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Adorable Travel-Themed Gifts

August 18, 2017

If you’re looking for a gift for a fellow traveller or wanderluster – then look no further than this list. For a travel-loving friend, getting them a gorgeous travel related gift is the perfect reminder of lovely adventure memories!

For Anniversary Gifts

If your travel-lover is also a special someone (a spouse) try and put a romantic spin on your travel gift. I’d opt for a romantic framed photo of the two of you together in your favourite destination, or maybe a framed map of your favourite destination.

For Birthday Gifts

If it’s someone’s birthday, a pair of plane tickets might be the most extravagant gift you could buy them. There are loads of flight comparison tools out there you could use – to make sure you get the right deal. If you’re already on vacation during their birthday – why not treat them to an amazing meal out in the top rated local restaurant?

Cheap Gifts

If you’re after something cheap and cheerful, why not buy them a new passport holder or luggage tag? These two things are ALWAYS useful to a traveller – and you’ll get extra points for choosing a personal design too. If your person has a sweet tooth, a chocolate bouquet can be a perfect gift too.

A Long-Lasting Gift

If you want to buy someone something long-lasting that they’ll keep for years, a new piece of luggage is always a winner. People don’t often go out of their way to buy themselves a beautiful piece of luggage, so this is both thoughtful and useful. Pick a classic style that won’t age once the trends move on – and it’s likely something they’ll keep for years and years. Read this article for tips on picking luggage design.

Adventure-Travel Gifts

If your friend is someone who loves adventure travel, then buy them something that will aid them in their pursuits! A high-tech drinking flask would be a fab idea, or perhaps a something classic and useful like a compass.

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