The first time I stayed in a 5* hotel, I remember being absolutely wowed by all the little details and design features. I found it strange but amazing how everything in one room, could be put ‘just-so’ in such a way to make you relaxed, at ease and comfortable.

In my own apartment, I didn’t put nearly much effort into my surroundings – but it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be too hard to do so, and to turn areas of my house into an ‘almost-hotel-worthy’ abode.

So I wanted to write a blog post about creating a 5* hotel at home, and turning your home into somewhere just as relaxing and luxurious as a top hotel. It’s not the kind of thing where you’d do all these tips all at once (that would get very expensive, very quickly) but following a couple at a time could really help you overhaul a room you’re not happy with.

The Bedroom…

In most hotel rooms, the bed is the centre of attention, so that’s where I’ll start. Whilst it might not be possible to purchase a new kingsize bed – there are little touches you can add to your bed that will make it feel like new.

The first, of course, is new bed sheets. If you’re really looking to splash out – then Frette have some beautiful bedding. Bedding is the kind of thing you notice straight away, and I’ve found since upgrading my own bedding, that I sleep a million times better. I also found this ‘styling guide’ on their site, which is pretty useful, and shows you how to ‘build your bed’ for the best looking and most comfortable layout.

Personally, colour-wise, I would stick to lights and neutrals (or maybe grey, if you’re going for a more boutique feel). It’s quite uncommon to find a hotel room with coloured or patterns bedding – so staying simple and classic is likely to give you an effect most similar to a hotel suite.

The next thing in the bedroom is cushions and pillows. Most luxury hotels use feather-down pillows, so if you’re looking to emulate a hotel suite experience, then these are definitely what you should opt for. If it’s a better nights sleep you’re after, then memory foam is also a good way to go.

And finally, a headboard! A quilted or padded on makes for a really gorgeous, luxurious feel.

In the living room…

For the living room, I think it’s important to figure out the ‘style’ you’re going for. Imagine your lounge is a luxury hotel suite and look at it from a design perspective. For examples, any clutter should be disguised or covered up.

Try and by accessories in matching hues too, for examples, different shades of ivory for cushions or different materials and textures – but the same over-riding colour. This ties in a room properly and creates a more design-led feel.

Another tiny touch, that I think adds lots to a hotel (and thus your house!) is fresh flowers and fruit. Having a vase of beautiful flowers, and a bowl of fresh fruit on the table, is a lovely idea, and adds much needed scent and colour.

In the bathroom… 

Now, the main thing I love about hotel bathrooms is the spa-like feel and the lovely smellies they put in there. Investing in a lovely scent (air freshener, or oil wick) will keep the room smelling lovely.

Then of course there is the towels and decor. Try and choose one colour, and stick with it. If you’re going for white – then have white towels, white face cloths and white frames and candles. All of these little accents work together and will make the room feel really special.

And finally – one of my absolute favourite things about luxury hotels – the dressing gowns! Invest in a new one, and have yours hung up in the bathroom ready for when you need it.