19 of the Best Couples Activities in Seattle

January 27, 2020

Are you looking for the best couples activities in Seattle?

Seattle is one of my favourite US cities, and I think it’s also one of the most underrated! Seattle has so much going for it, and in the summer, there’s no where I’d rather be! Seattle is a city with so many things to do for couples in Seattle – so keep reading to find out my favourite couples activities in Seattle.

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Things to do for couples in Seattle…

Visit Pike Place Market

Of course, at the top of our list of things to do for couples in Seattle… Had to be Pike Place Market! Pike place Market is unmissable if you’re visiting Seattle, it’s one of the best couples activities in Seattle, hand down. Pike Place Market is full of independent food stalls, craft stores, fresh flowers, butchers, seafood… the list goes on. It’s the place where you’ll feel the most energy in the city – and the place where you’ll find the most delicious food too!

things to do for couples in seattle..

Do a food tour

Leading on from my last thing to do in Seattle for couples… if you’re not sure where to start (but you know you want to try out the city’s best food) then booking a food tour is an awesome idea. Seattle is home to so much amazing food, and booking yourselves onto a food tour is the easiest way to make sure you’re trying the best of it.

I recommend doing this ‘chefs tour of Pike Place Market‘ it’s so much fun, and you really get an insight into the local food industries… as well as getting to try so much of the amazing food found in the market. The chef really does pick out the best of the best for you, so you know you’re in safe hands – and you try 10 different vendors in total!

best couples activities in Seattle

Go whale watching

This is one of the best things to do for couples in Seattle, and probably one of the best things you’ll do in your life! If you’ve never been whale watching, it is one of the most magical couples activities in Seattle to do together.

Whale watching is just one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and to share it with someone makes it even more special. You’ll spend 3 hours searching out whales in the San Juan islands, and honestly, it’s just amazing. This is the tour I recommend (click here to view in more detail). It departs from Friday Harbour which is just outside of the city, so you do need to get an uber or drive to the meeting point – but it’s really easy and well worth the effort.

the best couples activities in Seattle

Take a walk up to Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s most diverse, quirky and fun neighbourhoods. It’s full of coffee shops, indepenedent stores, and just general nice-ness. If you like browsing shops, milling around and mindless strolling through nice parts of town – then don’t miss Capitol Hill during your trip to Seattle because it’s lovely.

things to do for couples in seattlethings to do for couples in seattle

Drink on a rooftop bar

One of the things I love about Seattle (especially in the summertime) is how many outdoor bars and restaurants there are. Seattle might not get much summer – but when the sun is shining everyone is living for the moment! There are loads of rooftop bars in the city, some of my favourites are; The Nest, MBar, Mountaineering Club.

the very best couples activities in Seattle

Go swimming in the lake

Yes, you can totally swim in the lake! In fact, if it’s warm during your visit, then this is totally one of the best couples activities in Seattle you should try out! There are plenty of places to swim in and around Seattle, this blog post has over 20 places you could try out!

Explore Mt Rainier

Next on my list of things to do for couples in Seattle… Mt Rainier! Mt Rainier is a constant presence over the city of Seattle, and you can (on a clear day) see the huge mountain from the city centre. Heading out to Mt Rainier is a great idea for a day trip, as you can get there and back in a day easily – leaving yourself lots of time at Mt Rainier for hiking, or enjoying the views. It’s a beautiful national park, and you’ll be over whelemed by the size and sheer scale of the mountain!

I recommend booking yourselves onto a small tour group when seeing Mt Rainier – the roads can be a bit tricky, and if you’re in a tour group you know you’re in safe hands with someone experienced on the roads. The tour I recommend is an all-inclusive Mt Rainier tour, hike and wine tasting tour (yes wine tasting too!). It’s so much fun, and ticks every single box.

20 best couples activities in Seattle

Walk up to Kerry park and enjoy the views

Kerry Park is about a 20 – 25 minute walk out of the main business part of the city, and it’s also one of the places you’ll find the best views of downtown Seattle. No seriously, this park was basically built to be a photographers dream lookout point. It’s such a perfect viewpoint that you’d be stupid not to visit it and check it out. It’s definitely one of my favourite things to do for couples in Seattle.

things to do for couples in seattle!!

Visit the Space Needle Observation deck

Of course you should visit the Space Needle observation deck during your trip to Seattle! Yes, it’s touristy – but there are some seriously cool views, and on a clear day you can even see Mt Rainier in the distance.

Take a road trip to the Cascade Mountains

One of the best things my husband and I have done whilst in Seattle, was a day trip up to the Cascade Mountains. Honestly, I’ve never seen mountains quite like these – and the drive up there is relatively easy too! We paid about $100 to rent a care for the day, and then we set off around 9am! By 12pm we were in the heart of the mountain range, and surrounded by some of the most stunning nature we’d ever seen. Well worth it – don’t miss it!

20 things to do for couples in seattle

Take a Cannabis tour

If you didn’t know, Cannabis is actually legal in Seattle. If Cannabis is something you’re curious about, or if you’re a seasoned user – a Seattle Cannabis Tour is worth looking into. You’ll be picked up from your hotel in town, and then taken to a working Cannabis farm, where experts will talk you through the industry, how it works and the challenges they face. You’ll also be given the chance to buy products from the farm, with the guidance of the staff.

best couples activities in Seattle..

Go house-hunting

OK, so I don’t mean literally house-hunting, but more… taking a walk through some of Seattle’s most expensive neighbourhoods and dreaming about living there. I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favourite things to do with my husband. We take a walk together and point out the different houses (that we’ll never be able to afford) that catch our eyes. My favourite neighbourhood for doing this in Seattle is Queen Anne, and West Queen Anne (not far from Kerry Park).

things to do in seattle for couples

Take a look around the Museum of Pop Culture

I’m not usually a big fan of touristy museums in the big cities, but this is one of my exceptions. The Museum of Pop Culture is a museum dedicated to recent history, more precisely popular culture. It’s full of so many fascinating exhibitions, and they’re really great at getting new exhibitions in too – so there’s always something different to see. You’ll find exhibitions based on your favourite TV shows, movies, music genres… you name it. It’s really good fun.

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Do the Boeing Tour

The Boeing tour is a classic tourist attraction in Seattle, but it still rates really highly for in as a couples activities in Seattle. It’s a lot of fun, it’s genuinely fascinating – and for anyone who is remotely interested in flying and air travel – it’s so interesting. Also, this is a proper factory tour (where real planes get made) so it’s somewhere to really geek out and enjoy. You can book tickets for a guided tour by clicking here. 

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Take a ferry somewhere

There are loads of ferries that leaves Seattle every day, heading off to various islands and towns around the Puget Sound. One of my favourite couples of activities in Seattle is to jump on one of the ferries and explore wherever it takes you! Bremerton is a popular destination, as is Bainbridge Island.

Have a traditional Seattle breakfast

My favourite place to grab breakfast in Seattle is Lowell’s restaurant in Pike Place market. It’s feels just really ‘Seattle’ and that’s why I love it. There are big windows over looking the harbour, big portions and delicious food. What more do you want?

things to do for couples in seattle

Watch a Seahawks game

If you’re visiting Seattle during the NFL season, then get yourself down to CenturyLink Field and watch a Seahawks game! If you’re from the USA you already know what a big deal NFL is (and how great the atmosphere is at games). But if you’re from outside the USA, let me explain! NFL is American football, and it’s a huge sport in the USA.

People come from all over the state to support their teams on game days (usually a Thursday, Sunday or a Monday). The atmosphere is great, and it’s definitely one of my favourite couples activities in Seattle to do with my husband!

Ride the monorail

The monorail isn’t that big or long, but it’s a Seattle classic – so I had to include it on this list. You can actually ride the monorail out to the Space Needle – so it’s quite a nice way of getting over there if you don’t fancy walking or uber-ing. It’s pretty cheap (just a few dollars) and you’ll get some lovely views of the city along the way.

things to do for couples in seattle!

Have a picnic at Gas Works Park

Last on my list of cool couples activities in Seattle… Gas Works Park is located a little way out of the city centre, but it has some of the best views of the Seattle skyline! So, it makes a perfect things to do for couples in Seattle – you get to see the city, and explore too! I’d pack a picnic on a sunny day and have a little excursion over there to eat lunch and enjoy the views.


I hope this list of things to do in Seattle for couples has been useful and you’ve got lots of ideas for your next trip! Seattle is so much fun and there are so many amazing couples activities in Seattle to enjoy!


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