Editing your photos can make your travel photos pop even more!

Who doesn’t love a good travel photo?

Juicy colors, breathtaking landscapes, magnificent architecture – such images make us want to immediately pack our bags and explore the world. But what if you come home from a life-changing journey and your pictures, well, aren’t exactly National Geographics-worthy? Dull colors, random photobombers, a slanted horizon. The list goes on. Is there a chance to fix all those flaws so that you could look at your travel photos without cringing? Well, yes, you can use the magic of post production. 

Luckily, there are tons of applications and softwares that can help you with that. However, even the most popular and acclaimed mobile apps lack the necessary tools. As for desktop softwares, mostly your choice seems to be limited to Photoshop and Lightroom. While admittedly powerful and feature-rich programs, these Adobe products have their fair share of disadvantages.

We won’t be going into detail about them, but will just state the obvious – these two softwares are very expensive and insanely hard to grasp. If you only want to fix a couple of your travel photos, you should probably look elsewhere. Consider going with PhotoWorks, an AI-powered photo editor for PC. While it has a toolkit similar to the Adobe juggernauts, this software offers a much easier workflow. Let’s have a look at how you can employ PhotoWorks to enhance your travel photos in no time.

Improve the Composition

Some people – especially non-professionals – tend to underestimate the importance of composition. In fact, this aspect can either make or break your pic. While you certainly have plenty of time to plan your image’s composition while shooting, accidents do still happen.

Luckily, you can fix any error in post production by cropping it. PhotoWorks comes with a set of smart cropping presets that can make the process easier. You can either go with the rule of Thirds, Diagonal, or opt for the Golden Ratio – all depending on what your image demands. There are also presets for cropping your images for Instagram, Facebook profile pic and many others. And certainly there is the manual mode that you can use to simply cut off that pesky tourist who got into your landscape.  

Fix Geometry and Perspective

If you don’t shoot with a tripod, chances are you might end up with a picture that is slightly crooked. Well, worry not, you can easily fix that. PhotoWorks is equipped with an easy-to-use Geometry tool that lets you straighten a slanted horizon in a matter of seconds.

Besides, there are also tools for fixing perspective flaws like fisheye or pincushion distortion – just drag a slider and your image will look normal to the human eye. And yes, the same tool can help you get rid of the falling building effect.

Erase Odd Objects

And speaking of. If you choose to shoot a popular landmark, you are most certainly bound to have groups of random people spoiling your pictures. Instead of crying over a ruined shot of the Milano Duomo, just erase that couple kissing in the background, why don’t you.

PhotoWorks has all the tools for it. The Clone Stamp is the perfect instrument to conceal larger objects in your image. Just paint over the distraction, choose the donor area, then cover the distraction with duplicated pixels. If the objects aren’t that big, so with the Healing Brush. This tool can erase small things without a trace thanks to PhotoWorks’ neural networks. 

Boost Dull Colors

No camera will ever be able to convey all the colors and shade that the human eye sees, but we certainly can get closer to it. If your travel shot isn’t as colorful as the place it depicts, just crank the colors up to eleven. PhotoWorks offers you all the tools for it. You can start by adjusting the vibrance. Then move to HSL  and use intuitive sliders to get the colors juicy enough.

If your images happen to have a color cast, fix that using the Curves feature. What more, PhotoWorks comes with a set of built-in 3D LUT profiles that can enhance your image’s color scheme in a click. If you want your picture to look crisp and really immersive, try improving it with a HDR filter. If you feel artsy, then have a go with PhotoWorks’ many beautiful photo effects. There are over 180 to choose from. Warm or cold tones, endless vintage options, fancy photographic film imitations – there is definitely something to choose from.

So there you go – with just these simple steps you can turn a travel photo that has been marked for deleting into a marvelous shot. And the best part of it is that it didn’t take you hours or hundreds of dollars to do so. So don’t let your flawed images go to waste – fix every single one of them so that later you could thumb through them and fondly remember the time when wanderlust took over you and you explored the world like a true pioneer.