With the New Year around the corner, you should start planning your trip to a place where you can enjoy the celebration of the New Year, especially the new year eve.

The most significant global holiday celebration is the New Year Celebration, filled with exciting activities, colourful fireworks and vibrant party. This is the time of the year for an exciting outing to fascinating destinations. If you are lonely this New Year, don’t hesitate to travel.

 If you are looking for where to go for the holidays, here are the best places to travel for New Year Eve. One of my favourite holidays!

New York

New York is a pulsating city with thousands of visitors every year. Dubbed the “Big Apple”, the capital city features some amazing attractions, world-class shopping, stunning attractions and exciting activities. This is a place where you can enjoy your New Year’s Eve, with several events happening around the city.


Paris, France

Nothing speaks romance than a New Year’s Eve celebration on Eiffel Tower with colorful lights and fireworks with the hope for a new year. Enjoy magical New Year’s Eve in Disney Land Paris, the resort is always decorated with shimmering Christmas light with artificial snow which makes it look as if it is an enchanted winter wonderland. The steps of Sacré-Couer church and the Trocadéro, are amazing spots with incredible views to be at during New Year’s Eve in Paris. 


Sydney, Australia

Sydney features beautiful midnight views on New Year’s Eve. Everyone gathers at the waterfront to watch the fireworks sparks in the sky from the spectacular Sydney Harbor Bridge. No one ever wishes to miss the dance party held at the Bondi beach for anything in the world. Celebrating the new year on the beach, dancing and enjoy the feel of the cool sand under your feet is amazing.


London, England

Watch the fireworks across London from the banks of the River Thames with thousands of people when the Big Ben strikes twelve, at midnight. No one can ignore the mind-blowing fireworks view at Trafalgar Square. The celebration continues with music and dancing during a three-day parade in the New Year.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Enjoy a Brazilian celebration in the glorious city of Rio. The great food, parties and music would keep you and your loved ones satisfied. The scenic fireworks at midnight, on the New Year’s Eve is not something you should miss.

New Orleans, US

Take your family and loved ones to New Orleans to experience an unforgettable New Year eve. The city is known for great jazz music, which you shouldn’t miss at all. Enjoy the 15-minute fireworks show on the Mississippi River, along with “Baby New Year” drop from the roof of the Jax Brewery in Jackson Square.

Tokyo, China

Tokyo celebrates the New Year for several days with all week parties. During this time of the year, most tourist attractions are shut down for the three-day celebration, also known as “Shogatsu”. This is the best time to see what Tokyo has to offer everyone. The city hosts a wide variety of parties and entertainment including fireworks, the ritual Juya No Kane Night Bell and New Year’s Toshikoshi Soba. You can visit the legendary Imperial Palace and gardens on the New Year. This is one of the two days that the Palace is opened in a year.

Go somewhere amazing and celebrate your New Year Eve with fun.