai. Not only will you get to check out the best of the desert landscape, but you’ll be treated to a wonderful meal at the Bedouin campsite afterwards.

It’s a Dubai sightseeing tour that’s more than worth the cost, so we highly recommend checking it out! 

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

sightseeing in Dubai

Burj Kalifa

This is the world’s tallest building, and it’s absolutely unmissable in the Dubai skyline, so obviously something to add to your Dubai sightseeing itinterary. You’ll be stunned by it’s majestic height and design – and you absolutely have to visit during your time sightseeing in Dubai.

One of the best ways to experience the Burj Kalifa, is by visiting the viewing or observation deck. It’s a classic option for sightseeing in Dubai, and you’ll be able to soak in all the Dubai skyline from up there too! I recommend visiting at sunset to maximise the beauty and the photo opportunities. Such an amazing option for sightseeing in Dubai.

Click here to book the best ticket combo up to the viewing deck.

dubai sightseeing burj kalifa

Dubai Marina

If you love strolling around the city and just soaking in the atmosphere – then a walk around Dubai Marina, is going to tick all your Dubai sightseeing boxes. The Dubai Marina is one of the most scenic places in the city, and it’s a gorgeous place to eat out in the evening, enjoying all the lovely views and people watching as other’s stroll past.

This is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city, and I love spending time there!

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The Burj Al Arab

I couldn’t write a post about Dubai sightseeing without including the Burj Al Arab! It’s the most iconic building for sightseeing in Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab is one of the world’s only 7* hotels – and it’s literally a hub of luxury and fantasy in Dubai! A great way to enjoy the Burj al Arab is from the coastline nearby, but the hotel isn’t exclusive to only guests. You can also book yourself in for a spa treatment (yes!) or an afternoon tea!

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Snorkeling trip to Fujairah

Snorkeling is always a memorable experience, but Fujairah is one of the finest areas to explore if you enjoy vivid marine life. This tour takes place in the Gulf of Oman and includes all the equipment that you’ll need to make the most out of your experience (and take part safely of course!).

You’ll travel by luxury double decker boat to a snorkeling environment before plunging into the stunning waters to observe all those marvelous sea creatures in their natural environment. Talk about a Dubai sightseeing tour to remember…

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

dubai sightseeing snorkelling


If you want to cover all the LEGOLANDs across the world, then we highly recommend booking a ticket to LEGOLAND Dubai! It’s such a fun option for Dubai sightseeing with kids.

With over 40 LEGO themed rides, shows, and attractions, the whole family will have a fantastic day out being “part of the team”! What’s more, there are 6 themed lands and over 15,000 LEGO models to check out (yep, you read that right!).

As the queues can get intense, we highly recommend booking your ticket in advance to skip the worst of the lines to enter the park. 

Click here to book LEGOLAND Dubai tickets.

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Abu Dhabi City Tour with Yacht Ride

When sightseeing in Dubai… Don’t be afraid to venture out of the city! If you fancy a taste of the high life, then you may be interested in this day trip to Abu Dhabi featuring a yacht ride! As Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the U.A.E, it’s well worth a visit.

However, it’s not only worth visiting due to its capital city status – it also has some amazing landmark attractions too! On my favourite tour, you’ll cover Yas Island, Ferrari World, Manarat Al Saadiyat, and much more.

However, what makes this tour so special is the amazing 1-hour yacht ride. Giving visitors the chance to soak in the sun, it’s a wonderful way through which to appreciate the city!

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

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Have a beach day (duh!)

Next up on my list of Dubai sightseeing activities – it’s a beach day! One of the best and most obvious things to do when sightseeing in Dubai… is to visit a beach! If you lucky enough to be stopping at a beach hotel, then the beach will likely be right outside your front door.

But if you’re not stopping in one of the city-centre hotels instead… Don’t worry! You can often by day-passes to the beach from the various beach-side hotels, for as little as £30-£50 per person.

dubai sightseeing - beach days

Madinat Jumeirah

The Madinat Jumeirah is a hotel / market / mall – but it is set up to look and feel like a traditional Arabic souk. It’s really beautiful and feels authentic and wonderful to walk around. A perfect Dubai sightseeing activity – and one you won’t want to miss!

There are also amazing views too of the Burj Al Arab, and there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops to enjoy too.

dubai sightseeing madinat shopping

Sharjah City Tour

Another excellent day trip that takes place from Dubai is this Sharjah City Tourv. On this tour you’ll be able to see landmarks such as the King Faisal Mosque, the Heritage Museum, and check out some of the most amazing carpets and handicrafts at Al Markazi Souk.

As this tour comes with an English Guide, you won’t have to worry about anything being lost in translation either. As entrance fee to the Sharjah Fort and Sharjah Museum is also included, we like to think that this tour is an excellent deal for those looking to see as much as possible on a day trip! This Dubai sightseeing with a bit of a twist, and off the beaten tourist path.

Click here to book tickets onto this Sharjah tour.

sightseeing in dubai - sharjah

La Mer Beach

This probably isn’t something one most tourist’s Dubai sightseeing itineraries – but it’s one of my favourite things to do in Dubai – as there’s a bit of something for everyone.

La Mer is basically a beautifully landscaped beach area, with dining options, cafes, shops, street art and lots of fun activities for kids and families. If you’re visiting with kids, it’d be a lovely day out away from your hotel! A great option for things to do in Dubai and Dubai sightseeing.

la mer beach sightseeing in dubai

Spend the day at a water park

Dubai sightseeing wouldn’t be the same without waterparks. This city has so many waterparks I can’t even count them! This is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

The good news is, if you’re stopping in one of the big touristy hotels (Jumeriah Beach or Atlantis) you’ll get free access to their waterparks for free. There’s loads to choose from – check out this list of waterparks in Dubai.

sightseeing in dubai waterparks

The Dubai Fountains

The Dubai Fountains are located by the Dubai Mall (located further down on this list of Dubai sightseeing). The Dubai Fountains are like the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas (for reference!) but much bigger!

They’re free to watch (yay!) and they show every night (on 30 minute intervals I think!). Just head to the Dubai Mall, and follow signs for the fountains!

An amazing way of watching them, and one of my Dubai sightseeing must-dos is to take a boat ride on the lake whilst the fountains are performing.

Click here to book the fountain boat ride.

sightseeing dubai dubai fountains

Sunrise Balloon Flight

Next on my list of things to do in Dubai when Dubai sightseeing, it’s a balloon flight! There’s nothing better than a hot air balloon ride, right? Floating above a city you’ll be able to see some truly amazing sights. From the Arabian Desert to wandering camels, there’s plenty to love in Dubai from on high! However, it’s not just amazing views that this tour offers.

You’ll also get an amazing gourmet breakfast of hand-cut smoked salmon, caviar, bread, and fresh fruits to start your day off right. Oh, and don’t worry about getting to that hot air balloon either, as you’ll be picked up directly from your hotel – score! 

Click here to book the amazing balloon flight tickets.

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Private Yacht Tour

If you’re looking to take things slow on your trip to Dubai, then why not consider heading out on a private yacht tour? Not only is this tour luxurious, but it offers guests the opportunity to see some of the best monuments and landmarks in Dubai.

As you cruise along the Gulf Coast, you’ll see the Burj Al Arab hotel, the upscale developments of Palm Jumeirah and much, much more. As this isn’t exactly something that you’d do every day, you’ll certainly feel like a VIP on this tour. This is such a romantic and perfect option for Dubai sightseeing.

Click here to book tickets onto your private yacht tour.

Grand Mosque and Louvre Museum Tour

Though we’ve briefly mentioned Abu Dhabi already in our guide to Dubai tours and day trips, this specific tour to the Grand Mosque and the Louvre is well worth mentioning. After you’re picked up, you’ll drive to the Grand Mosque and enter through the courtyard to see the exterior surface of the mosque.

The Greek and Macedonian tiling here is really something to behold, so we highly recommend bringing your camera along! Whilst this isn’t technically ‘Dubai sightseeing’ as you’re in Adu Dhabi – it’s a must-do!

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

sightseeing dubai grand mosque

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest malls in the city.. and it’s amazing. There’s so much to do there, from ice-skating and eating, to Kidzania and Aquariums. Yes, you can shop there – but you can do so much more Dubai sightseeing there too!

Click here to book tickets to Dubai Mall’s famous indoor aquarium.

sightseeing in dubai mall

The Golden City Tour

If you’re looking for a great all-in-one Dubai sightseeing tour, then this Golden City Tour is perfect. Including sights such as the Burj Al Arab and other central attractions, it’s a great way to quickly tick those landmarks off your list. This tour is approximately 4 hours long and takes place in an air-conditioned bus or private vehicle.

In case you were wondering, you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, so you really will be getting a full, well-rounded tour experience. One of the best parts of this tour is a visit to the spice souk. After a journey in a famous water taxi, you’ll get to check out one of the most amazing spots in the city.

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

Old and Modern Dubai City Tour with a visit to the Blue Mosque

If you’re looking to explore both the old and new parts of Dubai in one tour, then this tour is perfect. Covering some of the city’s finest attractions such as Atlantic, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, the Blue Mosque, and many more, you’re sure to get your money’s worth! It’s a great choice for Dubai sightseeing.

The first stop on this tour is the Palm Jumeirah for a photo session, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a decent camera or smartphone to hand. You’ll then check out the Souk, Blue Mosque and finally, the sights of Old Dubai. All admission and taxi fees are included, so this tour really is a steal!

Click here to book tickets onto this tour. 

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Al Fahidi Walking Tour

Next on my list of Dubai sightseeing activities, it’s a walking tour! Another great walking tour that we recommend for Dubai sightseers is the Al Fahidi Walking Tour. If you’re looking to explore the historic area of Dubai but don’t want to rush through it, then this is the tour for you.

One of the standout parts of this tour is the colorful fabrics and textile souks, and though you might pay a passing visit to the historic alleyways of Al Fahidi on other tours, if you really want to experience its beauty then we recommend dedicating a decent amount of time to it. 

Click here to book tickets onto this tour.

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Dubai’s Gold Souk

If you want a taste of old Dubai during your time sightseeing in Dubai – then heading to the Gold Souk is a great way to experience some traditional market culture in the city.

Maybe you’ll want to splash out on something beautiful for keeps, or maybe you just want to window shop! It’s fun either way! It’s a lot of fun, so it’s a great option for Dubai sightseeing.

sightseeing dubai gold souk

Dubai sightseeing Bus Tour

A Dubai sightseeing bus tour is so much fun, and a great way to explore the city! Dubai sightseeing bus tours are one of the best ways to see a city as they cover a large distance in a short amount of time.

Exploring Dubai’s old town and its fantastic centuries-old architecture, it leaves no stone unturned. As this bus tour aims to show as much of the city as possible, it isn’t an experience for the faint-hearted. However, it does give you plenty of time to stop for photo opportunities outside of famous monuments, so don’t worry about that!

Click here to book tickets for the open top bus tours.

sightseeing dubai bus tour

The Pointe

A relatively new addition to the Dubai sightseeing list of things to do, is the Pointe – but it’s worth checking out if you’re located on the Palm.

The Pointe is a shopping destination, and entertainment destination, located at the end of The Palm – overlooking the Atlantis Hotel. You’ll be treated to lots of shopping options, and also some fountains (a little bit like the Dubai Mall Fountains – but not quite as good!). Definitely worth a visit!

sightseeing dubai the point

Top Golf

This is a brand new addition to the list of Dubai sightseeing activities. Top Golf is a big driving range for golf lovers (and beginners!) and it has a cracking view over the city to enjoy too. There is food and drinks available, and it’s just a great day out!

Don’t worry is you’re not very good at Golf… Half the fun is giving it a go and realising you suck!

top golf dubai

Skydiving in Dubai

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie… Then this is the Dubai sightseeing activity for you! There’s not really any better way to see the city than from the air, and if you choose to Skydive Dubai over the palm, there’s so much to see and so many gorgeous views to enjoy on your way down.

It’s expensive… But if this is your kind of thing, then I don’t think you’d find a better place to do it!

Time Out Market

This is a ‘coming soon’ addition to this list of Dubai sightseeing… but once it opens it’s going to be amazing, so I wanted to include it! Time Out Markets have been popping up all around the world in major cities – and they are a hub of all the amazing local food talent – perfect for foodies and anyone who loves a good meal.

The views will be amazing too – as Time Out Market Dubai is going to be situated right opposite the Dubai Fountains and the Burj Kalifa. Talk about Dubai sightseeing!

We hope that this guide to Dubai sightseeing has been helpful in planning your trip!

Whether you want to spend most of your time checking out Old Dubai or prefer to check out the city’s more modern marvels, you’re sure to have an amazing time regardless of what you choose to do when Dubai sightseeing.

If we were to give you some parting advice, we’d suggest booking all your tours in advance. Though you can probably book onto a tour on the day, we really don’t recommend chancing it.

As Dubai is such a popular tourist destination, entry tickets, guided tours, and special experiences tend to sell out far in advance. So, if you want to make the most of your trip and avoid any embarrassment, book ahead! 

Review of The Address Downtown Hotel, in Dubai (with photos!)

January 4, 2021

If you’re looking to book The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai, and want to read a review first – you’ve come to the right place!

This hotel is one of my favourite hotels in the world… it’s just magical. The views are incredible, the service is prompt and friendly, the location is insanely convenient and the fixtures / fitting / amenities exceed expectations every time.

If you want an in-depth review of The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai, then hopefully this article will give you just that! I’ve included lots of information, tips and advice about stopping here – so hopefully your decision to book will be easier!

the address hotel downtown dubai

Also worth mentioning, we’ve stopped at this hotel several times now, because we LOVE it. We have paid for it ourselves each time. I know a lot of reviews online are often gifted or part of a gifted trip – but that isn’t the case here.

Let’s talk about the location…

You really can’t beat the location of The Address Downtown. It’s right next to the Dubai Mall (probably the biggest mall you’ll ever step foot in) and it’s literally a 2 minute walk to the nearest entrance.

If you want access to lots of eateries, cafes, restaurants, activities – then this hotel ticks all those boxes. Within a 2 minute walk of the hotel you have about 20+ choices for dinner and lunch, plenty of fun activities (free and paid) and some of the best views in the city.

The Address Downtown Hotel resort view

You really could ask to be based in a better location for exploring Dubai.

The one downside? This hotel doesn’t have a beach – and the beach will take you about 10 minutes to reach via taxi. We’re not really ‘beach people’ (we much prefer an amazing pool – which this hotel has 100%) so that doesn’t bother us at all.

The room (and the view!)

If you’re stopping here (and you can afford to pay a little extra) then I really recommend opting for the Fountain View version of whatever room you’ve booked. The Fountain View rooms are the rooms that look out onto the Dubai Fountains (and also the iconic Burj Kalifa – the world’s tallest building).

The Address Downtown Hotel balcony amazing view

It’s probably the best view in Dubai, and it will take your breath away. Having access to a view that good from your own balcony at all hours of the day, is just pure magic. And honestly, it’s why I come back to this hotel time and time again.

The room itself is beautifully furnished and decorated. The style is like a soft modern art-deco. You’ll see beautiful art-deco accents and features, but the palette is neutral and soft, and comforting. There’s plenty of space too – which is refreshing in a city-centre hotel. The room in these photos is a premiere fountain view room (if you were wondering).

The Address Downtown Hotel review of room
The Address Downtown Hotel fountain view room
The Address Downtown Hotel premium fountain view room
The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai view

The details inside the room

You’ll find lots of nice little details, from temperature controls and room controls right by the bed, to USB ports and UK plug sockets (to make things extra easy).

I also love the dedicated dressing room area (this is one of my favourite parts). The dressing room has lots of space, a Dyson hair dryer (yes!), lots of hangers, and a lit mirror too.

The Address Downtown Hotel dressing roomThe Address Downtown Hotel dressing room
dyson hair dryer the address downtown

The bathroom

The bathroom is a beautiful ode to marble, and every surface is beautiful white shining marble. The size is generous and spacious and feels like a perfect 5* hotel bathroom.

It feels luxurious, spacious and special. There’s an overhead shower and a big bath – so plenty of choice for those who like both!

The Address Downtown Hotel marble bathroom
The Address Downtown Hotel bathroom photos
The Address Downtown Hotel bathroom photographs

The pool!

Ahhhh the pool! The main attraction for this hotel!

There’s no pool quite like it in Dubai, it’s the HUGE sweeping paradise, that overlooks the city and some of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. There are actually about 6 pools all linked together, offering different depths and experiences, and (a detail I quite appreciate) is that they keep the kids pools way up out of the way from the adult ones.

Here’s the view of the pool from our balcony…

The Address Downtown Hotel pool area

When you’re here on a couples getaway, the last thing you want is to be tripping over screaming toddlers – so it’s quite nice that they keep the kids in one specific pool and lounger area.

In terms of space and lounger availability, it depends on the time of day and the season you’re visiting. Some times when we’ve visited, the pool has been very quiet and empty – others it has been super busy (with no beds left by 1pm). So it just depends. I think it’d be beneficial for them to add a few more in peak hours, and it’s probably my only criticism of the hotel.

The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai pool loungers
The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai pool view
The Address Downtown Hotel Dubai pool
The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai pool area

The extra stuff

There are some great bars within the hotel, and my favourite is Zeta – an outdoors Japanese restaurant that has a brilliant lounge area for cocktails and drinks. I could spend hours drinking there, enjoying the perfect views over the Dubai fountains and Burj Kalifa.

There’s also a bar up on the top floors called Neo’s Lounge, which is a little more glamorous and ‘nightlife’ focussed, so you’re bound to spot an Instagram influencer or 2 up there. It wasn’t really my scene, but if you like the glitzy and showy bars, then you’d love it.

Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai
The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai review

Hopefully this review of The Address Downtown has been helpful!

Let me know if you’ve got any questions about stopping at The Address Downtown – I’ll answer what I can! The Address Downtown is a beautiful hotel in the heart of Dubai (a city I absolutely love), and it’s a perfect choice when visiting.

Review of Jumeirah Living Marina Gate Hotel in Dubai Marina (With Photos!)

January 1, 2021

Are you looking for a review of Jumeirah Living Marina Gate Hotel in Dubai Marina? You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve stopped in Dubai Marina many times – and the Jumeirah Living Marina Gate Hotel in Dubai Marina has to be one of the best hotels in the area that I’ve tried.

The hotel is an apartment-hotel. The rooms are mini-apartments, with kitchen and living room facilities (and balconies too). Overall, the Jumeirah Living Marina Gate Hotel is a pretty amazing option if you’re looking for accommodation near the Dubai Marina, that is both spacious and luxurious.

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate review and photos

This review was paid for completely by ourselves, and not gifted by the hotel. I think this is important to mention, as so many reviews online are often part of gifted trips.

What’s the location like?

Honestly – you’re right in the heart of everything when you stop at the Jumeirah Living Marina Gate. You step outside the hotel, and the beautiful marina and water is literally a 20 second walk from the front door.

photos of dubai marina

Dubai Marina is gorgeous as it’s a spacious esplanade with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants lining the water. If you enjoy spending your evenings strolling around and soaking in the atmosphere – this is an ideal location for you.

There are 3 supermarkets within a 5 minute walk; Spinneys (my favourite), Carre Four, and M&S. If you’re stopping at Jumeirah Living Marina Gate, stocking up on some juice, water and goodies for the fridge is a great idea, and easily done with all these places to close by too.

What about the room?

The room is (as you’d expect from the Jumeirah brand) beautifully done and feel pretty luxurious too. The finish on everything is slick and modern, and the finishing touches are really lovely. I’m quite picky when it comes to hotels – and this one ticked most of my boxes.

  • Huge king-size bed
  • Climate control in all rooms
  • Bath and over-head waterfall shower
  • Additional toilet (alongside ensuite)
  • Balcony with comfortable seating
  • Plenty of wardrobe space (plus safe)
  • Coffee facilities in-room

If you can afford it – opt for a marina view room. The marina view is pretty amazing from the hotel, and it’s worth spending that extra bit of budget to have such a lovely view to look out onto each morning.

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate dubai
Jumeirah Living Marina Gate hotel
Jumeirah Living Marina Gate dubai
Jumeirah Living Marina Gates hotel
Jumeirah Living Marina Gate marina
Jumeirah Living Marina GatesJumeirah Living Marina Gates

I’m a big fan of big bathrooms (I love having the choice between a shower and a bath) so the bathroom at Marina Gates was perfect for me. I love the overhead waterfall shower (I could’ve spent hours in there!) and the bathtub was big and comfortable too.

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate photo
Jumeirah Living Marina Gate

The pool area…

The pool area is pretty nice! Small but lovely!

As with most hotels in the heart of Dubai Marina, the pool area isn’t as large as the beach-side resorts in Dubai. But the pool at Jumeirah Living Marina Gate is small, but perfectly formed (it also get sunshine most of the day – which is another huge bonus).

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate dubai photos

There are 2 pools, one large swimming pool, and another small jacuzzi pool. The large pool is an infinity style pool, overlooking the mesmerising views of Dubai Marina. Leaning over the edge of the pool, and you’ll be transfixed by the view!

Another bonus of the pool, was that it is temperature controlled. In the cooler month (December, January, February) this makes swimming much more enjoyable, as the water is slightly warm. Trust me – this is welcome, as the raised pools in the marina can get breezy!

photo of dubai marina
Jumeirah Living Marina Gate pool
Jumeirah Living Marina Gates pool

What’s the service like at Jumeirah Living Marina Gate?

I was really impressed with the service offered. The staff were so friendly and lovely, and anytime we asked for something (extra pillows, water, loo roll) they were always delivered quickly within 5-10 minutes.

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate pool area

What about the pandemic safety measures?

Our room was beautifully cleaned each morning and the room was left looking spotless each time we returned after spending the day out.

The hotel is full of covid precautions – such as sanitisers throughout and temperature checks (when arriving) and around the pool each morning. You have to (by law) wear a mask when moving around the hotel, but you can remove it once you’re inside your room, or when you’re seated at your sun-lounger / swimming in the pool.

Overall, I felt really safe stopping here (we visited January 2021) and I’d definitely stop here again. I loved the extra space an apartment gives you when visiting Dubai, and I loved the layout and design of the hotel too.

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Top 10 Delicious Turkish Restaurants in Dubai

December 2, 2020

Are you looking for the best delicious Turkish restaurants in Dubai? If so – this list of delicious places should give you lots of inspiration!

If you’re scoping out the top Turkish restaurants in Dubai and want to make sure that you know all your options, then simply read ahead!

This list contains our top 10 picks of the best Turkish restaurants in Dubai, so just pick one and you’re golden! All these Dubai Turkish restaurants are top picks in the city, and have delicious food on their menus!

We promise these Turkist restaurants won’t disappoint…

Turkish restaurants in Dubai


Rüya has long been a popular Turkish restaurant in Dubai, and it kind of has a reputation that precedes it.

Though we don’t recommend visiting Rüya if you’re looking for a quick, casual bite, it’s excellent as a fine-dining option for when you’re just feeling fancy and want delicious turkish food in Dubai.

Serving unmatched authentic dishes with specialties such as keg kebab and eggplant stew, Rüya is one of those restaurants that’s just totally transportive. Oh, and be sure to keep a keen eye on the décor here – it’s fabulous!

10 top Turkish restaurants in Dubai

A La Turca

Another one of the top Turkish restaurants in Dubai is A La Turca. Now, sometimes a light sit-down meal is just what the doctor ordered, but on other occasions you just need to grab yourself a plate and get stuck in!

So, if you’re looking for one of the top Turkish buffets in Dubai, then A La Turca is about to change your life. Offering everything from kebabs to delectable fresh pita, you may just have to plan on rolling yourself out of this restaurant.

These guys do tend to be extremely popular, so we recommend calling ahead to avoid disappointment! This is a great choice for Turkish restaurants in Dubai.

Turkish restaurants in Dubai.


Next on my list of the best Turkish restaurants in Dubai, it’s Kaftan! Some of the best restaurants in the world aren’t great just because of their food, but because of their atmosphere. So, if you’re looking to have a meal that comes with a slice of heaven, then why not check out Kaftan?

Offering authentic and fresh Turkish food with fantastic views of La Mer’s beach, you may just find yourself ordering an extra dish or two just to savor the experience! Be sure to try the desserts here if you’re not too full. As all are made the traditional Turkish way, it would be rude not to! 

dubai turkish restaurants list


Günaydın is next on my list of top Turkish restaurants in Dubai. If you’re looking for a Turkish meat bonanza, then you need look no further than Günaydın. As one of the first Turkish meat houses in Dubai, it promises steak and burgers done to perfection.

What makes this place extra special though, is that you can literally watch your dishes being prepared in an open plan kitchen. Though you might not always want to know the ins and outs of food prep, there’s something magical about watching the pros at work! 

dubai turkish restaurants


Another amazing Turkish restaurant in Dubai is Besh. Though some of the restaurants on our top 10 list are slightly on the posh side, Besh is more of a casual dining experience.

However, just because it doesn’t boast top-notch décor doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the best Turkish restaurants around – quite the contrary.

With amazing Turkish flavors and spices that have been specially brought in from the country itself, you’re sure to leave here with a full and satisfied stomach. This is a great choice for Turkish restaurants in Dubai!

Turkish restaurants Dubai

Turkish Village

If you’re looking for an authentic Turkish restaurant in Dubai that comes with friendly staff, a great ambience, and a rooftop dining area, then you’ve come to the right place.

Turkish Village serves everything from traditional Turkish breakfasts to fabulous Turkish tea, so if you’re looking to broaden your foodie horizons, then you’ll certainly be able to here. Choice this option for Turkish restaurants in Dubai if you love authentic food!

list of Turkish restaurants in Dubai


Now, this place is possibly the epitome of fine Turkish dining and it’s next on my list of Turkish restaurants in Dubai. Though it’s a little on the pricey side, you’ll find that the quality of the dishes at Lalezar more than account for the cost of their food!

With an amazing ambience that takes you right to the heart of Turkey, you’ll feel as though you’ve just stepped off a plane as you walk through this place’s doors. What we love about Lalezar is that it offers both a buffet set menu and an a la carte menu.

So, if you’re looking to have your decisions made for you, you’ll easily be able to go with the set! Awesome. 

delicious Turkish restaurants in Dubai

Istanbul Flower Restaurant

Awarded the “Best Turkish Restaurant in Dubai” award by Time Out Dubai in 2019, Istanbul Flower Restaurant absolutely had to make it onto our list of the best Turkish restaurants in Dubai.

With excellent quality food and some of the friendliest servers around, a trip to this restaurant is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Whether you’re craving a Turkish breakfast or want to try some of these guys’ freshly baked goods, you’re sure to find something that you love here.

best Turkish restaurants in Dubai


If you’re looking for Dubai’s finest kebab, then we highly recommend adding Bosporus to your list of the top Turkish restaurants in Dubai. With a catchphrase claiming that they’re “Your Bridge to Turkey”, it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed with the quality of food here!

One of the things that makes Bosporus so great is that they have great values AND an extensive menu.

So, whether you’re craving that kebab or are looking for some simple cold mezze, you’ll be able to find it here! This is such a great choice for Turkish restaurants in Dubai.

top 10 Turkish restaurants in Dubai


Last on our list of the top Turkish restaurants in Dubai has got to be Huqqa. Though this restaurant is one of the newer kids on the block having opened in 2019, it has established itself as one of the best Turkish restaurants around.

From its amazing authentic menu to its unbeatable views of the Dubai Fountain, it’s the perfect place to book if you’re looking for a high-class meal that offers just a little extra. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, Huqqa even offers shisha all-day on its terrace.

So, if you’re looking for a truly relaxing meal, then this should be one of your top picks. 

Turkish restaurants in Dubai

I hope this list of Turkish restaurants in Dubai has been helpful!

Hopefully this list of Turkish restaurants in Dubai has given you loads of ideas and inspiration for where to eat tonight!

Real review of The Neptune Suite at Atlantis Hotel in Dubai (Underwater Hotel Suite)

May 5, 2020

So you’ve come here looking for information about the underwater hotel in Dubai… Am I right? The Neptune Suite in the Atlantis Hotel, is Dubai’s best underwater hotel room – and I’m lucky enough to have been there and reviewed it.

Put simply, the underwater Neptune Suite at the Atlantis Hotel is simply stunning. It’s one of the world’s best and most beautiful underwater hotel suites, and it’s just unbelievable stopping there.

If you don’t know much about the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, it’s pretty amazing. Located at the end of the Dubai Palm, with easy access to the city using the monorail, it’s a luxurious hotel with loads of amenities and amazing features. There is a private beach, and even a water park too!

underwater hotel in dubai

neptune suite dubai

All about the Neptune Suite

The Neptune Suites is the name of the underwater hotel suite at The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. The Neptune Suites are some of the most exclusive in the world, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, quite the opposite! It lived up to all expectation (above and beyond!).

The Neptune Suite is a magical, once-in-a-lifetime, beautiful hotel suite. 

I’m going to write this blog post using GIFs from the Little Mermaid to illustrate the various emotional states you go through when stopping in this hotel room. Because you know, it’s underwater. And so are mermaids. The connection is totally there, this isn’t just a lame excuse for me to include Disney GIFs in my writing. I promise.


Let’s start.

This is what it feels like when you realise you’re booked into the Neptune suite….

neptune suite atlantis 4
And then, when you check-in, you get escorted to the suite.

This alone will make you feel like King Neptune himself.

neptune suite atlantis 3

It looks just like any normal room from the outside… from the outside the Neptune Suite doesn’t look any different – but on the inside it’s this magical, beautiful world of ocean-themed luxury.

It’s amazing. It’s everything you ever dreamed it would be. It starts off at the top of a marble staircase. You proceed down the staircase to a huge living room, that looks like it was designed straight from the blue-prints of King Titan’s underwater palace. 

The attention to detail is impeccable.

What I adored about Neptune Suite was that the top floor was actually above water, so you do still get daylight in parts of the Neptune Suite, and it’s helps ease any ‘claustrophobia’ you might feel from being underwater for too long. The living area is the ‘upper’ floor of the suite and it’s big, bright and spacious.

underwater hotel in dubai

When you’re ready to go down to the bedroom (the underground bit) you have to take an in-suite lift (yes – you read that right) down to the submerged section of the suite.

It’s pretty epic – like a secret spy-lair from a James Bond film.

This is your view from the living room though – if you’re curious.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.01.38

But as soon as you take that secret lift down to the most exciting part of the suite… your entire view is underwater. And that’s where the magic begins.

This was my reaction when seeing the suite for the first time…

underwater hotel in dubai

It’s like…


The first room you walk into is the bedroom (which also has a desk area) and a seating area right next to the window. That where you’ll be spending all your time… sipping on Champagne and sitting in awe as hundreds of fish swim past the window inches from your face.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.13.54

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.09.49

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.10.32

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.08.30

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.06.34

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.14.22

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 18.07.32

The bed is a king-size four-poster bed, and it faces the ‘window’ which is the beautiful underwater view. It’s pretty damn amazing, and the bed is SO COMFY.

This will be your reaction to the bed…

neptune suite atlantis 7

When you’re done sipping Champagne, staring out the window, and rolling around on the luxury bed sheets you might want to venture into the ensuite bathroom which is right next door.

I say bathroom, but what I mean is ‘magical underwater spa of gold’.

They’ve thought of everything in the Neptune Suite – it’s really a perfect example of a stunning, luxurious hotel suite bathroom.

Every fixture and fitting in the bathroom is gold-plated, and it’s all finished to the most precise and beautiful detail imaginable. There is a walk-in shower room inside the bathroom, a separate toilet (of course) and then right in the middle of the room overlooking the window… a huge bathtub.

The bathtub is the most magical part of the room, you can take a bath completely overlooking the sea life, and it’s just wonderful. One second you’ll see a ray glide past, and the next a shark. There’s nothing quite like it, it’s just incredible.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.14.49

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.04.29

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.04.45

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.07.31

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.08.14

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.12.45

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.03.54

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.09.04

I took a photo with the lights out too – because (for me anyway) that’s when the room looks most beautiful – and all the attention is on the underwater view. I mean that’s what you paid the money for right?underwater hotel in dubai

This underwater hotel suite in Dubai is ALL about the view and the unique experience of being underwater. That’s what you’re paying for, and that’s why this room has been so popular in the news and why it’s had celebrities like Kim Kardashian stop there.

Those windows, with the fish, and the sharks and the stingrays – it’s just beautiful. The photos don’t even do it justice, it’s something else.

And even though those fish are behind the glass, you’ll feel like they’re following you around the room. Like this…

neptune suite atlantis 8

Where else will you get photo opportunities like the below, as you blow dry your hair or shave your legs? Erm, nowhere.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.07.53

underwater hotel neptune suite dubai

You’ll feel so smug and happy staying in this hotel room, you’ll find yourself walking around the hotel in kind of a daydream. Suddenly any other ‘above-ground’ view seems a bit boring. And when you head home to your normal house, with your normal views, you’ll start wishing you could see those stingrays again through the curtains.

Because it’s just not as awesome when your view isn’t underwater.

neptune suite atlantis 6


My Favourite Things to do in Beautiful Dubai

February 19, 2020

I have family in Dubai, so I’m really lucky in that I always have an excuse to visit. Dubai is definitely a ‘Marmite’ kind of city – and usually when I speak to people, they have either loved it or hated it.

For me, I love it.

Sure, it’s a very new city, and it is all about the sparkle, the glitz and the glam. But, if you take it for what it is, you can have an amazing time here. There is (believe it or not) culture to be found amongst the skyscrapers and luxury hotels, and there are tons of fun things to do too. I’ve also found it’s a very inclusive city – there are things to do for lots of different budget, for families, for couples, for people who might usually have issues with accessibility. Dubai caters for everyone, and I do love that about it.

So with this in mind, I thought I’d write about my favourite things to do in the city. Enjoy!

Watch the sunset

The sunset is so beautiful in Dubai – and you’ll never witness a sky more orange and a sun so bright as you do whilst you’re in the middle east. Take an entire evening and go sit on the beach as the sun sets into the horizon. It’s magic.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.38.43

Watch the Dubai fountains

Made by the same guys who did the Bellagio fountains – but on a much bigger scale – I challenge anyone not to be impressed whilst watching them. I cried the first time I saw them (I know – get a life) because they were just so beautiful, and my favourite song was playing in the background. But anyway, just go watch them. My personal favourite way to view the fountain is on the Dubai Fountain Arabic boat – you can’t get any closer to them, it’s amazing!

I actually wrote a post here about the best places you can view the Dubai Fountains from – which might be useful if you want to make sure you have a great view!). And you can find information about the timings of Dubai Fountains here. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.39.08

Explore the shopping malls

The shopping malls in Dubai are on a huge scale and you can find just about anything in them, that you would need in life, ever. I could literally spend days in the Pottery Barn they have in Dubai Mall – it’s so big.

In Dubai mall there is also ice-skating rink and the world’s biggest aquarium (they don’t do things by half…!) and in the Emirates mall you’ll find an indoor skiing slope. Yes really.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.39.50

Take in some culture

Many people visit Dubai and stay in their resort – which is a total mistake. Get out and about and you’ll stumble across some beautiful buildings (like the one below). Head into Dubai’s old town and there is even a museum you can visit which will fill you in on all the old-ways of the city.

The traditional gold markets and fish markets are also a lot of fun, as is the tiny taxi-boat across the creek (which only costs about 20p). There is loads to do outside of the pool and the beach, so take at least a day and go and explore. Dubai is really safe, so don’t be afraid of getting out of the hotel and being adventurous.

If you like the idea of doing a walking tour, I really recommend the Historic Gems of Dubai walking tour (click here to book tickets) or the Street Food tour of Old Dubai… great because it includes a tour guide and food! You can click here for tickets to that one. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.40.03

Visit a water park 

There are plenty of water parks to choose from, but I’d go for either The Atlantis Aquaventure (because it has awesome rides). It’s a lot of fun and a nice break from the city life too, plus you get to drive up the Palm on the way there, which is a must-do in itself. Plus you get to spend a whole day messing about in pools and on slides – which is pretty cool.

You can book tickets to The Atlantis Aquaventure by clicking here – and I definitely recommend booking in advance!

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.38.13

Visit the Marina

I love the Dubai Marina because it feels a little separate from other touristy parts of the city – and yet it’s just beautiful and bustling all the time. I love just wandering around during the evening and watching the day turn into night. Enjoy a nice meal outdoors and enjoy some people watching too. If you’re looking for a hotel, my favourite hotel in the Marina is The Address Dubai Marina – it’s just perfect and the pool is insanely cool.

I also love this private Yacht tour, where you’ll get to cruise around the Marina and Atlantis for a few hours aboard your own private yacht. It’s totally glamorous, but it’s totally amazing too. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.47.20

Hit the beach

During the summer months (June – August) the beach might be a bit unbearable because of the sheer heat (my sister and I almost melted once trying to walk for about 15 minutes along the beach in 50 degree heat), but saying that during the cooler months when the temperature is gorgeous – the beach is the perfect place to be. Dubai has some amazing beaches, and the sea is calm and clean too – so it’s always a pleasure to swim in it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.48.07


The Food in Dubai is pretty damn good – what with all the buffets, posh restaurants and Lebanese / middle eastern influence. The below is my favourite kind of food to eat in Dubai. Just give me humous, and tabouli. Lots of it. Everyday. For every meal.

If you’re a real foodie though, I recommend taking a Dubai food tour! That way you’ll get to try lots of different places and sample lots of different menu items too. My favourite food tour in the city is the 10-stop food tour, meaning you get to try a whopping ten different places.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.47.09

Take a tour of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is only a couple of hours drive from Dubai (depending on the traffic!) and it’s a really beautiful part of the UAE to explore. Abu Dhabi is a little less touristy than Dubai, and it has a few things that Dubai doesn’t – so one of my favourite things to do when I’m over is to take a day trip or tour of Abu Dhabi.

I recommend this particular tour! 

things to do in dubai

Watch La Perle

I love Cirque du Soleil, and when I heard there was a Cirque du Soleil style show opening in Dubai I was so exciting. I took my husband and Mum to see this show, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Completely mind-blowing, beautiful and out of this world. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s unlike anything else in Dubai and it’s such a memorable evening out.

You can book your tickets by clicking here.

things to do in dubai

Head out into the desert

Dubai is surrounded by desert, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t venture into the desert at least once during your trip. I absolutely love heading into the desert, it’s a complete break from the city, it’s more peaceful and spacious too. If you’ve never been to a desert – you’ll just be amazing at the landscape too.

I recommend booking this tour as it includes all the best bits like sand-surfing and a camel ride (don’t drive yourself, and it can be a bit too easy to get lost in those sand dunes).

Go Jetskiing

This is hands down, one of the best things I have EVER done in Dubai. It’s just incredible, amazing, and so cool. It’s probably the best fun you can have in the city (in my opinion!) and it’s such a cool way to explore the coastline and see the skyline too.

Honestly, I really can’t explain how brilliant this is! You have to experience it to understand!

You can book jet skiing in Dubai by clicking here. 

favourite things to do in dubai

Afternoon tea at the Burj Khalifa

I was lucky enough to do this with my Mum a couple of years ago and it’s always stuck with me as it was such a lovely experience. The afternoon tea there is just delicious, but it’s being able to enjoy those incredible views from the world’s tallest building at the same time that makes it so special.

To book afternoon tea just click here. 

things to do in beautiful dubai

What are your favourite things to do in Dubai? I always love hearing new recommendations! 

The Most Romantic Proposal Packages in Dubai

January 19, 2020

If you’re planning to pop the big question in Dubai, you’re probably looking for the best proposal packages in Dubai. When it comes to proposing, you want to make sure the moment is absolutely perfect, and these proposal packages (or proposal ideas) will be ideal. 

Here are the ultimate proposal packages in Dubai to make your big moment the most memorable one so far… 

Dubai proposal package 1: Hot air balloon ride

The first proposal packages in Dubai is a hot air balloon ride! There can’t be anything more romantic than a hot air balloon ride. I love this proposal idea because it’s scenic, romantic and a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Soaring high above the dessert, you’ll feel like you’re the only people in the world, especially as you watch the sunrise over the sand dunes. After you land from your romantic hot air balloon ride, you’ll be greeted with breakfast and a vintage Land Rover tour through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Click here to view the hot air balloon package in more detail.

Dubai proposal package hot air balloon

Dubai proposal package 2: Private photography tour

A private photography tour is an amazing way to propose to the one you love. The idea of a private photography tour is that you’re given a private tour around the city’s best photography spots, and you’ll get to see all the best areas of Dubai, and have a professional photographer on hand to take amazing photos of you and your loved one. It’s a great opportunity to propose, because you’ll be able to give the photographer a heads up – and ensure you get some amazing (and memorable) photos when you’re down on one knee.

Click here to view and book the private photography tour. 

Dubai proposal package

Dubai proposal package 3: Romantic sunset and sushi private boat tour

This beautiful private boat tour includes delicious sushi and drinks, and is the perfect opportunity to propose! The tour company are used to proposals (as this is such a popular proposal package in Dubai!) so they can make it extra special for you! This is a lovely proposal packages in Dubai for people who love sushi and love sunsets!

Click here to view and book the sunset and sushi tour.

Dubai proposal package 123

Dubai proposal package 4: An overnight stay on a luxury yacht

This incredible overnight experience on your own private yacht…. is the ultimate luxurious hideaway. I think it’s the most magical way to propose in Dubai, you get to escape the city, and also enjoy amazing views of the skyline too. If you want to whisk your loved one away on a surprise, you can’t really get any better than this experience. You’ll board your yacht at 7pm and soak in the exclusivity of a 5-star yacht as you cruise along Dubai’s coastline. You then you have the entire evening to find the perfect moment to pop the big question, as you get to sleep over onboard in the luxury bedroom!

Click here to view the yacht in more details and book the package.

best Dubai proposal package

Dubai proposal package 5: A private yacht day tour

The next proposal packages in Dubai on my list is a slightly more affordable version of the option above. If the overnight yacht stay above is a bit out of budget, this is a great alternative. You get exclusive use of the luxury yacht for 2-4 hours, and your private skipper will sail you around the Dubai coastline. You can relax on the deck, swim in the ocean and sunbathe – all after you propose of course! You don’t get to stay overnight on this boat tour, but it is a lovely way to experience a private yacht at a more affordable price.

Click here to view the private yacht tour and book it for your proposal. 

Dubai proposal package

Dubai proposal package 6: Limo tour of Dubai

If you want to pop the big question in a classic glamorous style, renting a limo and having a private tour of the city is a perfect choice. You can give your driver a heads up about your proposal plans, and ask him to take you to the most romantic places in the city. This is a lovely Dubai proposal package, and gives you real privacy in a beautiful memorable experience.

Click here to book your romantic limo ride. 

Dubai proposal package

Dubai proposal package 7: Private night safari in the Dubai desert.

My last suggestion on my proposal packages in Dubai list is a night safari is a gorgeously romantic way to escape the city for a few hours – and having a private tour of the desert is even more special. This private night safari is pure magic… you’ll be driven to the Dubai desert at night and you’ll go in search of nocturnal animals, using night vision binoculars. Then afterwards, relax in each others arms at the desert camp of local royalty, and see a desert sky filled with stars. It’s under the night stars that we’d recommend proposing – there can’t be anything more perfect than that!

Click here to book the private night safari.

the best Dubai proposal package

Dubai proposal package

I hope this list of proposal packages in Dubai has been helpful!

Top tip! Make sure whenever you book your proposal packages in Dubai (whether through the companies above, or through someone else) be sure to mention that you’ll be proposing – and it’s a surprise. This way, they’ll make the extra effort to ensure everything is PERFECT, and will go out of their way to make the experience super-romantic.


Things to do with a baby in Dubai

January 14, 2020

Are you looking for ideas and things to do with a baby in Dubai – look no further!

Dubai is one of the most baby-friendly cities in the world, and there are so many things to do with a baby in Dubai. First of all, it’s a really safe and clean city, and it’s the kind of place you’ll feel comfortable letting your baby crawl around or play in public. Second of all, Dubai is very accessible and modern – which means that it’s perfect for parents with a baby because most places are pram/ buggy friendly.

But what can you actually do with a baby in Dubai? Well take a read of our list of things to do with a baby in Dubai – and take your pick!

Dubai Aquarium 

This is a great choice for things to do with a baby in Dubai. The aquarium is in the heart of the Dubai Mall, which means a little bit of shopping for you beforehand, and also means there are lots of eating options for you too afterwards. The aquarium is the perfect activity for babies, because it’s so sensory. If you’ve never taken your little one to an aquarium before, you’ll love watching them star up at the fish in absolute wonder and awe. It really is magical. You can get skip the line tickets by clicking here.

things to do with a baby in Dubai

Dubai Waterparks

There are many waterparks in Dubai to choose from, and they make a great things to do with a baby in Dubai. Yes, you won’t be whizzing down the slides or the big rides with your little one, but you’ll find plenty of smaller pools and activities for them in the waterparks too. The Dubai Atlantis Waterpark is one of the most popular choices for parents with babies, and you can buy tickets in advance by clicking here. Another waterpark option in Dubai is the Dubai Laguna Waterpark (which is less busy than Atlantis) so might be a good choice for you if you want to visit somewhere a bit smaller.

things to do with a baby in Dubai

The Green Planet (Indoor rainforest)

This is a great choice is you just want to spend the day walking around somewhere indoors, out of the sunshine. It’s a little bit like a mini zoo – but mainly featuring smaller animals and birds and it’s a great option for things to do with a baby in Dubai. It’s completely accessible so fantastic for prams and buggys, and it’s a wonderful way for your baby to see birds and animals upclose for the first time. You can book skip-the-line tickets by clicking here. 

The Dubai Fountains

Watching the Dubai Fountains is a lovely experience for adults, children and babies – and the lights and sounds from the fountains will fascinate your little one. If you want to take them even closer to the action, you could book a boat tour, and take them onboard during the fountain show. Click here to book tickets. 

Visit Dubai Marina

If you just want to enjoy some lovely food and have a walk around the city, then the Marina is a beautiful place to take a stroll with your baby. The Marina has a road-free pathway that goes all the way around the edge of the marina, and it’s all paved and easy to get around with a pram or buggy. There are food options every few minutes (so you won’t be short for options) and most restaurants love having babies and children as guests.

things to do with a baby in Dubai

Visit the viewing deck at the Burj Kalifa

It’s the world’s tallest building – and it’s baby friendly, so it makes our list of things to do with a baby in Dubai! So why not take in the views with your little one. From we understand, you can’t take prams up to the top, but a sling or a snug / chest carrier are permitted. You can check your pram in before visiting the top, and just pick it back up when you return down to the bottom. You can book tickets here. 

things to do with a baby in Dubai

Have a family photoshoot (and a guided tour of the city!)

This is my favourite option on the list! It’s a private tour of the city, and a mini photoshoot with your little family too (perfect for snapping gorgeous photos of your new baby! The tour lasts for 5 hours, and you’ll visit lots of amazing photo opportunities and learn lots about the gorgeous city of Dubai. It’s a brilliant thing to do in Dubai with a baby. You can book your tour here.

things to do with a baby in Dubai

Dubai Flora and Fauna 4-Hour Tour

If you love just soaking in the beautiful scenery, then this is a lovely thing to do with your baby in Dubai. You’ll explore the flora and fauna of Dubai on a 4-hour tour of Butterfly Garden and Miracle Garden. This gorgeous spot in Dubai is lesser known with tourist, so it’s a nice break from the busier attractions in the city. You’ll see more than 45 million flowers in bloom at Miracle Garden, and wander the round 3D garden of Butterfly Garden to see species of butterfly. It’s a really colour and interactive experience for your baby – and pram / buggy friendly too! Book tickets by clicking here.

Visit one of the MANY malls

There are so many shopping malls in Dubai, and they’re all amazing for accessibility with prams and buggys. If your baby is having a little nap, and you fancy browsing some shops – then head to a mall! I recommend Dubai mall and the Marina mall and the Emirate Mall.

Walk around the Madinat Market

The Madinat is a mall styled to look like an old Arabian market – and it’s a really beautiful place to take a stroll around in the evening. You’ll find lots of restaurants there, and there’s lots of opportunities to sit back and relax too – making it one of my favourite things to do in dubai with a baby.

things to do with a baby in Dubai

Enjoy a day by the pool

I’m guessing your hotel has a swimming pool – so take the opportunity to enjoy some time by the pool! Almost all Dubai hotels are children-friendly and you’ll find babies are a welcome visitor by most staff at resorts! Your little one will get lots of lovely attention on their holiday!

Where is the best place to watch the Dubai Fountains? Here are my top picks…

January 14, 2019

If you’re visiting Dubai, one of the must-see attractions is the amazing Dubai Fountains… And you’ll want to make sure you find the best place to watch The Dubai Fountains. The Dubai Fountains are located right next door to The Dubai Mall (another must-see attraction) so it’s super easy to get there in a taxi, and it’s really easy to work your way around too.

So where is the best place to watch the Dubai Fountains?

The good news is, there are lots of amazing places to watch the Dubai fountains! And the great thing about The Dubai Fountains is that there are many places to view them too, as they’re so big! They stretch all the way around a promenade, and so there are loads of places you can view them from different angles and perspectives (some are busier than others).

Here we’ll talk about the best place to view the Dubai Fountains, and where you can find the best views of the Dubai fountains around the Dubai Mall.

Get the sky views of The Dubai Fountains from The Burj Kalifa 

First on my list of the best place to watch the Dubai Fountains, The Burj Kalifa! If you head into the Burj Kalifa observation deck, then you’ll be treated to some amazing views of the fountains from up above. It makes for a great photo opportunity, and it’s magical to watch the dubai fountains dancing away miles beneath your feet. There is obviously a price to see the fountains from this perspective, but you can book online in advance and usually get a reduced price.

Top tip!

It can get really busy around the Burj – so I’d recommend booking a skip-the-line tour that gives you access to all the levels (click here for my recommendation) it’ll make the experience completely fuss-free and easy, and you can focus on enjoying the views rather than queuing!

best places to watch the dubai fountains q1

From the water inside a traditional Arabic boat!

You can’t really get closer to the fountains than being inside the the water when they launch! This is the ultimate ‘front row seat’ and this is a truly special place to watch the fountains from, and you really can’t get closer to the action! This is a really beautiful way and romantic way to see the fountains, and it’s so memorable!

Top tip! It can be tricky finding the right location for this tour because the mall area gets so busy during peak times. You can book tickets ahead of time by clicking here, they give you clear instructions, and I really recommend booking ahead as during peak times these tickets sell out fast.

Dubai fountains boat

Dine and watch the fountain views at Zeta Restaurant

Zeta restaurant is located in The Address Hotel Downtown, and overlooks the fountains with the most perfect views. You can avoid all the crowds of the mall and enjoy the dubai fountains in a peaceful and atmospheric restaurant instead. You don’t need to eat at the restaurant to enjoy the views either, you can just book a table for cocktails or drinks and enjoy the views all night long. Cocktails are around 60 DHS each, so about £11.

best places to watch the dubai fountains

Dinner at the Burj Club

The Burj club is location in the Burj Kalifa and overlooks the Dubai Fountains. This is an amazing choice for couples, or people wanting to extend their fountains experience, as it’s super romantic and a great ‘date night’ idea. The fountains go off every 30 minutes, so you’ll be able to see at least 3 shows during your dinner sitting, depending how long you’re there for.

Fancy booking it? You can book observation deck tickets and dinner tickets at the Burj Club in one easy package (click here) and it’s a great choice if you want to enjoy the views whilst you enjoy some amazing food! 

best place to view the dubai fountains

The close up view from the bridge

Outside the mall in the promenade overlooking the Dubai fountains, you’ll notice there’s a bridge crossing over the neighbouring hotel / mall. This bridge is one of the best place to watch the Dubai fountains – but it will get busy during peak times so you might want to get there about 15 minutes before the fountains are due to go off – so you can make sure you have the best spot at the front. The best thing about this place to watch the Dubai fountains, is how close you are – you’ll feel right in the middle of all the magic.

bridge to watch the dubai fountains

Book a VIP lounge overlooking the fountains

If you have the budget, I absolutely LOVE this option for watching the Dubai Fountains, it’s so romantic and a really luxurious, VIP option. Included in this tour you’ll get a private hotel pick-up in a luxury sports car, transfer to a special VIP entrance of the Burj Kalifa (no queuing!) and a window table in a luxury cocktail lounge on the 123rd floor of the Burj Kalifa to enjoy the view from.

It’s such a beautiful way to see the fountains, especially at sunset too. Click here to see this experience in more detail and book tickets. 

best places to view Dubai Fountains

Another sky high view from NEO’s bar inside The Address Downtown

Neo’s is a new bar on the top floor of The Address Hotel Dubai and offers some of the most amazing views over the mall, the Dubai fountains and the Burj Kalifa. How can you not love a view like this? Book a table for a couple of cocktails one evening, and enjoy watching the Dubai fountains from sky high.

Dubai fountains

Finally, ground floor at the mall!

Finally on my list of the best places to watch the Dubai Fountains, the mall! I saved the most obvious place to watch the Dubai fountains until last – as this is the place that’ll be most obvious when you arrive outside to watch the Dubai fountains. Once you leave the mall, you’ll notice there’s lots of space for crowds to gather and admire the fountains – and they do of course! All this space by the side of the fountains is one of the best places to watch the Dubai fountains, and you’ll get some of the best views from around the sides. You’ll also get to hear the music too, as you’re so close.

watch dubai fountains

If you want to read about my other favourite things to do in Dubai and read-up on other amazing things to do in the city, click here.

Top tip!

If you’re visiting Dubai and want to make the most of all the sights and attractions – I’d recommend the hop-on and hop-off tour. It’s a great way to see the city and check out everything the city has to offer! Click here to book tickets to the bust tour in Dubai!

5 incredible restaurants in Dubai

September 7, 2015

Dubai is one of my favourite cities, and I find people are always surprised when I tell them how good the cuisine and food scene is there. I LOVE Dubai’s food scene, and some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been too have been in this glitzy city.

Here’s are a few of my top picks….

La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie

This local / sleek dining destination is the perfect mix of style and substance. Encased in a beautiful two-storey glass facade, La Serre consists of a traditional Parisian boulangerie on the ground floor (the smell of fresh baked bread… yum!) and a bistro on the first floor (great for the evening and dining out). It’s perfect for people who love the comfort of home cooking, but love the sophistication of city life. Combining the charm of a Parisian street café with the electricity of a Downtown Dubai hotspot, La Serre Boulangerie is a neighbourhood hub which is lively from lunchtime to evening. Follow them on Instagram for some drool worthy photos!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 20.57.41

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 21.10.03

The Hamptons Cafe 

Located along the prestigious Jumeirah Beach Road, designed over 3 levels of seating space, The Hamptons Café offers an informal, casual atmosphere with quaint and relaxed decor. The style is designed to emulate the upper state of NYC – and does so perfectly. There are lovely views from the roof terrace – so ask for a seat up top.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 21.00.29


At.mosphere at Burj Kalifa 

If you want lunch with a view – then this is where you need to book a table. The afternoon tea is now world famous (probably the highest afternoon in the world) and with gold-flecked apple juice on the menu – it’s all about quality too here. You’ll want to dress smart for this place!


Levantine at Atlantis 

If you want a taste of the Middle East, then this is a great restaurant to visit. The outdoor seating is the best, and you’ll even be treated to live belly dance performances as you eat. The food is a magical mix of middle eastern cuisine, such as hummus, kebabs, flat breads, etc. The restaurant is laid back, so no need to put on a suit.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.18.53

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.16.18


Indego by Vineet

Known as Dubai’s best Indian restaurant, and one of Trip Advisors top choices, this place is a favourite with both tourists and locals. Located in Grosvenor House Dubai and housing some beautiful views over the water, this is a wonderful place to spend an evening.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 21.13.39

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.53.49

Restaurant review: Levantine at The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

April 16, 2015

Whenever I visit Dubai I love making the most of the middle-eastern cuisine (it’s my FAVOURITE) – and on my most recent visit my Mum and I got to try out Levantine at The Atlantis Hotel which specialises in just that kind of food.

The menu is massive but we wanted to try a little bit of everything, so we ordered the set menu for 2, which means you get a selection of dips and starters, as well as a main course (kebab) and traditional middle eastern desserts. The amount of food was so huge that we had to ask for some take-away bags (no wasting in our family!) but it was so so delicious.

Prepare for some keyboard drooling…

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.14.43

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.15.10

If you’re visiting from September – May then you can probably get away with sitting outdoors (as it won’t be too hot). In the summer months you might be a bit melty outside – so bear that in mind!

Oh and don’t worry about missing out on the in-house entertainment by sitting outside, the bellydancers do come and perform outside too. Photos of the amazing bellydancer further down the post!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.15.56

Here are the starters….

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.16.18

I don’t remember what most of it was, only that it was delicious. The hummus was perfectly creamy, the tabouli was lemony and gorgeous, and the feta salad (which I totally need to learn to make) was so goooood.

The salad on the right in the photo below was also amazing- but I don’t remember the name of it! I do have a Lebanese cookery book at home so might need to search for it in there.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.16.41

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.17.06

The waiters keep you stocked up with bread too and never miss a beat. I could eat flat bread until I pop, so this was maybe not a good thing haha. But I loved it at the time!

Below is the kebab we had as the main course… Again, delicious.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.17.36

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.17.58

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.18.19

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.18.53

Exclusive Photos: Burj Khalifa Afternoon Tea in Atmosphere Dubai

April 3, 2015

The biggest landmark in Dubai (and I mean that literally) – it’s quite literally the tallest building in the world, is the Burj Khalifa.

It’s totally unmissable in the skyline.

If you did go to Dubai and somehow missed it – it’s time to go to SpecSavers haha.

Towering 5 times the height of other skyscrapers around it – it’s on such a huge scale you can’t help but stare up at it frequently when you’re nearby. It’s a building I love, and the art/design-geek inside me just adores it. It’s elegant and fits so beautifully into the skyline.


I got invited up to the At.Mosphere restaurant, located at the top of the Burj Kalifa, on my recent trip to Dubai and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see those amazing views. The Burj Khalifa Afternoon tea is one of the top luxury experiences in the city – so would pass up such an offer?

I’ve been to the viewing platform on previous visits, but enjoying a meal whilst overlooking the entire city – is taking it to another level of amazingness and the Burj Khalifa afternoon tea surpassed all expectations.

Our reservation was at 12.30pm, so we got to see the restaurant relatively early in the day when the views were all for us and we could explore without disturbing other diners. If you’re going to head there, I’d recommend doing the same, and trying to get in before anyone else – just so you can take as many photos as you want!





The price for the high tea actually varies depending on whether you want a window table or not – and for the extra money – I’d say just pay the extra and get the top table with the incredible view. If you’re going to spoil yourself, go the whole way and make sure you have the window table.


High tea (pp) with window table: AED580 (approx… £105, $157)

High tea (pp) with non-window table: AED530 (approx… £97, $144)


I’ll get onto the food later on, but first off – let’s talk about the view. For me, the best view of Dubai is from up here. Which has to be a good reason to splash out. And you get to say you ate in the world’s tallest building – which is also pretty cool.

Believe it or not, the views we had whilst up there weren’t even as clear as they usually are. Usually (on a clearer day) you can see for another mile or so in each direction.








I know I just included like a millions photos of the same view – but it was so amazing, I just wanted to take as many photos as I possible could. It’s the kind of view you just wouldn’t get bored looking at!


Now, back to the food.

We opted for the non-alcoholic version of the high tea which included gold-infused sparkling apple juice. You can have champagne instead, but I liked the sound of drinking apple juice with speckles of gold inside, so we did that option.





The high tea starts off with a palette cleanser of strawberries, raspberries and cream. Topped with gold flakes. Yes, you read that correctly.

It was yummy.

I probably could’ve just eaten that 10 times over actually.


Next up is a little selection of salads and sandwiches. If you have any allergies they personalise this for you (for example, I couldn’t have the lobster roll so they swapped it out for something else).



Once you’re finished with your mini-selection of bits, you are served your ‘main course’ which is basically a mini version of a chicken roast dinner. By this time I was already quite full – so I was glad the portions were small!




And lastly…



There were macaroons, red velvet profiteroles (that’s a really hard word to spell by the way…. it took me 3 attempts!),  cheesecakes, chocolate sponge, plain scones and chocolate scone with loads of jam and stuff to put on them.

Oh and pastries on the bottom too – nearly forgot about those!



After the sweets I decided to finish off with one of their (many) cocktails, which was a mixture of coconut, lime, mint and pineapple. I’ve decided to try and recreate this at home one day soon- because it was so amazingly yummy.




So what do you think? Do you think you’ll be heading to the Burj Khalifa for afternoon tea?

My Instagram photos from Dubai #SUNSHINE

March 31, 2015

As many of you know – Instagram is my absolute favourite social network, and when I head away I tend to take more photos than I know what to do with. I thought I’d share some of my Instagram photos of Dubai with you – and don’t forget to follow me on there, if you enjoyed looking through them 🙂

There are so many beautiful photo opportunities to capture in Dubai – from the skyscrapers, the the beaches, to the misty, sandy horizons. It’s perfection!

So let’s start with the Skyscrapers…. 

Balcony selfie! #dubai #dubaicity #dbx #theaddress #theaddressdubai #theaddresshotel #tbloggers #travel #travelblog #travelling #selfie #sunshine #vscogram #vscogram #vscotravel #luxurytravel #lbloggers #luxury #wanderlust #natgeo

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World’s tallest building – seconds later I was on the 124th floor! #dubai #dubaicity #dbx #burjkalifa #atmospheredubai #skyscraper #travelblog #travel #travelgram #travelblogger #luxury #luxurytravel #wanderlust #lonelyplanet #sunshine

A photo posted by The World and Then Some (@theworldandthensome) on

Misty sunrise in Dubai – #dubai #dubaicity #dbx #theaddress#theaddressdubai #theaddresshotel #vsco #vscogram #vscotravel #travel #tbloggers #travelblog #travelling #travelblogger #luxury #luxurytravel #lbloggers #wanderlust #natgeo #lonelyplanet

A photo posted by The World and Then Some (@theworldandthensome) on

Floating skyscrapers in Dubai this morning… #dubai #dubaicity #mydubai #dbx #theaddress #theaddresshotel #theaddressdubai #luxurytravel #luxury #lbloggers #travelblog #tbloggers #travel #travelling #travelblogger #vsco #vscogram #vscotravel #natgeo #wanderlust

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Current view…. Perfection. #dubai #theaddress #theaddressdubai #dbx #dubaicity #ilovedubai #burjkalifa #sunshine #vsco #vscotravel #travelblog #luxurytravel #luxury #travelgram #instagood

A photo posted by The World and Then Some (@theworldandthensome) on

The view… #dubai #burjkalifa #luxurytravel #theaddress #theaddressdubai #travelblog #travelgram #luxury #sunshine #skyscraper #bluesky #vsco #vscotravel #dubaicity

A photo posted by The World and Then Some (@theworldandthensome) on


Moving onto the beautiful beaches… 

She sells sea shells. #dubai #dbx #beach #dubaibeach #seaside #travel #tbloggers #travelblog #travelling #travelblogger #lbloggers #luxurytravel #sunshine #wanderlust #natgeo

A photo posted by The World and Then Some (@theworldandthensome) on

#beach #beachlife #dubai #dbx #dubaicity #dubaibeach #vsco #vscogram #vscotravel #travel #tbloggers #travelblog #travelblogger #travelblogger #instagood #instatravel #wanderlust #lbloggers #lonelyplanet

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Back home now, but will still be posting a few more gorgeous shots from Dubai! #dubai #dubaicity #dubaibeach #beachlife #beach #dbx #sunshine #ocean #sunseasand #travel #travelblog #travelgram #travelblogger #luxurytravel #luxury #vscotravel #vsco #vscogram #instatravel #instagood #wanderlust

A photo posted by The World and Then Some (@theworldandthensome) on

Perfection 🙂 #dubai #dbx #dubaibeach #beach #beachlife #tbloggers #travel #travelblog #travelling #travelblogger #lbloggers #vsco #vscogram #vscotravel #wanderlust #instatravel #instagood

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The lovely, luxury lifestyle…

Cocktails with a view…. #theaddress #theaddressdubai #theaddresshotel #dubai #dubaicity #dbx #luxurytravel #luxury #travelblog #travelgram #travelblogger #vsco #vscotravel #vscocam #instagood #mydubai

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Time for some pool time 🙂 #theaddress #theaddressdubai #dubai #dubaicity #dbx #vsco #vscotravel #theaddresshotel #luxury #luxurytravel #travelblog #travelgram #travelblogger #sunshine

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When your toes match the pool tiles… #winning #dubai #dubaicity #theaddresshotel #theadressdubai #travelblog #travelgram #travelblogger #luxurytravel #luxury #vsco #vscogram #vscotravel #instatravel #instagood

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Lunch with a view… #dubai #armanihotel #hightea #afternoontea #armanihoteldubai #atmospheredubai #burjkalifa #dubaicity #dbx #luxury #luxurytravel #lbloggers #travel #travelblog #travelblogger #wanderlust

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Just had exclusive access to the Neptune Suite at The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. It’s submerged underwater and is just INCREDIBLE. Above is the view from the kingsize bed. The bath also has the same outlook. So beautiful. #Atlantis #atlantisdubai #atlantishotel #dubai #luxury #luxurytravel #travelgram #vscotravel #travelblog #lbloggers #travelling #instagood

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The incredible sunsets….

Dubai sunset on the highway #dubai #dubaicity #skyscrapers #dbx #travelblog #travelgram #instatravel #instagood #vscotravel #vscocam #vsco #travelling #travelpics #sunset

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Dubai sunset, from the Address Hotel. #dubai #dbx #dubaisunset #sunset #theaddressdubai #theaddresshotel #luxurytravel #luxury #travelgram #instatravel #instagood #travelblog #travelbloggers #tbloggers #lbloggers #vsco #vscotravel #vscogram #wanderlust #lonelyplanet #lp #natgeo

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Dubai skyline from my balcony – #dubai #theaddress #theaddressdubai #theaddresshotel #dubaicity #dbx #skyscraper #skyline #vscotravel #vsco #vscocam #travelblog #travelgram #travelblogger #luxury #luxurytravel

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The transport….

Cloudy in Dubai – #dbx #dubai #dubaicity #skyscrapers #citylife #citybreak #travel #travelblog #travelblogger #travelling #vscotravel #vscocam #instatravel #instagood #lbloggers

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Need a ladder to get into this jeep! Pitfalls of being 5ft2! #dubai #dubaicity #vsco #vscogram #travel #tbloggers #travelblog #travelling #travelblogger #travelblogger #jeep #roadtrip #wanderlust #lbloggers

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Review: Afternoon Tea at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai

December 14, 2014

You’ll have heard of The Burj Al Arab, even if you’ve never been to Dubai. It’s the world’s only 7* hotel, so it has a reputation is up there with iconic buildings such as The Empire State and Sydney Opera House.

In Dubai, it’s impossible to visit without marvelling at this stunning building at some point. It sticks out over the beach (on its own private island, no less) like a jewel in the sand – pun intended!

I have family who live in Dubai (hi Mum!) so I’ve been to the city many times before. It wasn’t until my 6th or 7th visit that I finally got to explore the Burj Al Arab though, and it was everything I’d expected and more.


Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.21.18

One of the only ways you can into the hotel (without booking a £10,000 per night suite) is by booking yourself in for a meal at one of their restaurants or booking in for cocktails or afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar. This is what me and Harriet did and we milked it for all it was worth.

I’d suggest turning up about 20-30 minutes prior to your reservation time at the Skyview Bar – so you can really explore the lobby and make the most of your surroundings. It’s something truly special and you’ll have never seen anything like it.

After you’ve taken a million selfies in the lobby – time to head up to the bar itself! There is a private lift that whisks you up there, so that’s where the experience begins.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.21.37

The photo above was taken in the private lift – as you can see, the luxury is simply everywhere.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.21.54

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.22.11

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.22.42

As you’d expect, the afternoon tea is served in the most beautiful room imaginable. The room has huge floor to ceiling windows giving you an all-round view of the city and the ocean, so wherever you’re sat you can see something.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.23.58

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.23.50

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.31.19

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.24.17

The dining is done in ‘seatings’ if I remember correctly – so the service is just spot on and faultless. I literally couldn’t give one criticism for this place if I tried – it was wonderful. Our waiter was the best waiter EVER. Each time we turned our heads he filled up our drinks seamlessly, whenever we got up out of our seats he would plump up the cushions and refresh our napkins.

It was perfection – I’ve never been anywhere quite so amazing since.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.22.51

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.22.58

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.23.06

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.24.24

dubai burj al arab

dubai burj al arab

As you’d expect, the food was delicious too! There are a few photos above, to help paint the picture for you – but honestly – it’s best left as surprise. If you’re planning on going – don’t google around too much, and just let the excitement and the unknown be part of the fun!

You can read the menu, by clicking here though – if patience isn’t your strong point!

What should you wear? 

Something smart. It doesn’t have to be formal suits, but don’t turn up in shorts and fliflops – because you won’t get admitted. For women I’d suggest a nice dress and sandals / heels. For men, I’d wear jeans, shoes (not trainers!) and a shirt. The official website says the following:

Smart Casual. Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt, full-length trousers or elegant jeans and closed shoes (no trainers or sport shoes). Ladies are required to wear a suit or dress, long or short skirt or dressy slack and top. UAE national dress is welcomed.

What does it cost? 

Afternoon tea costs AED 565 (about £95-£100) and it’s worth every penny. When else will you get a chance to go to a 7* hotel?

I’d go all over again without a second thought – it was totally worth the cost.

dubai burj al arab 1


Dubai nightlife: The best bars and nightclubs in Dubai

November 28, 2014

Dubai may not have the biggest nightlife reputation – but believe it or not, the city is a hub of amazing nightlife hotspots just waiting to be discovered. In fact, some of the most luxurious, beautiful evening venues I’ve ever been in, are located in Dubai – so prepare to be amazed!

Here are my top pick for Dubai nightlife… you’ll find suggestions for bars and nightclubs – depending on what kind of night you’re after of course!

Skyview bar – Burj Al Arab

Known for its afternoon tea in the daytime – this place turns into a classy cocktail bar come evening – perfect for a few drinks prior to any night out. As you’d expect, the cost is pricey and the dress code is ‘dressed up’ – but if you’re looking for somewhere tasteful and luxurious, you can’t get better than this. After all, it’s located in the world’s only 7* hotel!

Here’s Harriet enjoying a glass of champagne before sunset!

dubai nightlife bars and nightclubs in dubai

Bar 360 – Jumeirah Beach Hotel

If you want a bar with an incredible view – look no further than this place. Found at the end of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel marina walkway, it’s a little island of its own – with 360′ views of the entire city. From one side you’ll see the beautiful Burj Al Arab, from the other you’ll get cracking views of the business district. The bar upstairs is open air, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail (or two… or three) with the soft sea breeze keeping you cool.

Look out for ladies night, and happy hour – this place offer both!

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 360 nightclub dubai

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 360 nightclub dubai

And below is the view I promised you!

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 360 nightclub dubai

Cirque le Soir – Fairmont Hotel

For a star-filled night club, where you’re just as likely to spot a celebrity as you are an acrobat – this is the place to be. Modelled after its other name-sake in London, this place is fun, flirty, and for those who love late night and lots of dancing. It’s decadent and unique – so definitely somewhere to go if you’re after something a little different from home.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 09.21.19

Buddha Bar – Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina

If you’re after sophisticated drinks, and a nice meal to follow it – the Buddha Bar is a fantastic choice. It’s elegant, lively and HUGE – with the biggest Buddha statue you’ve probably ever seen (unless you’ve been to the place in Hong Kong!). We stayed for cocktails and the prices were reasonable, the crowd was friendly, and the wait times at the bar were great.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 360 nightclub dubai


The Madinat – Jumeirah

The Madinat isn’t so much a nightlife venue in itself, it’s actually a big shopping mall / hotel / eating venue. It’s packed full of various bars / restaurants and clubs so if you head there you could have a look around and choose the best one. My favourite thing to do here is sit in the amphitheatre seating and enjoy some sheesha, there are big leather sofas for everyone to sit together, and a lovely sweet smell in the air too.


dubai nightlife

And let’s face it – the view isn’t bad either!


 At.Mosphere – Burj Kalifa

As far as nightlife in Dubai goes…. This place is located on floor 122 of the world’s tallest building (this place has seriously credentials… can you tell?!) So if you want sky-high cocktails with a view, then go here.

You can eat here too – but I’d suggest saving your pennies, and enjoying a meal in the restaurants by the fountains beforehand – and then heading up to At.Mosphere afterwards for some post-dinner drinks. You can watch the fountains from up here too – which is amazing – and completely different from the ground floor view.



Where are your favourite nightlife spots and nightclubs in Dubai? Feel free to leave any more recommendations in the comments!


We Can’t Much Get Higher Than This: Burj Khalifa, Dubai

August 25, 2013

Dubai is (and probably always will be) one of my favourite vacation destinations. There are few reasons for this; It’s like the perfect distance from UK (only 7 hours on a plane), it feels miles away from anything British, the weather is amazing and finally, it’s where my wonderful Mum lives.

One of my favourite things to do when I’m in Dubai is visit the Burj Khalifa. We don’t go up to the top every time (that would get expensive) but it’s such a beautiful building, and the area around it is so much fun – with the fountains, restaurants and shopping malls – that it’s always the place I want to go first. As with some ‘sky-high’ viewing platforms (where it’s not really worth the money) I still totally think, even after being up there 3 times, the Burj Khalifa is.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.56.07


First of all – Tom Cruise went there once (is that not reason enough?!) and secondly, it’s the tallest building in THE WORLD. It is the highest you will ever stand on solid ground, without being in an airplane. That always makes me feel a bit awesome, like…

“Holy Cow. I am so high up right now”

The views up there are pretty phenomenal and it’s hard not to stop your jaw dropping when you look over the side of the observation deck. It really puts things into perspective too – suddenly all those sky scrapers that looked so big on the ground, now seem tiny – and miles away from where you currently stand.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.55.05

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.54.53

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.53.23

The observation deck itself is very modern too – which means you actually get to enjoy the view and take it all in, the windows are floor to ceiling – which as a photographer I’m always grateful for.  There is an outdoor section (which is open air) and an indoor section, which is kind of nice, because being out in the heat can get a bit full on (especially when you’re that high up) so it’s nice to pop back indoors and cool down under the air-conditioning occasionally.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.53.45

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.53.33

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.53.09

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.54.27

When is the best time to visit?

Definitely in early evening / late afternoon – if you time it right (and trust me – it’s worth the extra effort to make sure you do) you’ll be able to see the view in the daytime and then through sunset and into the evening. Each different time of day and each kind of light gives something completely different and magical so, please, if you’re going up there try and time your visit so you can witness all three.

During the night-time you also have the adding bonus of being able to watch the fountains below – something you can’t really see during the daytime light.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.56.59

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.57.26


From experience – if you’re wanting to book during this time it’s much better (and WAY cheaper) to book in advance on their website. I think you save around 30% (don’t quote me on that though!) by booking online.

I just wanted this to be a quick informative post – as I think if you’re considering going up yourself – it’s best to just go and experience it all first hand. There is only so much the photographs can do – because when you see the views in person they are that bit more overwhelming. It really is a beautiful view and the sunsets in Dubai (being as stunning as they are) make it even more memorable. For any men reading – this would be a great place to pop the question… in case you were wondering.

As far as attractions in Dubai go, this is one of the best there is and definitely one of my favourites. It’s the world’s tallest building! How is that not impressive?

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.54.11

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 13.53.56

6 Reasons You Should Love Dubai

January 15, 2013

Dubai, like many of the World’s major cities – is made of Marmite.

You either love it or hate it…. I love it.

We’re not in Dubai at the moment – but I thought this gorgeous city deserved to be written about. I’ve now been to Dubai many, many times; my Mum and my Godfather live out there (which is reason enough to visit) but the city always pulls me back for more for reasons than family, despite having been there countless times.

It’s a city that some people I know adore just as much as myself – but who others despise with a passion. Maybe they don’t like sand – who knows. Personally, I’ve been blinded by the lights of Dubai and have a rosy-attitude towards the place despite the construction work and sweltering heat. If you think you could manage to look beyond those two (teeny tiny) things – keep reading. Because you might fall head over heels for Dubai too.

This is why I love it there and why you should too:

1. The atmosphere

The difference in culture and atmosphere is something that unites a lot of Middle Eastern countries I’ve visited, and something that will always draw me back to that part of the world. I was actually born in the Middle East (Kuwait) so there’s a part of me deep down, which almost feels like I’m being welcomed home as soon as I see dessert and hear the call to prayer. I love this part of the world; I love the heat, the dryness, the sand, the lifestyle and the people.

2. The glitter

All that glitters in gold in Dubai (sometime literally). The city is on an ever-lasting mission to improve itself and this is something I love. I love going back within months of my last trip – and seeing more changes to the skyline – the city is literally never the same one day to the next. They don’t do things by half here, they do everything to the full and the finished product is incredible.

3. The Fountains

The Dubai Fountains are probably my favourite spot in Dubai, and deserve a little spot in this post. There is nothing I love more than sitting outside in the evening at one of the restaurants by the Dubai Fountains and just watching the world go by. The Dubai Fountains are designed by the same guys who did the Bellagio ones, and are by all accounts just as epic. It’s truly incredible just to watch them, and watch people’s reactions to them.

4. The food

If my heart belongs in NYC, then my stomach belongs in Dubai. Oh good god the food in Dubai is so good. I love Middle Eastern food. Hummus. Tabouli. Salad. Bread. Wraps. Cheese. Yoghurt. Mint. Just give me all the food and I will be happy. If you can bear the heat in Dubai during the summer then heading to one of the evening Ramadan buffets is truly an experience. The more expensive you go – the more overwhelmed you’re going to be. We went to the one on Jumeriah Beach and they had about 7 different rooms of food to choose from. Just WOW.

5. The sunsets

The sun is so big in Dubai and so orange, you can’t really understand it until you’ve seen it. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in my life have been witnessed from the sandy shores of Dubai. They’re amazing.

 6. The variety

Dubai has something for pretty much everyone. If you like culture – there is the old part of the city full of temples, traditional fishing workers, markets and locals. If you want glitz and glamour there is the marina, the malls and the world-class hotels. If you want to relax by a pool and do nothing – you can do it (every hotel has a pool here).

If you want adrenaline or adventure you can have that as well, there are sand dunes, skiing, sky-diving and snorkelling for that. If you want wild-life there are camels, aquariums and countless other animals. OH and if you want to spend your entire time eating the amazing food – they have lots of restaurants so you aren’t going to run out of options.

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A Guide to Little Tokyo in NYC (What to see, where to eat & what to do!)

June 14, 2021

Looking to explore Little Tokyo in NYC? Then keep reading!

Little Tokyo in NYC is a hidden gem, and if you’re looking to learn more about this amazing part of NYC, then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re in NYC and want a slice of Tokyo’s atmosphere and food scene, then visiting Little Tokyo in NYC is a great option! After all, Tokyo is a hugely popular tourist destination in itself… I mean, who doesn’t love sushi, Hello Kitty, and all things Kawaii? 

If you’re reading this post, we presume that you love Japan. However, if you’ve looked at flights lately, you’ll know that it costs a small fortune to get there from anywhere in the world.

Seriously though, Japanese culture might be amazing, the cost to experience it sure isn’t! So checking out Little Tokyo in NYC is an amazing way to experience the culture of Japan without leaving New York City!

Little Tokyo in NYC

Where is Little Tokyo in NYC?

You’ll find Little Tokyo in NYC, located on the corner of Stuyvesant and East 9th. It neighbours Noho and Bowery, on the south east of Manhattan, and it’s only a short walk from Union Square.

Nearest Subway stations (in order of distance):

  • Astor Pl
  • 8 Street Station
  • Bleecker St

Little Tokyo in NYC is an awesome neighbourhood that dates to the early 80s and you’ll see that reflected in the buildings and architecture.

From sushi and noodles to old-fashioned tea houses, Little Tokyo in NYC is genuinely one of the quaintest areas in NYC. Not such a foodie? That’s all good, as Little Tokyo is packed to the brim with fashion stores, toy stores, and awesome salons that are sure to keep you coming back for the Harajuku experience!

Though it existed way back in the day, its popularity really exploded in the 90s. Though there’s plenty around here that’s sure to pique your fancy, one of the main draws of the area is its food.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s jump into our guide to Little Tokyo in NYC so that you can get all the info you’ll need to give this place the love it deserves.

Food and drink in Little Tokyo, NYC

Food is one of the top reasons that people visit Little Tokyo in NYC, and it’s easy to see why. Let’s look at some of the most popular eateries in the area that will have you salivating at the very sight of their menus! 


First on my list of places to eat at Little Tokyo in NYC, it’s Hasaki. If you’re looking for some top sushi, then you’ll want to head down to Hasaki on 210 East 9th Street.

As one of the first places to serve up sushi in the East Village, it’s a historical spot that’s well worth a visit. Serving unique sushi dishes all day (as well as some eye-wateringly expensive chef’s platters), Hasaki is one of our top picks for hungry travelers visiting Little Tokyo in NYC. 

little tokyo in NYC


Raku is another amazing place to eat in Little Tokyo in NYC. If it’s udon that you’re after, then Raku is the place for you. Known for their no-nonsense approach to food, you’re sure to find the perfect udon soups here.

Now, this place isn’t exactly for the calorie-conscious as the noodles here are hefty in both portion and ingredients, but you will find yourself snapping an Instagram pic or two of their perfectly delicious noodles.

So, enjoy people – you only live once, be sure to check out this place in Little Tokyo in NYC.

little tokyo in nyc


If you’re after another perfect Instagrammable spot, then look no further than Sharaku. The name of this restaurant quite literally translates to “the ship”, and when you see how these guys present their sushi, you’ll understand why.

As all sushi assortments presented on a wooden ship, you’re sure to have jealous friends liking your posts for days! This is a must-visit when visiting Little Tokyo in NYC.

little tokyo in new york city


Next on our list of places to eat in Little Tokyo in NYC, it’s Sakaya. Ok, so sake is an acquired taste and isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re looking to try an authentic Japanese rice wine, then head on down to Sakaya on 324 East 9th Street for a sip.

little tokyo restaurants

Tea Houses in Little Tokyo, NYC

Cha-An Tea House

If you’re looking for a more leisurely afternoon activity in Little Tokyo in NYC, then head down to Cha-An Tea House on 230 East 9th Street.

Not only does this place offer a ridiculously vast selection of teas from around the world, but it’s great for giving Japanese nationals (or Japan-obsessed tourists) a taste of Tokyo. And the food is some of the best in Little Tokyo in NYC.

little tokyo nyc

Physical GraffiTea

If you’re looking for the best matcha tea in town or are bored of Starbucks’s latest offering, then Little Tokyo in NYC is the perfect place to visit to cleanse that palette.

Offering possibly the best matcha latte in all of New York, Physical GraffiTea is a must-visit if you’re spending the day in Little Tokyo. The lattes do take a little time to brew, but we promise that it’s worth it!

little tokyo in nyc

Stores in Little Tokyo, NYC

If you’re looking for some classic Japanese snacks, then you’ll want to head to a Japanese grocery store. In case you hadn’t guessed, some of the best Japanese grocery stores in NYC are in Little Tokyo in NYC! What’s more, Little Tokyo is also home to some of the best books and stationery around.

Looking for some awesome manga or super cute pens? Well, Little Tokyo is here to supply you with all you could ever need! This is a great place to visit when stopping by Little Tokyo in NYC.

Sunrise Mart

Sunrise Mart is a great store to visit in Little Tokyo for all your Japanese groceries. Boasting awesome food selections, fresh donuts, and extremely helpful staff, it’s one of the most popular spots for a reason.

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supermarkets in little tokyo nyc

Kinokuniya Bookstore

Kinokuniya is a massively popular Japanese bookstore in Little Tokyo in NYC, and it can be seen everywhere from Singapore to Dubai. There’s a great Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo, so if you’re looking for a new notebook or even a bubble tea, you’ll find it all here.

bookshop in little tokyo nyc

Search & Destroy

If punk Japanese fashion is your jam, then look no further than Search & Destroy on 25 St Marks Place in Little Tokyo in NYC. With such awesome finds as Day-Glo boots, fishnets, and punk shirts, you’re sure to walk out of here with some staple wardrobe pieces.

What we love about this place, is that though the stuff is really unique, it’s not going to break the bank! Looking for some awesome sunglasses or accessories? Well, you’re sure to find them here too! 

Talk about a one-stop shop! You’ll love this store in Little Tokyo in NYC.

Tokyo Rebel

Another one of the top fashion stores in Little Tokyo is Tokyo Rebel located on 158 Allen Street. This is THE place to visit if you’re all about that Harajuku style, as it stocks brands like Baby, Alice and the Pirates, and the Stars Shine Bright.

The whole place is extremely kawaii, so be ready for cuteness overload! A great store to explore when visiting Little Tokyo in NYC.

Hair Salons in Little Tokyo

Hair salons are another awesome thing we love about Little Tokyo in NYC. Japanese hairstyles are becoming more and more popular in the western world, so if you’re in the NY area and looking to switch up your ‘do, then you might want to head down to one of the many fantastic hair salons in Little Tokyo in NYC! 

Tsumiki Salon

Located on 408 East 9th Street, Tsumiki Salon is one of the best Japanese salons around. What sets this salon apart from the rest is its expert stylists and use of organic ingredients.

So, if your hair is looking on the drab side, then the magicians at Tsumiki are sure to give your hair a much-needed boost. 

Sei Tomoko

If you’re after the pin straight look that’s seen in so many Asian countries around the world, then Sei Tomoko should be your first port of call. Specializing in Japanese hair straightening, these guys will have your hair glossy and straight in no time at all! 

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Videos about Little Tokyo in NYC

If you’re looking for even more content about Little Tokyo in NYC… Then the following videos are definitely worth a watch! There are so many amazing tips and tricks in these videos and you’ll be sure to find some great recommendations too.

We hope that this short guide to Little Tokyo in NYC has been helpful!

As there’s so much to do in Little Tokyo in NYC, it can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to slot it into your trip to NYC. But Little Tokyo in NYC is a small neighbourhood and well worth dedicating some of your time to exploring!

It’s well worth a visit whether you’re a frequent visitor to Japan or a complete newbie to Japanese culture! Little Tokyo in NYC is an amazing addition to NYC’s most popular neighbourhoods!

What is it like to fly Emirate’s Business Class during the pandemic in 2021?

January 1, 2021

If you’re looking to book an Emirate’s business class flight during the pandemic in 2021 – hopefully this blog post will give you a little insight into what the experience is like.

If you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the experience of flying Emirate’s business class is always a pleasure. My husband and I are frequent flyers with Emirates, it’s one of our favourite airlines, and it’s always a cabin we love flying in.

But what would it be like during the pandemic in 2021?

True, come 2021 – the confusion around travel has lessened slightly, and flights have somewhat resumed a semi-normal service. But it’s still a very different experience, and when we booked our flights from Heathrow to Dubai, I was desperate for information on what would be different and how it would change.

For questions about the rules, documents and requirements – it’s best to check the most up to date information on the Emirates website. This is more about my experience, as the rules could (and probably will) change with time.

Emirates business class during pandemic 2021 review

A bit of background

As I mentioned above – the flight experience I’ll be talking about here is the route between Heathrow and Dubai on the A380 (my favourite aircraft).

This flight was our first flight in almost 12 months… (Our last flight before the 2020 pandemic was Sydney – Heathrow in January of 2020). Once flights were grounded during the lockdown, we suspended any international travel plans and didn’t travel abroad again for the rest of 2020.

Anyway, let’s get into it…

The pre-flight checklist

At the time of flying, the rules were as follows for people in the UK arriving into Dubai, were one of 2 options….

Your first option is to take a private covid test in the UK (we paid around £220 for 24 hour results) and produce your negative Covid results (with certified fit-to-fly certificate) at Dubai airport customs. This option means you don’t need to quarantine upon arrival.

We paid to have our private test done with Travel Klinix in Coventry (about 45 minutes from where we live). It was fast, efficient and they were super friendly.

Your second option is to take a test upon arrival in Dubai, before customs. You receive your results in 24 hours, but you HAVE to quarantine in your hotel for 24 hours until your test results arrive.

We didn’t want to risk boarding a plane with symptomless Covid (this felt irresponsible and stupid) so we took a private test in the UK, paid for fast-track results, and then isolated from anyone outside our household until our flight date. That way, we knew we were boarding the flight Covid-free.

Although the private testing is expensive, I’d recommend doing it this way round. We felt better knowing we were Covid-free when arriving, it also meant we didn’t need to queue for the free test in Dubai airport (which can apparently take a while!).

Read more about flying Emirates: Everything you need to know about the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai.

Emirates business class during pandemic during 2021

The lounge experience

Currently in January 2021, Heathrow airport are only operating out of terminals 2 and 5. The Emirates flights leave from Terminal 2, which means that Emirate’s passengers don’t have access to the normal Heathrow lounge.

This is obviously disappointing (because the Emirate’s lounge is great) but you do get given access to the Lufthansa lounge instead. I found a review of the lounge here (incase you want to see more photos). As an FYI – The review I’ve linked is pre-covid, so when we visited recently, there was less seating, and everything was more spaced out.

The Lufthansa lounge is OK – but it’s nothing special to be honest. Drinks are free – and there’s a small selection of food. I didn’t see any showers. The chairs are OK (not super comfy – but not awful). It’s an OK place to spend the 2/3 hour wait, but it’s probably not the Emirate’s experience you’re used to.

Image credit: One Mile at a Time

The flight itself

The only part of the process I wasn’t impressed with, was boarding. They decided to announce business and economy passgeners at the same time and there was a lot of confusion about who needed to queue where – which led to no social distancing as people moved around trying to find the right queue.

Once on the air-craft however, passengers were patient and understanding and (the majority) were respectful of the social distancing and onboard rules.

The most important rule, being:


flying Emirates business class during pandemic 2021

The only time this doesn’t apply is when food is delivered. This is for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

The cabin crew did their best job of policing the rules and telling people to place their masks back on (if they took them off at any other time), but some people got a little drunk towards the end of the flight and are (quite simply) idiots – and were just ignoring the rules by that point.

But truly, this was the minority (I’d say maybe 5-6 people in the business class cabin were ignoring rules) compared to 60+ who were happily following them to the letter.

Emirates provides you with several light-weight disposable masks that are very easy to breathe through, so there is no excuse unless you’re medically exempt or have genuine reasons for not wearing one.

Onboard safety kits

Onboard, you’ll have a travel safety kit waiting for you at your seat. This contains all the ‘sanitising’ essentials. Anti-bac wipes, multiple masks, gloves, etc. It’s free (of course) and it’s encouraged to use it.

When I arrived at my seat I wiped down all my surfaces (just to be safe) including the TV screen (which is touch activated).

flying emirates pandemic 2021
Emirates business class during covid pandemic
The contents of my Travel Hygiene Kit

How normal are the on-flight services?

To be honest – the flight felt pretty normal, and once I settled into my seat, my anxiety and nerves passed and I relaxed into the experience (which I had missed and yearned for so much!).

Emirates business class during pandemic 2021

The food…

The food selection was the same as it had been pre-covid, the only difference being that the food was all individually wrapped. We were on the evening (overnight) flight, so had dinner and breakfast. Both were tasty as usual! Emirates food is always great.

Emirates business class a380 covidEmirates business class a380 covid
Emirates business class during pandemic.

The mini bar…

The little mini bar of soft drinks (in the seats on Emirate’s business class) is one of the highlights of the seat itself. it’s so nice not worrying about leaving your seat for a drink top-up.

I though the mini-bar would be restricted because of Covid, but it wasn’t – which was a lovely surprise! The mini-bar was normal!

Emirates business class during pandemic 2021

The actual bar…

This was also functioning as normal. I know earlier in 2020 when the Emirate’s flights first resumed, they did close off the bar area on the A380. But it seems like they’ve now reopened it for use – which is nice.

We didn’t use it (felt a bit too risky for us as you don’t know who might sit next to you, and when they had their test, etc) but it’s there if you want it.

Emirates business class a380

The movies and entertainment…

However, the one thing that had noticeably suffered was the flight film selection. Obviously – because cinema and film industries have come to a halt during the pandemic… there weren’t any new releases to enjoy like usual.

So we’d already seen most of the movies on the entertainment system. We tend to load our phones up with TV shows anyway – so this wasn’t too much of a big deal for us – and we were expecting it to be a bit lacking anyway!

Disembarking the aircraft

I was hoping that Emirates would disembark passengers in a more orderly covid-friendly fashion – but it felt pretty normal when the plane’s engines shut off. Most people stood up and got ready to leave, and then lined down the aisles.

My husband and I stayed sat down until the line cleared – it just seemed more sensible. That’s probably what I’d recommend doing, if you’re feeling anxious about getting to close to other people.

Arriving in Dubai airport

We booked the Marhaba service for our arrival at Dubai airport – if you’ve not tried it before, it’s basically a paid fast-track through customs and queues.

It’s worth every penny, and we were escorted straight from the aircraft right through the customs and to baggage. It was amazing, we avoided all the queues and lines, and any close-contact with other travelers.

Emirates business class during pandemicEmirates business class during pandemic

We obviously had our negative covid results certificate from the UK – so we presented these with our passports at the customs desk, and were allowed entry to the UAE.

I can’t comment on the free testing in Dubai airport (as we didn’t need to take one) – but our Marhaba staff member (who walked us through the airport) said it can very busy during peak times – so that’s worth knowing if you’re considering it as an option.

It may save you some money – but it’ll also add a couple of hours to your airport experience when you arrive (plus you’ll have the quarantine too at your hotel).

And that’s it!

I’m happy to answer any questions on Dubai and traveling there during this weird time, so if you’ve got more questions you’d like answers to (and think I might be able to help) just drop me an email.

This is such a nervous and confusing time to travel – so if I can help ease your mind, I’ll happily help where I can.

Have a great trip, wear your mask at all times, and enjoy yourself!

Emirates business class during pandemic 2021.

How to find cheap business class tickets for your flight – 9 REAL tips you can use

August 20, 2020

Are you looking for cheap business class tickets? Here are 9 real tips that can help you score some cheap business class tickets on your next flight!

If you love flying and travelling, it’s always the dream to eventually fly business class. I know this, because that’s me! I spent year flying in economy dreaming one day of turning left instead of right!

Singapore airlines business class

Here are some of my best tips for finding cheap business class tickets, and how to find those hidden cheap fares on the internet. If you’re smart about you ticket search, you should be able to knock 20 – 40% off your business class fare, just by looking in the right places and looking at the right times!

Here are my tips…

Tip 1: Fly from smaller airports and avoid hubs

My number 1 tips for finding cheap business classes tickets for flights is flying out of smaller airports, or less popular airports. This is pretty much how my husband and I started flying business class affordably.

A few years ago we discovered that Birmingham airport has a much lower demand for business class tickets because the route from Birmingham to Dubai is much less busy than the London to Dubai route (especially with business class travellers). Once we realised this, we also realised that the business class tickets were considerably cheaper from that airport too.

Now, I’ll always look at smaller airports, or smaller cities in regions (over major cities). These might have secret hidden cheap business classes tickets up for grabs, so it’s always worth checking! This blog post explains why some airports are cheaper than others – and it’s worth a read if you’re interested in why!

cheap business class tickets for your flight

Tip 2: Book an economy flight and then CALL the airline

Another tip for finding cheap business classes tickets for flights is by initially booking economy tickets, and then calling to upgrade. This tip is a bit of a gamble, because there’s never any guarantee the airline will have availability to upgrade you, but it’s always worth asking.

So, book your flights directly with the carrier, and then call up shortly after and ask if you can upgrade your flight and if they have any special offers on cheap business classes tickets. I’ve done it a few times, and 2/3 times it has worked and I’ve landed a cheap business class ticket for a reduced fare!

As a concrete example, I once combined tip 1 and tip 2… I initially booked a low economy fare from Birmingham to Dubai for £359 return. This is super cheap regardless for this route (even in economy) so I knew we were onto a winner.

I then, having booked economy, called the airline and asked if there was any special offers on upgrades for that particular flight. I explained I had already purchased a full price economy ticket. They said they could happily upgrade me on the way out for £450 – so I got to fly business class on an A380 for one leg of the trip for £629.50 (plus £179.50 for the economy return).

Not bad when you think a normal business class ticket for that route is upwards of £2000!

cheap business class tickets for your flight
The £629.50 business class seat!

Tip 3: Turn up early for your flight and speak to the desk

If you’re already booked into economy, and you fancy grabbing a last minute deal on cheap business classes tickets, then make sure you turn up to the airport early. NOT an hour before, or even 2 hours before.

For the best deals on last minute in-airport upgrades, you have to be there as soon as that check-in gate opens. Head up to the gate for check-in as you usually would, and just ask them if there’s any space in business class, and whether there are any upgrade offers available for the flight.

The only time when this won’t be possible is usually when the flight is completely full – so booking off-peak flights does help make this method more realistic and possible.

Emirates do in-airpor upgrades to business class quite often, and usually it’s for a additional fee of somewhere around £450 – £700 (which would be a fraction of the original business ticket price).

Worth noting though – when you grab these last minute cheap business class tickets, you often don’t get lounge access or chauffeur service (if those are things offered by the airline). The fare is only applicable for the plane journey.

Tip 4: Book far in advance

Booking far ahead is another way to find those cheap business classes tickets for flights. It’s not a sure thing though – some airlines will have the same prices consistently through the year, and there won’t be much budge on fares.

Other airlines will introduce the fares at a lower rate when they first get realised. To catch these cheap business classes tickets, you’ll want to check how far in advance your airline of choice release tickets, and then pop that date in your calendar!

how to get cheap business class tickets

Tip 5: Look at different airlines

Often, when looking for cheap business classes tickets for flights we get caught up looking at the same airlines we know and are familiar with.

BUT if you branch out a little bit and look at other airlines, you can often find pretty good deals on cheap business classes tickets for flights.

Tip 6: Fly in-direct

If you’re going to be sat in business class, then you might not be too bothered about flying for an extra few hours, or doing a little change over halfway.

Choosing an indirect flight route can often cut the price of a ticket in half, especially for those longer business class journeys. Whilst when you’re flying in economy adding 5 hours onto your journey isn’t ideal (or comfortable) if you’re desperate for cheap business class tickets, then going indirect is almost a guaranteed way to cut $$$’s off your ticket price.

And let’s be honest… If you’re comfy in business class, have a lay-flat bed onboard, and have a world-class airport lounge to relax in during your layover – who’s counting those 5 hours extra anyway?

The Dubai airport business class lounge (above) has lots of free food buffets, free drinks, amazing showers, TV screens, and lots more. So it’s a place you won’t mind spending extra time in.

Tip 7: Join airline mailing lists and wait for offers

One of the best ways to find sale fares is by joining mailing lists for the airlines you tend to fly with the most. Or, join the mailing lists of blogs who keep an eye on these sales and offers for you. I recommend – they tend to keep their finger on the pulse of airline fares and good bargains.

Something I would avoid, are the ‘cheap business tickets’ websites, which offer slashed down business class tickets that seem to good to be true. Often, they are. I’ve known some companies to offer business class tickets that are un-refundable and un-insurable (so please just make sure any website you’re booking with is legit – especially when spending thousands on business class tickets).

cheap business class tickets
BA first class (left), and the new Virgin Atlantic business (right)

Tip 8: Collect your miles (every single mile counts!)

If you fly a lot in economy – then start collecting miles with the airlines you use the most. These add up, and whilst it may take several years to qualify for a big discount or an upgrade, it’s SO worth it when that day finally arrives.

Basically every time you fly, you could be using those miles you’ve flown as a little nudge towards a business class upgrade in the future!

Tip 9: Set up flight and fare alerts

Did you know it’s really easy to set up fare alerts on your phone or desktop? I use Skyscanner for almost all of my flight bookings, and I use Skyscanner to track when those fares move up and down too.

It means I know what the average prices are, and also means I know when those prices unexpectedly drop for any reason. It lets me be the first to know if prices on cheap business class tickets drop, so I can grab them first!

Hopefully these little tips on how to get cheap business class tickets has been useful!

Flying business class is a great experience, and it’s such a treat! If you can be smart about it, finding those cheap business class tickets and fares is achievable, even when you’re on a budget.

What Are Your Compensation Options If You Missed Your Connecting Flight?

July 21, 2020

This may have happened to you before, or you may be wondering what will happen should you run into the dilemma. Sometimes, whether it’s due to a late takeoff, tarmac delay, weather issues or other problems, you fly on an airplane that misses a connecting flight.

More often than not, since it was not your fault, you’ll be able to receive some form of compensation such as catching the next flight to your destination. But there still are things to keep in mind for flight delay rights should it happen.

I experienced this myself earlier this year, when was delayed for 5 hours in Dubai airport on the way from Sydney. It had never even occurred to me at the time that I may be entitled to compensation!

Instances Where You Will Be Compensated For Missed Connections

If you are traveling on an airline based in the EU, or even another airline that’s taking off from or landing in an EU country, you are entitled to a missed connecting flight compensation if it was the fault of the airline. Note that you’ll have to have arrived at your destination at least three hours later than the scheduled arrival time, and the delay cannot have been caused by extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather.

This is due to the EU 261. According to Travel Refund, the EU 261 “was intended to create a system of accessible compensation for flight delays or cancellations, and it continues to keep airlines honest.” The US has even less flight delay rights and compensation entitlements than the EU, although many US and EU based airlines will at least offer a ticket on the next available flight provided your whole trip was booked on the same airline.

The EU rules even provide for food compensation and lodging in some cases. Some US flights will also provide this, although they usually are not required to.

Instances Where You Probably Will Not Be Compensated For Missed Connections

If you have a layover at the airport you’re making your connecting flight at and you delay on your own to get to the boarding area, compensation and flight delay rights usually can’t be used. You may be able to get a ticket for the next connecting flight, but you’ll probably be charged a change fee.

If your connecting flight is with another airline, you may or may not receive compensation from the airline who caused your delay, although this again could depend on whether EU laws apply to the circumstance. Weather delays also don’t require compensation, although many airlines will still offer booking on the next flight free without any meals or lodging compensation.

The Best Way To Get Compensation

If you get caught in a situation where you miss a connecting flight, you should always speak to the flight counter attendant first to see if they can rebook your flight first, provided your trip can still go as planned.

If they’re unable to help you, you should call the airline’s corporate customer service line and have all pertinent booking information handy to make sure you get your problem resolved as quickly as possible. You may also get help at their website or social media page. It also pays to carry travelers insurance so you can get compensated for things the airline won’t compensate you for if it isn’t their fault.

If the airline isn’t helping you, you can contact the appropriate authority or get in touch with a compensation agency that has a legal team ready to help you. But make sure you have used all your other less exhaustive resources first before doing this.

The bottom line

The bottom line is there is almost always some recourse you can take if you miss a connecting flight and it wasn’t in any way your fault. It’s best to try and leave room for potential delays to avoid hassles, but if you have to file complaints against an airline acting in bad faith or in violation of your flight delay rights, you should have a little patience for what could be a bit of a long and drawn out process.

6 must-visit destinations around the world that are rising in popularity

July 9, 2020

When taking vacations it can be all too easy to fall into the pattern of heading to the same places again and again… But there’s something nice about looking outside the box and exploring new places.

There are lots of different places around the world that you might not have thought o check out before… Maybe you thought the flights were difficult or indirect, or that they didn’t really cater to tourists.

Either way, below I’ve listed some vacation destinations you might not have considered before… Which you might love!


I adore Dubai. My family (and some dear friends) live there, and so it holds a special place in my heart. I love the city – it has a mix of all the stuff I love. It’s a bustling metropolis, it has amazing architecture, stunning hotels, incredible beaches, wonderful weather… it ticks all my boxes for a vacation. I love how safe Dubai is, how clean it is, how lovely the people are – and how much there is to do there each time I visit.

I think a lot of people are under the impression that Dubai is far away, but the 7 hour flight feels completely fine for me (it’s short compared to my US flight times) and it zooms by. I’ve written endlessly about Dubai, but if you want to read more reason why I love this city, read this blog post.

Abu Dhabi

Like the less-touristy alternative to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is found just along the coastline. It offers many of the same appeals of Dubai… The modern buildings, the beaches, the luxury resorts, the shopping. It’s a fantastic city, and flight routes are more and more frequent from major airport hubs.

I think Abu Dhabi is going to keep growing in popularity, especially over the coming years!

Sri Lanka

If you want more seclusion, and less city… Sri Lanka is a great choice to opt for. Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination, with tropical forests, secluded hilltop hotels and beachside luxury resorts.

One of the best options in Sri Lanka is just switching off and relaxing by the beach / pool – but there are tons of cultural options in this country too like the many temples, farms and wildlife. Srilankan airlines are growing their routes out rapidly, so it’s getting more and more easier to reach this little slice of heaven!


If your interest lie in history and culture (but you also love a bit of sunbathing and beaches) Egypt is a great choice. Of course, one of the main pulls of Egypt is the historic aspect, and all the incredible sightseeing options here. From ancient tombs to the incredible and wondrous pyramids… if you’re a history buff you’re going to love it here.

The luxurious (and surprisingly affordable) beach resorts just outside the city also make Egypt a more appealing option too. Egyptair booking process is really easy and their routes go from most major airports.


One of the Middle East’s most trendy and up-coming cities, I keep hearing amazing things about the lifestyle here. Known for it’s quirky art scene, amazing cafe culture and perfect weather – it’s no wonder Istanbul is becoming an in-demand city break destination.

There’s so much to see and explore in this city, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And it’s a great destination for photographers too – there’s so much to take photos of! Here’s a great Istanbul travel guide to get you feeling inspired.


Fujairah is one of the 7 Emirates that make up the UAE (technically the same country as Dubai and Abu Dhabi). It couldn’t be more different to those big cities though, Fujairah is a laid back, beach focussed location amazing for sun seekers and those who want a laid back, relaxing vacation in the Middle East.

You’ll find all the big luxury resort-names in Fujairah, and there’s plenty to do in terms of activities too. If you wanted to explore Fujairah whilst in Dubai you totally could, as it’s only a 1.5 hour drive away!


Another amazing city with loads of fantastic things to do. Singapore is further afield than some of the cities on this list, but the culture, history and vibe of this city makes it well worth the wait.

Singapore is a tropical city, so it’s hot all year round (perfect for visiting any time of year) and it has this great mix of city-life and beach life. If you’re thinking of visiting Singapore, I’d spend a few days in the heart of the city, and then I’d spend a few days stopping on Sentosa Island (the city’s beach resort area). So then you get the best of both worlds.

I hope this list of vacation destinations has been useful and given you some inspiration!

9 Beautiful Warm Places to Travel in March – All around the world

April 6, 2020

Are you looking for the best warm places to travel in march?

Spring is one of the best times to travel, often the prices are lower than summer (peak season) and can still get beautiful weather and warm temperatures. So if you’re looking for the best warm places to travel in March, hopefully this list will give you some great suggestions!

Sometimes, you just want sunshine and warmth, and you just want to feel the sunshine on your face! Here’s a handy list of warm places to travel in March and we’ve got one country on every continent so buckle up and get the credit card ready, ‘cause you’ll be booking flights by the time we’re done.

So without any more waiting around, here are my favourite warm places to travel in March.

Europe: Cyprus 

In March temperatures hover around the 20C mark, though they can soar up to around 25/26. You’ll be soaking up the sun and enjoying Cyprus whilst its not too hot, but still warm enough to enjoy all the country’s beautiful scenery and beaches. In March you can spend the day relaxing by the pool, soaking in the sun at the beach, and even catching a tan too.

The weather in Cyprus in March is really consistent and reliable and makes a lovely vacation spot for people who want warm places to travel in March. There’s so much to do here too. it’s not all beaches and pools! Check out the amazing coastline you can hike in the photo below! 

warm places to travel in March list of the best

North America: Los Angeles

The city of angels is hot all year round, so it’s perfect for a beach holiday in March. Average highs are around 21-22C, although the sea might be a little bit cold in the spring time! However, if you want to fit in some shopping, some theme parks, some sightseeing and some hikes – March is the ideal time to visit Los Angeles. It’ll be the ideal temperature to do all the best bits the city has to offer. Definitely one of the best warm places to travel in March.

warm places to travel in March 2021

North America: Las Vegas

Next on my list of warm places to travel in March, it’s Las Vegas. Whilst Las Vegas isn’t quite in ‘pool season’ in March, it’s definitely warming up to a pleasant average of 25C. You can spend the days wandering around outside in the amazing hotel resorts and along the strip, and then spend the nights dining al fresco in some of the city’s best outdoor bars and restaurants. Las vegas is one of my favourite cities, so I had to include it on this list! Here’s a list of 30 amazing things to do in Las Vegas during the day. 

march places to travel

South America: Cancun – Mexico

With an average March temp of 34C, Cancun is a real belter for spring sunshine, and it’s such a popular choice for people all over the world. It’s a party city, and spring is when it gets a lot traffic during spring break (you know the famous spring break, where people go to part 24/7). This is where you need to head if you want to be in and out of the pool and the ocean all day, and in and out of bars all night. 

If the nightlife sounds a bit too much for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other luxury resorts around Mexico that also make amazing warm places to travel in March.

warm places to travel in March cancun

Africa: Ngorongo Conservation Area, Tanzania

For a spring holiday like no other, look no further than this next entry on our list of warm places to travel in March. This area is a place of outstanding natural beauty has an average March temperature of around 18C and is a lush and verdant space of wide Savannah’s and prairies. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and it’ll be something you always remember. 

best warm places to travel in March

Africa: Morocco

Last on my list of warm places to travel in March, it’s Morocco. I visit Marrakech recently in March and absolutely loved it. The temperature was beautiful each day, with clear blue skies and a warm breeze. We spent the daytime wandering around the bustling medina in Marrakech and then spent the evenings dining al fresco on a rooftop in the evening sun. It was delightful and such a perfect getaway for March. Definitely a fantastic option for warm places to travel in March.

warm places to travel in March marrakech

Asia: Singapore

Singapore is HOT HOT HOT all year round. It’s a gorgeous capital city that reaches around 30C – 34C all year round. It can be humid – but the city is well equipped for the humidity and you’ll get air-conditioning everywhere you visit. There is so much to do here, from the Formula 1, to the luxurious hotels, to the famous casino and Sentosa Island… It’s a great city with endless options.

My favourite thing about Singapore is actually the food – I think Singapore is one of the BEST cities in the world for trying loads of different food. Definitely an incredible warm places to travel in March. Here’s a guide of where to stay in the city if you visit. 

warm places to travel in March.

Middle East: Dubai

This next entry on our list of warm places to travel in March gets up to 30C in March, too, and is a genuinely beautiful place to visit. It’s a modern city, with tons to do (from huge shopping malls, to pristine beaches). If you’ve never been, Dubai is a great getaway for couples and families alike, and it’s a really safe, and welcoming city too. I adore it there. I’ve written loads about how great Dubai is year round, and you can check those articles out here

warm places to travel in March dubai UAE

Australia: Adelaide

March is the slide of summer into autumn in Adelaide,  Australia and because of this it’s a gorgeous places to go to in March. Adelaide is in southern Australia, and is an often a more neglected city compared to Melbourne or Sydney. Obviously anywhere in Aus is going to be nice and warm in March, but why not give Adelaide with its pristine beaches, and sweet coty centre a try?

warm places to travel in March Adelaide

I hope this list of warm places to travel in March has been useful! If you’re planning a getaway at this time of year, you’re more or less guaranteed some beautiful warm weather in the above locations!


12 ways to pass time on a long haul flight you’ve never thought of

February 28, 2020

My husband and I almost always fly long-haul when we go away. We love going to far-flung locations, and (for us anyway) the further the better! Because of this I’ve become an expert on ways to pass time on a long haul flight – and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I actually don’t love flying, In the past I used to suffer from pretty severe flying anxiety, but I’m getting so much better with my fear of flying and a lot of that has been down to finding things to occupy my mind as I fly. I find that if I sit there doing nothing, it’s so much easier to over-analyse the situation and you know, freak out at the fact I’m 30,000 ft above ground in a flying metal tube.

Anyway! Here are ways to pass time on a long haul flight…

Solve a Rubix cube

First on my list of ways to pass time on a long haul flight, it’s the ultimate puzzle. Rubix cubes are the bane of my existence. But damn, I wouldn’t get on a plane without one. Have I solved it yet? The answer my friends is NO. But I’ll spent at least an hour trying before I get bored. Click here to buy on and begin the mental torture. 

I once made a friend in Sydney airport who solved my Rubix cube for me as we were waiting in the departure gates. 24 hours later, in a heightened state of delirium on a delayed lay-over in Dubai, I thought I had solved it myself. Needless to say, when I remembered who actually solved it I was crazy disappointed.

Ways to pass time on a long haul flight.

Download an addictive TV series

Second on my list of ways to pass time on a long haul flight, it’s to download loads of TV shows.

The this my next line of defence when it comes to fighting off boredom on a long haul flight. I’ll usually save a really ‘addictive’ TV show for a long haul flight, because if each episode is 40 minute, then 6/7 episodes usually a good chunk of my flight gone. The shows I would recommend are:

  • The Bachelor (I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s sooo addictive, especially if you’re watching a good season)
  • Game of Thrones (even when rewatching it, I can’t help but click onto the next episode)
  • Amazing Race (I like this because it’s travel related, but also because it’s super fast paced)
  • Love Island (if there’s a season airing during my flight, I don’t watch any episode for a week and then download them on catch up)
  • Any crime documentary series / crime drama series

The point of this is to find a TV show that is easy to watch, fast paced and keeps you wanting to watch more. Generally, reality shows tend to be good at this, but I find crime is a really gripping genre too – so works just as well.

Ways to pass time on a long haul flight

Buy yourself some colouring books

Third on my list of ways to pass time on a long haul flight, it’s adult colouring books. I often like to do things with my hands on flights, I’m a bit of a fidget and find that having something to do with my hands (alongside watching a TV show or movie) helps the time pass quicker. Colouring is a pretty recent discover for me – I always rejected it a bit as I thought that grown adults colouring was a bit weird.

I love the mandala colouring books – you can buy them on Amazon here.

And don’t forget to buy nice pens / crayons!

But then I tried it out on a 15 hour flight and it genuinely made my flying experience so much more enjoyable. It helped the time pass much quicker, but it was also satisfying to do, and helped with any flying anxiety / nerves. So yeah, colouring is cool and I’m here for it!

Ways to pass time on a long haul flight

Play The Sims

OK, this next suggestion on my list of ways to pass time on a long haul flight, might not be everyone’s cup of tea!

This suggestion is dedicated to my little sister, who on a recent flight to Chicago surprised me by downloading our favourite childhood game to play. The Sims is a game that literally swallows you up and spits you out 10 hours later. You can get lost in a black hole of cheat codes and building fake houses, and it legit made the time fly by.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of The Sims, try downloading another one of your favourite childhood computer games!

Ways to pass time on a long haul flight.

Write a book (yes really!)

I’m a writer by trade, and writing a chapter (or 10) of my novel is a pretty solid use of my time on flights. The lack of WiFi always helps me get loads done (no distractions) and I find the quiet of the cabin makes for a really pleasant writing environment. If writing a novel sounds a bit too hardcore, then what about doing some creative writing challenges, or even writing a journal?

Actually, on my return flights from long trips, I often try and write down memories of the trip and holiday to include in a scrap book or album when I return home. It’s a really nice way to pass a bit of time. Definitely one of my key ways to pass time on a long haul flight.

Edit your photos

This is a big one for me! ON a 7 day trip somewhere, I’ll probably take anywhere between 3,000 and 8,000 images. I don’t use them all, they’re not all good, but I do like to scroll through and edit all my favourites during my flights. If I’m on my laptop and editing camera images, I use lightroom – and if I’m on my phone I use the VSCO app. Either way, editing photos from my trip can easily take 2 or 3 hours, which is often 25-50% of the entire flight.

Another thing I’ve started doing recently on my return flights is making a video of the trip too. It doesn’t need to be a complex video, you don’t even have to use a special app. But I spend an hour or so editing together my video clips and turning them into something beautiful that I can look back on one day.

Ways to pass time on a long haul flight.

Buy snacks and eat them

Ever heard the saying ‘Don’t eat because you’re bored’? Whilst I agree with that statement for life in general… Eating out of boredom is actually a pretty solid strategy on a long haul flight. I usually pack my hand luggage with some of my favourite sweets and crisps (and even a sandwich) and it gives me something to look forward to midway through the flight.

If you’re flying out of Chicago, get yourself a box of Garrett’s popcorn… that is the ultimate plane snack (my number one favourite) and lasts for hours!

how to pass time on a plane

Learn a language

As a quick challenge on the flight, or to keep you busy for an hour or so, try learning some new phrases from a new language. If you’re heading somewhere that doesn’t speak English, then learn some basic phrases can actually be super helpful for when you arrive!

Download loads of podcasts

I find that time passes quicker when I have my eyes closed, so I really enjoy podcasts for planes because you can pop an eye mask on, close your eyes and just sit back and listen. Some of my favourite podcasts are:

  • Serial (true crime, series one is absolutely addictive)
  • Office Ladies (a rewatch podcast with Angela and Pam from The Office)
  • Penn’s Sunday School (Penn from Penn and Teller talking about life. I love his voice and could listen to it all day)
  • Anything conspiracy theory related.

Talk to your neighbour

When I’m flying with my husband we have a rule that we don’t really talk to each other during the flight. We’ll usually exchange impressed or disappointed glances when the food comes, but aside from that we retreat into our own flight-world. HOWEVER, when flying on my own, I’ve been know to have conversations with seat neighbours.

Being an introvert (and also a bit socially awkward) I don’t tend to initiate these conversation myself – but if someone wants a chat I’m always happy to oblige. Some of my quickest flights have been spent chatting with flight neighbours. I always quite like going for a chat with the cabin crew too at the front / back of the plane.

scared of flying

Try and name all the US state in 30 minutes

My husband and I tried this recently and although we did ‘OK’ we didn’t get them all – and for hours afterwards I was racking my brain trying to think of the ones we were missing. Genuinely, I think this would be a great way to pass and hour or so on a plane – and the frustration will take over so much you’ll forget how much time has passed anyway.

Get some sleep

Honestly, the best way to pass time on a plane is by falling asleep. Even a quick nap on a long haul flight can take you a couple of hours closer to your destination. Struggling to sleep? Lavender oil helps, as does a good eye mask and a comfortable (high quality) neck pillow. And bring your own blanket!

How to pass time on a long haul flight



8 amazing and warm places to travel in December

February 10, 2020

Are you looking for the best warm places to travel in December?

December is always my favourite time to travel. I love that most people are off work, the work emails stop, and you can really take proper ‘time off’. For a lot of the world, December is one of the coldest months of the year, but there are warm places to travel in December – don’t despair!

Visiting somewhere warm in December is great because it really breaks up the winter, and gives you a little relief from the elements! Here are my favourite warm places to travel in December….


First on my list of warm places to travel in December… It’s Dubai!

Dubai is one of the classic ‘winter sun’ destinations, and it’s a great choice for December or January sunshine. The weather is pretty consistent in December, you’ll get temperatures of around 26 degrees celsius (or 78 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s lovely weather for walking around, sitting by the swimming pools, dining al fresco! It’s the perfect temperature for enjoying the city, and exploring everything it has to offer.

warm places to travel in December travel


Next on my list of warm places to travel in December, it’s Australia!

December and January is summertime in Australia, so you’ll get gorgeous weather at that time of year. If you plan on visiting Australia in December, Sydney is a pretty amazing destination to fly into. You could visit the many amazing local beaches along the Sydney coast, and then ring in the new year overlooking the Opera House. There is so much to do in Sydney and surrounds, that you could easily spends weeks here exploring! The temperature in Sydney will be around 25 degrees celsius (or 77 degrees Fahrenheit).

best warm places to travel in December

New Zealand

Next on my list of warm places to travel in December, my favourite location in the world… New Zealand!

New Zealand is amazing in December, in fact, it’s the perfect time to visit. Summertime is just beginning in December in New Zealand so the weather is mild, sunny, and generally pretty enjoyable. It’s t-shirt weather, and you’ll be able to do lots of outdoor activities safely without worrying about the weather (things like kayaking, hiking, etc). Bear in mind, the North Island of NZ is always a bit warmer and more ‘tropical’ than the South Island (but both islands experience good weather in December!).

warm places to travel in December


Let’s put it this way, Singapore is ALWAYS warm, and December is no different. Singapore had to make my list of warm places to travel in December because it’s such a fun and exciting city. Singapore has an all year tropical climate, with the average temperature in December being around 31 degrees celsius (or 87/89 degrees Fahrenheit). It’ll be hot, humid and (most definitely) warm! There will be rainfall in December (it’s a tropical city so storms can happen anytime) so bear this in mind when packing your suitcase!

warm places to travel in December


Mexico is a classic winter sun destination, and it’s a perfect vacation destination if you want beautiful sandy beaches and reliable weather. There are loads of different beach resorts you could opt for in Mexico, from cute rustic beach cabanas, to five star all-inclusive beach resorts. The temperature in Mexico will be around 27 degrees celsius (or 79 degrees Fahrenheit).

warm places to travel in December.


Next on my list of warm places to travel in December, is Florida.

Florida is a great locations for couples, solo-travellers and families… and it’s also one of the main winter-sun states in the USA. It’s a firm favourite amongst US locals, and international visitors too, probably because there’s SO MUCH to do here. There’s loads to do in Florida, from the classic theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios… to the national nature reserves like the Everglades. The temperature in Florida will be around 20 degrees celsius (or 72 degrees Fahrenheit) so you’ll be fine in a t-shirt, but might need an extra layer in the evening when the temperature drops.

warm places to travel in December.


It’s generally agreed that one of the best times of year to visit Colombia is December and January. The weather at this time of year is warm and mild (around 23 degrees celsius, or 75 degrees Fahrenheit). There are some beautiful cities in Colombia, as well as gorgeous scenic reserves and one-of-a-kind beaches too. One of the wonderful things about Colombia is that it stills feels relatively off-grid and un-touristy.

Colombia warm places to go in december

Cape Town

Last up on my list of warm places to travel in December, is Cape Town in South Africa. Cape Town is one of the most bustling and exciting cities in Africa, and it’s such an amazing location for all kinds of activities. You can hike, shop, swim, surf, skydive… the list is endless! You can also do amazing bucket-list items like cage diving with sharks in Cape Town, which makes it a must-visit city for sure!

Colombia warm places to go in december

I hope this list of warm places to travel in December has been useful! These destinations are all so much fun and such great vacation destinations! Have a great trip!

What to wear in Marrakech

January 28, 2020

Marrakech is a really interesting city, and it’s somewhere I loved visiting last year with my sister. It’s full of beautiful places, there’s loads to see and do – and the food is amazing. However, before visiting, I made sure I researched what would (and wouldn’t) be acceptable in terms of clothing and what to wear in Marrakech.

What to wear in Marrakech

If you’re new to my blog – I was actually born in the Middle East, and I have family who live in Dubai, so I’ve travelled a lot through Muslim countries and regions. Whenever I travel somewhere new, especially if it’s in the Middle East, Africa or Asia – I’ll generally try and sense-check what kind of clothing is deemed OK to wear.

It makes my trip more enjoyable, and it means I’ve got the appropriate clothing for the location I’m visiting.

Why do you need to check what to wear in Marrakech?

Honestly, it’s mainly out of respect. As in any cities or towns, some outfits will pull more attention than others, it’s just common sense to try and follow those culture-codes. When a country or city has a strong religious code (which Marrakech does) it’s important to make sure you’re being respectful of their traditions and culture when you visit, otherwise you might end up (hoever unintentionally) offending locals.

I should preface this post by saying….

I believe that women should be able to wear whatever they like, wherever they like – without worrying about how they’re treated or perceived – but unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that and some countries / cities are much more conservative in their views than others.

Dressing correctly for your location is important for showing respect, but also (in many places) for your safety too. 

It’s also important to dress ‘appropriately’ for the location you’re visiting, because it’ll help to make sure you can see and experience everything you want to. For example, there are many religious or cultural sites in Marrakech where a more strict dress-code is enforced than in the market areas or general streets. However, if you make sure your outfits meet most guidelines and dress codes from the get-go, you’re not going to be worried about being turned away, or breaking any rules.

How does safety factor into it?

As a woman especially, the clothes you wear can have a real impact on your enjoyment of a place. In cities such as Marrakech, where the culture is more conservative than in the West (and perhaps what you’re used to) it’s a good idea to try and dress as locals do, so as not to draw more attention to the fact you’re visiting from out of town.

I actually found Marrakech to be relatively safe, and 90% of the people we met were incredibly friendly and welcoming – but that doesn’t mean you should take safety for granted. As with visiting any city (East or West) I put my safety first. If dressing respectfully and in-line with a city’s culture is something that can impact my safety whilst I’m there – you’d better believe I’m going to pay attention.

What did I wear in Marrakech?

When deciding what to wear in Marrakech, I actually found it relatively easy to dress for Marrakech. I found dresses that were either midi or maxi in length were the easy choice, and tried to find ones that also covered the majority of my shoulders and chest – so I didn’t need to carry extra shawls or cardigans with me.

That’s it – nothing more complicated than that. 

Here are a few photos of the outfits I wore (and my sister wore) during our time there:

What to wear in Marrakech

What to wear in Marrakech

As you can see, my sister favoured playsuits more, and she found some gorgeous playsuits that were full length and made of lovely breathable fabric too. In the cases where the playsuit didn’t cover her shoulders, she just slipped a thin t-shirt underneath.

Points to remember when thinking about what to wear in Marrakech

My general guidance whilst packing your outfits and clothing for Marrakech (as a woman) would be to pack the following (these things are all good to wear and should be fine pretty much anywhere in Marrakech).

Things to PACK:

  • Midi or maxi dresses
  • Knee length (or longer) shorts or trousers
  • Full length or midi playsuits
  • Tops that cover shoulders and majority of chest
  • Look for loose cotton / linen (airy materials that will keep you cool)

Things to AVOID: 

  • Any skirts, shorts or trousers that end above the knee (aim for knee-length or longer)
  • Vest tops or bandeau tops (unless you have a cardigan to put over the top to cover shoulders)
  • Deep-V-neck tops or anything overly revealing
  • Skin-tight clothing (mainly because you might get hot in the climate!)
  • Any man-made fabrics that may make you feel over-heated

I hope this post about what to wear in Marrakech helps you when planning your vacation! The key thing to remember is to dress respectful of the culture, and if in doubt always go for the slightly more ‘covered’ version of the outfit.

Tips for dealing with any harassment

It’s important to remember that women travellers and tourists do draw attention in Marrakech, and you’ll often be called from stores or by market sellers. This ‘haggling’ can be verbally aggressive sometimes, and you might find it a little daunting if you’re not used to it.

This can happen no matter what you’re wearing – so it’s important to remember that. In most cases it’s not personal – it’s just how business is done. However, by dressing respectfully (and following the guidelines above) you minimise the chances of these interactions becoming negative or overbearing in a way that might make you feel uncomfortable.

Most of the people in Marrakech are extremely friendly and welcoming – and you’ll find that even more so when you’re respecting their culture and way of life during the short time you’re visiting.

Any questions – please ask in the comments below and I’ll try to reply as quickly as possible.