Do you get sensitive eyes when travelling? If so, these tips will help you look after your eye health whilst travelling.

Looking after our eyes is important whether we are home or away, but it can be particularly crucial for you to do so when your routine is uprooted and you’re not familiar with your surroundings.

Travelling is amazing, but it can definitely unsettle our bodies, and you might notice your eyes become more irritable during a trip away somewhere new.

The last thing you want when you are on your travels is to be struck with a health concern, and as our eyes are so sensitive they need extra protection when we venture to new places.

Visit All About Vision for more insight on how to take care of your eyes when holidaying. Now, we’ll look at how to maintain your eye health whilst travelling abroad.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is absolutely essential for your body to function effectively. Your eyes are no exception to this. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can be more susceptible to the following eye problems: dry eyes, styes, twitches or spasms, eyelid droopiness and more.

When you’re travelling, it can be a lot harder to get a sufficient amount of sleep as you’re busy and often have to get from A to B. Your routine suffers, and in turn, so can your sleep.

Try to utilise any moments you can to catch your 40 winks – take an eye mask and see if you can sleep when you’re on transport. Catching up will do you and your body the world of good.

Carry the right accessories

Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, the likelihood is you’ll need to protect your eyes in one way or another.

If you’re in the sun, sunglasses and a hat will be needed. If you’re swimming, wear goggles – don’t keep your contact lenses in without goggles if you’re going underwater, as it could cause irritation.

Eye Drops

Want to know the best way to keep your eyes clean, healthy and hydrated? Take some eye drops with you on your travels, especially on planes – when your eyes might feel dry and tired.

If you’re cleaning your eyes daily then you’re reducing the chance of any eye problems cropping up. This is especially important when you’re in a foreign country as all the different conditions, such as pollution and climate, could wreak havoc with your eyes. 

Eye drops are especially great on planes, as they can refresh tired eyes, and make sure you’re choosing the right kind of eye drops for you.

Take Your Prescription or a spare pair

There’s literally nothing worse than your glasses breaking during a trip abroad – because it can be so difficult getting a replacement pair in time!

If you wear prescription glasses, it’s wise to take a spare pair with you just in case something happens to your main ones. Failing this, take your prescription with you in case you need to get yourself an emergency replacement pair.

Eye Test Before Your Trip

Following on from the previous point, you need to make sure your prescription is up to date. Having an annual eye test is something you should be doing anyway, but it is more important you do so before going on holiday, particularly if you’re going away for a long time.

If you have any eye problems, then an eye test should bring this to light. That means that if a problem is found, hopefully, you’ll be able to rectify the issue before your trip, or at least know how to avoid making it worse. It’s better to find out before your trip instead of whilst you’re on it.

Invest in a good eye cream

Sometimes, it can be the skin around our eyes that get irritated and sore from travelling. It might be due to the air-conditioning, a new climate, etc – but make sure you’ve got a good eye cream to keep that part of your face nicely moisturised and looked after.

Rubbing and itching the skin around your eyes, can often lead to irritation in the eye itself, so it’s important to keep things nice and healthy around your eyes, not just in them!

Most of the steps involved with maintaining your eye health whilst you’re away is down to common sense, but if you do experience any issues, don’t ignore it. Get it checked out as soon as possible.