A guide for what to wear during a Cruise

August 18, 2016

I’ll admit, cruises definitely have my curiosity spiked! One of the reasons I love going to Vegas so much, is because there’s always an excuse to dress up during the evening, and put on a pair of heels and a nice dress. Maybe that’s a rubbish reason to love a city – but it’s genuinely one of the reasons I love going back.

I have a feeling that cruises are kind of the same, you have beach / pool days – but then you can spend the evenings getting dolled up and dressed up (without feeling over dressed!). Most cruises seem to have casinos, bars and restaurants, and I love the idea of all that nightlife in one place, and being able to get dressed up for it!

Of course, it’s not just the evenings, you need to dress for the daytimes on the boat, by the pool, and also out and around the different stop off points. I have read also, that some cruises have stricter dress codes, and even fancy dress nights (which I won’t lie – sounds amazing) – so I guess knowing exactly what to pack may not be as simple as you originally thought.

I thought this infographic was pretty useful as a general guide (if like me, you’re wanting to know more about cruises in general – especially the packing part!).


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