Fallen sick on a cruise? Here’s what you should do next

May 19, 2020

When you planned your cruise, falling ill probably wasn’t what you intended. Sadly, illnesses on cruise ships often spread like wildfire, leaving many passengers wishing they’d never booked their holiday in the first place. 

Bugs like E.coli and salmonella are common on cruise ships, and recently we’ve all been shocked at the impact that coronavirus has had on thousands of passengers who became ill, died or have been left stranded at sea unable to leave their cabins. If this is something that has affected you, find out if you can claim compensation by clicking the link. 

Knowing what to do if you fall ill on a cruise can make a real difference to your recovery, your ability to keep your family and fellow passengers safe and if you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your holiday. Read on to find out what you should do next if you fall in on a cruise ship.

cruise ship sickness

Let the medical staff know

There are teams of dedicated medical staff on cruises. And these medical professionals can help with everything from illness to accidents, even broken bones and paediatric concerns. If you have vomiting or diarrhoea then you should let the staff know.

You and your family may be quarantined, but it will prevent the illness from spreading. Or they’ll be able to figure out if a particular food was to blame and remove it from the menu.

Accept anti-sickness medication

If you’re offered anti-sickness medication, it makes sense to take it. It will not only help with your current sickness but if you’re struggling with motion sickness then you’ll also feel better and your situation may improve much quicker. 

Follow the rules

If you’ve been told to remain in your room for a period of time, do so. The staff will be able to bring you food, drink and anything else you need to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. Remember, these rules are in place for your safety and wellbeing – so be sure to follow them.

Many cruise lines offer discounts for your next voyage, so it’s worth following the rules, otherwise you may jeopardise any discount or follow-up trip.

Keep yourself hydrated

You must keep yourself hydrated whilst sick. However, you should stick to water or electrolyte-replacement drinks. No alcohol for a while! 

Having a constant source of water with you at all times can really help with this (just carrying a bottle with you) means you can take a sip whenever you need too. Never discount how important water is for avoiding sickness, and also improving the symptoms of sickness.

getting sick on a cruise ship

Bring wipes and antibacterial gel with you

Keeping these kinds of items on you can reduce your chance of falling ill for a second time whilst travelling. It’ll keep you safe as well as your family and travelling companions. I recommend wiping down your immediate surroundings (rooms, bathroom, handles, balcony) when you arrive, and give it a quick wipe daily throughout your stay.

You can get anti-bacterial wipes for less than £2 in most supermarkets, so it’s a worth investment. It’s also a great idea to carry around hand sanitiser in your day-to-day bag so you can keep your hands clean whenever you’ve been in busy places.

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