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Do Motion Sickness glasses really work?

October 4, 2020

Are you wondering if motion sickness glasses really work? If so – keep reading!

If you’ve been suffering with motion sickness, you might have come across motion sickness glasses and been wondering to yourself…

“Do motion sickness glasses work?”

You may or may not have already seen these bizarre glasses making the rounds on the internet, but if you haven’t, we’d like to introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of motion sickness glasses!

do motion sickness glasses really work

Now, if you’ve ever suffered with motion sickness, then you’ll know the nausea and headaches all too well. You may have tried the usual tactics to tackle this in the past, be it looking straight ahead, closing your eyes, or sitting quietly and trying to wish that pain away.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have had much success with these methods as you’ll still be pelting down roads at warp speed which makes focusing on the horizon slightly more problematic.

But first, what about motion sickness tablets?

You might be thinking… Surely the tablets work better than any glasses will.

Well, these are effective for many, but they rarely stop the queasy feeling entirely. In addition to this, they do tend to make you drowsy, so if you’re driving or traveling somewhere that requires you to be functional, then they’re simply a no-go!  

And for some people, they simply don’t work.

If the tablets have been unsuccessful in the past… maybe it’s time to try motion sickness glasses. You can read more about them below…

So, how do motion sickness glasses work?

Motion sickness glasses certainly look strange, but they’re designed to be effective, not stylish! Personally, I found it difficult to figure out exactly how these glasses worked to help combat motion sickness, so I’ve outlined exactly how they’re intended to work below!

Motion sickness glasses are equipped with moving liquid that’s placed in the rings around the eyes which covers all four lenses. As this liquid is placed both along the frontal axis and the sagittal axis (right and left/front and back respectively).

do motion sickness glasses really work.

The glasses therefore recreate the horizon line which helps to resolve issues with the senses (which is the usual cause of motion sickness!). 

According to the main producer of these glasses (the car company Citroen), they’re said to have a 95% efficacy rate. However, you’ll need to wear them at the beginning of your journey or at the first signs of sickness, so do keep this in mind if you’ve purchased them. 

Do motion sickness glasses work?

Now comes the answer to that million-dollar question- do they work? Though you might be surprised, they do work! Sure, you might look like a bit of a lunatic, but if you suffer with terrible motion sickness, then a pair of motion sickness glasses may just be your new best friend. 

Though we can’t guarantee that you’ll feel completely and utterly normal whilst travelling if you’re ordinarily stricken with nausea, these bad boys will take the edge off significantly. 

If you’re a glasses-wearer, then you needn’t worry about these interfering with your current specs. As there aren’t any actual lenses in the frames, you’ll find that these don’t interfere with your actual glasses should you need to wear them whilst travelling. 

Options available for purchase

These are the two best motion sickness glasses on the market at the moment. The first is an affordable option for motion sickness glasses, the second is a more expensive pair (that I have found to be slightly more effective).

No products found.

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I hope this blog post has helped you decide whether or not motion sickness glasses will work for you!

My advice would always be, especially with something as life-changing as this, to at least try it. I find with websites like Amazon, if you find the produce doesn’t work for you, you can send it back simply and easily. But if it does work for you – you’ve discovered a way to keep something so unpleasant as motion sickness away!

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