Hong Kong is unlike anywhere else… it’s epic, modern, historic, cultural and chaotic all mixed into one. Here are some of my favourite Hong Kong attractions that made our trip so special (and will hopefully make yours amazing too!)….

Star Ferry

Price: Between HK$ 90 for a day trip to HK$195 for a guided night tour
The Star Ferry is a circular one hour tour of the iconic Victoria Harbour. It stops off at three locations on both sides meaning you can hop on and off all day, or just simply enjoy a relaxing cruise with an interesting on board commentary. If all you want to do is hop across the water, that’s also an option and the prices are totally reasonable. Oh, and the views are incredible!
hong kong attractions
If you look in the distance you can see the little ferry doing their routes.
Price: HK$40 for a return tram trip to the top, HK$83 for entrance to the Sky Terrace
No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a trip up Victoria Peak, the highest mountain on the island. You’ll get incredible views over the city (day or night!) and it’s somewhere you’ll definitely need to take your camera too. There are quite a few things to do in the Sky Terrace, such as the option for drinks and dining (very romantic!) but the view is the main attraction and what you’ll be most mesmerised by.
hong kong attractions
hong kong attractions
Price: free (but you might want to buy something!) 
I love having a good hunt around a market, and the Ladies Market in Mongkok (just a little outside the centre) is seriously fun and a must-see destination for any shopaholic. You’ll find cheap accessories, bags, make-up, shoes, clothes… pretty much everything.
Tian Tan Buddha

Price: HK$50 for the cable car ride to the top or free if you walk up
The Big Buddha, as it’s locally called, is one of the iconic symbols of Hong Kong. It stands at 34m high and the sheer scale and depth of detail will stay with you for life. It’s 260 breathtaking steps (literally haha) up to his feet or a cable car ride with dazzling views all the way. Prepare for long queues – so I’d head over early in the morning and try and get ahead of the crowds.
Price: From HK$720  
For something a bit different (and well worth the money) the Hong Kong Foodie Tour has to be one of my favourite Hong Kong Attractions. The local tour guides will take you on a 4 hour (approx) tour around local districts, where they’ll take you to specially selected eateries full of delicious local food. You’ll get to see communities you wouldn’t usually see as a tourist, and you’ll get to try all sorts of amazing food too.
hong kong attractions
Hong Kong Tramways

Price: HK$ 3 for a one way trip or HK$34 for a four day pass
There’s no better way of getting round the city than on the public trams, and you’ll feel like a local as you see the sites from the cars. The four day pass is great for families or if you want to pack a lot into a short trip to the city. It can kind of be used as an alternative to the tour buses too – you can hope between Hong Kong attractions using your pass, and then jump on again when you’re ready to see the next one.
Hong Kong Park

Price: Free
It’s telling about the design of the city that it contains numerous free green spaces to refresh yourselves. The Hong Kong Park is visited by tourists and locals alike and families with young children will delight in the enormous adventure playground.
Price: free 
For one of the best views in Hong Kong, this takes the cake. The Avenue of Stars is kind of like Hong Kong’s answer to the Walk of Fame (in LA). It runs along the waterfront and you’ll have some of the most incredible city panoramic views from here – it’s truly breathtaking. I’d recommend heading down there for sunset, and then watching the sun go down, and waiting for the free light show in the evening.
Hong Kong Attractions
Hong Kong Attractions
Hong Kong Attractions
Dragon’s Back

Price: A free hike
If you like your hikes short but tall with amazing views from the top (pack your camera…!), then pack your boots too and head up the Dragon’s Back. It’s a little way out of the city, but provides a good contrast to hustle and bustle of the streets and the views out over the South China Sea are incredible. It’s the kind of activity you’ll want to do if you’re spending more than a few days in the city and have time to explore a little more far and wide.
Nan Lian Gardens

Price: Free of charge, but given out on a first come, first served basis
Set in the middle of downtown Hong Kong, the Nan Lian Gardens are tribute to the rich Chinese heritage of the city, with plenty of Tang Dynasty architecture on view. The trees and pathways are great to explore and it provides a cool break from the heat of the city. If you love the cultural sides of the city and seeing the more traditional, historic side to Hong Kong – then this is something you shouldn’t miss.
Being the Disney fanatic that I am, I couldn’t miss this off my list of Hong Kong attractions! Disney is just pure magic, and if you want a day away from the city, doing something completely fun and light-hearted, this is where you should head. How can you not love it?
Hong Kong Attractions
Ocean Park

Price: HK$ 345 for an adult, children are half price
This is something completely different to the rest of Hong Kong. No cultural relevance or historical significance, just the best water park in South East Asia. A great way to cool off with kids, with plenty of rides and shows to keep adults entertained too.
Chi Lin Nunnery

Price: Free, but feel free to leave a donation
An oasis of calm in the city. It’s a little off the beaten track, but if you’re into bonsai trees and want to see some of the best Buddhist style buildings Hong Kong has to offer, then put this at the top of your list.
Lantau Island

Price: Varies depending on what activities you undertake
Lantau Island holds the Big Buddha and Ngong Ping Village, but the rest of the island feels like a beautiful tropical resort. You can simply wander the alleys sampling the excellent street food, head to the beach or hike through the miles of carefully maintained trails around Lantau Peak.
Happy Valley Racecourse

Price: HK$10 to get in, plus whatever you want to bet with (take the risk?)
A visit to Happy Valley Racecourse brings you close to Hong Kong’s finest, with everyone getting dressed up for the occasion. It’s normally open on Wednesdays and Saturdays in peak season and the warm breezes off nearby Victoria Harbour makes it some of the best evening entertainment the city has to offer.
Man Fat Sze (Ten Thousand Buddhas)

Price: Free
The long hike up the mountain is well rewarded with over 13,000 replica Buddhas, 3,000 more than the name suggests. The main forecourt has a beautiful pagoda leading into the main worship hall filled with peace, serenity and Buddha statues. You can also get excellent vegetarian food provided by the monks.

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