Best Day Trips from Las Vegas

Are you looking for ideas on the best day trips from Las Vegas?

While Las Vegas may present all the glitz and glamour and city hustle and bustle – it is also the ideal locationfor exploring loads of national parks and nearby beautiful areas. There are loads of stunning day trips within a few hours of Las Vegas – and here we’ll go through the best day trips from Las Vegas. Most day trips in this list will even be able to pick you up from your hotel – which means minimum effort on your part!

When you consider that Las Vegas is located close to nine U.S. national parks, you will find that a Las Vegas travel plan will provide plenty in the way of natural diversity, and there are lots of day trips you can take from the city itself.

Grand Canyon National Park

No Las Vegas travel itinerary is complete without including a Grand Canyon tour as well. You cannot miss seeing the Grand Canyon as it is one of the great natural wonders of the world – so of course it had to be at the top of our ‘best day trips from Las Vegas’ list. There are a few options for getting out to the The Grand Canyon from Vegas, you can drive yourself (via a rental car), you can get a bus tour / coach tour, or you can get a helicopter.

Here are the tours I personally recommend:

Pink Jeep Tours Canyon tour

4 hour Grand Canyon Helicopter tour 

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour

Hoover Dam

As mentioned, you can also arrange a bus tour in Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam.  The dam has been featured in a few movies, and it’s also a pretty incredible feat of engineering to admire. Take a view from the overlook and be prepared to see some amazing water views of this incredible structure. Not only will you see the dam but Black Canyon, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River as well. Top tip – lots of Canyon tours actually include a stop at the hoover dam – so make sure you check before booking both!

Here are some Hoover Dam tours:

Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas 

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead day trip

 Red Rock Canyon

If you’ve already been to The Grand Canyon, then you might want to explore another local canyon. Red Rock Canyon is a great choice, and it’s really close to the city too (only a 30-45 minute drive). Red Rock Canyon was used as a filming location for some Star Trek episodes and films, and it’s a really beautiful place to drive through and explore.

Here are some Red Rock Canyon tours:

Red Rock Canyon Trekker day tour 

Red Rock Canyon Pink Jeep Tours

best day trips from las vegas

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a pretty beautiful place to spend a warm day, and it doesn’t take long to get there from the city. You can get a tour bus there, but it’s actually much more fun if you drive yourself! That way you can explore the lake at your own pace and really take it all in. Pack a picnic and your swimsuit, and enjoy the amazing views!

Here’s a Lake Mead tours:

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead day trip

lake mead best day trips from las vegas

Valley of Fire

If you love the great outdoors and exploring nature, then the Valley of Fire is an amazing place to visit during your time in Las Vegas. It’s a short drive out of the city, and the views that wait for you are incredible. If you’re a keen photographer, this place is a must-visit for sure!

Here are some recommended tours:

Valley of Fire tour from Las Vegas 

Valley of Fire guided hiking tour (from Las Vegas) 

valley of fire las vegas

Death Valley

When you plan a bus tour in Las Vegas, you might choose between a basic day trip or an overnight journey. It just depends on how you set up your travel itinerary. One of the places that you may want to include as part of your travel plan is a trip to Death Valley National Park. This destination is notable as it is the driest, the lowest, and by far the hottest spot in all of North America. If you wanted to do a longer road trip of the South West, Death Valley would be a great place to start!

Death Valley National Park is about a three-hour drive from Las Vegas so you can make it to this this Las Vegas tour destination in a day if you want to squeeze it in, or you can do an overnight tour if you want to spend a little longer in the area – regardless of which you choose, this amazing destination has to make our list of the best day trips from las vegas.

Here are some Death Valley day trips from Las Vegas:

Luxury bus tour to Death Valley from Las Vegas

Pink Jeep Tours: Las Vegas to Death Valley 


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