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Four of the Best Countries to Visit for Outdoor Adventuring

November 20, 2018

If you love the outdoors, then you enjoy long walks through the mountain trails or along coastal beaches. You try to spot wildlife hiding in the trees or behind rocks. You can’t wait to repel into a cavern or climb the sheer face of a mountain. You get excited about being away from the city and being dazzled by the beautiful blue sky or the sparkling stars at night.

There is so much to see in the natural world, so much to experience. It can be tough to decide where you want to go for your next outdoor exploration. Below are discussed some of the best countries to visit to quench your adventuring thirst.


Australia is the place to go if you are looking for some amazing outdoor adventures. Just outside of Sydney are the Blue Mountains where mountain biking and hiking are popular. Surfing in Sydney is also an adventure for ocean lovers, as is swimming and diving among the thousands of fish within the Great Barrier Reef. A stop in Surfer’s Paradise is full of lots of things to do when you’re not scuba diving. 

Kangaroo Island is home to an assortment of Aussie wildlife, more than the hoppers the island receives its name from. Also along the southern edge of the continent – for all of those who like to road trip – is the Great Ocean Road. 150 miles of small towns and nature bordering the Southern Ocean. Waves crash around the 12 Apostles as the sea tries to claim these free-standing pillars of prehistoric coastline.

Visit Uluru is you want to be amazed. This sandstone monolith rises up from the Outback, a great place to spend the non-summer months (the summer heat can be extreme) hiking and exploring in its massive shadow. Sunsets in the area are simply spectacular when they serve as the backdrop with Uluru in the foreground, highlighting the impressive stone feature.

New Zealand

This amazing land sitting atop a submerged continent has some of the most diverse environments crammed into two small islands. On the North Island you will find some of the best wilderness for hiking. Even in the winter, tramping through the snow is a popular activity for tourists. Skiing down the slopes of Mt. Ruapehu is a fun adventure for both adults and kids.

The South Island offers some truly unique experiences. The Te Anau Glow Worm Caves gives adventurers the opportunity to explore subterranean New Zealand either by foot or raft. Walk along and squeeze yourself through this underground wonder. Or travel along the river that flows through part of the cave system. Either way, you will eventually discover why it is called a glow worm cave. Hundreds of bioluminescent worms light up the dark, reminding explorers of the night sky – only with constantly changing constellations.

There are also two glaciers on the South Island, Fox and Franz-Josef, that offer two great experiences if you don’t mind the cold. Hike atop of them or delve deeper into the glaciers to explore caverns within the ice. Tour guides will lead the way, especially if you intend to do some ice climbing up the glaciers.


With the Rocky Mountains providing some great winter fun and beautiful national parks, the Pacific coast having the best surfing in the country, and thick forests in many parts of the country, the United States has a lot to explore. Yellowstone compiles several types of biomes into one area. You can hike through the wooded parkland and witness bears, buffalo, and wolves in their natural habitats. You can also explore canyons and kayak on the lakes.

You can also view for yourself the largest hot spring in the country, the Grand Prismatic Spring, where bacteria growing along the heated water’s edge creates rings of color around it. Do not enter the water, though. It is too hot for humans to tolerate.

An interesting yet widely unknown location to visit is in the desert of Arizona. The Wave, as it is called, is part of the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs area. It is a rock formation in the arid region that rolls and curves like waves on the ocean. It has this visual effect because of the way time and wind has carved away the sandstone. It is an amazing sight to stand within but be careful. Don’t make any sudden movements or you might get vertigo!


When one thinks of outdoor adventures, Japan is not one of the top places that comes to mind. But you are missing out on some wonderful destinations if you ignore this island nation. With more mountains throughout the islands than cities, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Snow on and around many of these mountains, such as the Hida Mountains and Mt. Asahidake, provides for some excellent skiing locations. If you go between the months of April and June, you can also see the enormous Yuki-no-Otani, an ice corridor over 65 feet tall that leads to the Japanese Alps.

If you prefer flowing water over frozen water, take a trip to Minakami. As long as you don’t mind jumping off a cliff. The canyons and gorges of the area are rushing with water that you can leap into or whitewater raft on. The pinnacle of the experience is the natural waterfall slide.

Now that you know some of the best places to travel to for outdoor adventuring, it’s time to let the world know of those adventures. Be sure to include your trip in your travel blog, detailing all of the great and interesting places you explored. Don’t forget to include some photos of the natural scenery to emphasise the beauty of the landscapes. If you didn’t capture a good picture, don’t worry.

And when you’re done blogging, your readers will share some of their own travel stories and suggest other places for you to have outdoor adventures. Take advantage of their experiences and plan yourself another fun trip soon!

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