Easy, chic and practical hairstyles you need for your summer holiday

August 8, 2017

Ah, dreamy summer holidays, they’re so exciting and we always want to look our best but no matter what we do, heat plays havoc with our hair.

It seems that people with shorter hair are in the most danger, with softer water and all that sun, and these styles appear to embrace new attitude and decide they would rather stick straight up rather than be styled.

However, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. With summer holidays on the horizon here are a few easy, extremely chic and practical hairstyles that are perfect for your summer holiday this year.

The beach babe

For a day on the beach it’s easiest to have your hair up and out of the way. Start your style by spraying some heat protection product through your hair (it’s not just your skin that needs looking after) and brush it through for all over coverage.

Grab hair at the back of your head and pull up into a high ponytail, you can then grab a couple of strands and pull these out around your face.

Grabbing a bite

Instead of just going for a messy bun after a day at the beach, when you’re ready for food, side part your hair and braid the largest side of your parting to half way.

You should be left with some loose hair underneath and have a large curving braid on the top of your head.

Secure the loose hair into a scruffy bun at the top of your head and you’re ready to go! This style should keep you cool and look casual while chilling out around the pool bar.

If you don’t have the time (or the extra pennies) to get permanent hair extensions at home, you could look into hair pieces instead to give your bun more volume.

Adventure Hair

If you’re out and about enjoying being active, then just let your hair go free and natural!

Leave the product out, and let your hair enjoy the sunshine – if you want to lighten your hair, being outside is a great time to pop on some lightening spray too.

Go natural

It might be your worst nightmare to reveal to your holiday pals what your hair is like when left to its own devices but if you use the right products, your hair can look amazing. If you’re going somewhere hot, a hair dryer is the last thing you want to be using so this natural style is achieved through air-drying and products only.

If your hair is wet before bed, then braiding it before going to sleep will leave you with wavy locks when you take them out in the morning, so this is worth attempting. Simply add some de-frizzing serum before braiding to minimise the volume.

Your hair cut will also make a difference. Celebrity hair stylist George Northwood told Vogue that he often changes the way he cuts hair for the summer months, “I know that when the sun is out, my clients are less likely to spend ages heat-styling their hair. So cut is key,” he says. The trick is to keep the length in your hair for the weight and have more of an undone cut to prevent frizz.

After a thorough towel drying session, Northwood says “a little bit of product is important to stop it from going fluffy.”

He then goes on to recommend the Redken Curvaceous range to moisturise curls and prevent them from going frizzy. Northwood also points out that most products are tailored to suit heat styling so look out for this when you’re shopping.

Finally, the rest is down to you and after product application you need to leave your hair alone and let it style itself, the more you play with it, the more likely you are to ruin the style.

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