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Hunger Pangs Alert – Snacks to Carry Along While Traveling to Colombia

December 4, 2019

Oh, finally! So, you have decided to pull up Colombia on top of your travel bucket list that has long been lingering at the bottom. It is time to indulge in the beauty of one of the most ‘mega-diverse’ countries of the world. Great!

And now you are busy making your to-do-list: Visiting its amazing rainforest, added; sprawling on its mesmerising beaches, done; seeing the majesty of Andes mountain range, check… And the list goes on! But while making your bucket list, don’t forget to plan out ways to satisfy traveling hunger pangs that can hit you hard anytime and anywhere on the trip.

It isn’t just tiredness and road sickness that ruin your trip, encountering frequent hunger pangs is another common traveling issue. Yes, eating is a problematic thing while traveling, and it holds the power to define and set your mood. Well, it is that powerful!

On the road, you can only calm these hunger pangs by sneaking into a convenience store to bag some travel snack while filling gas. But you cannot get more than starch and carbohydrates from these shops. So, it needs a bit of planning and pre-prepared snack pack to get healthy and ‘appetite satisfying’ food.

Here is a list of essential travel snack, well-balanced and scrumptious, to make your trip healthy besides rejoicing.

Get a Hand on Nuts:

What we frequently get a hand on, while traveling, is a pack of chips. This ends us up in an unhealthy state and sets ‘one-hour hunger’ timer as you start craving for some other thing after eating chips. This isn’t something encouraging while you are on a long trip.

You can replace them with nuts! Nuts not only satisfy your crunch and munch craving but also restore your protein deficiency. Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, whatever nuts you like – including grams, are good combinations of healthy fiber and protein. So, while packing traveling luggage, don’t forget to enlist nuts in must-have items.

Veggies are must to Baggie:

Fine, I know it may sound awful to eat raw or just boiled veggies, but – mind you, it is a traveling trip where nothing is usual. Cooked vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, peas, beans, etc., coupled with some peanut butter or any other dip, can serve the purpose to satisfy your frequent hunger pangs.

Besides keeping you healthy, veggies can also save you from getting broke on your trip by buying expensive snacks from road-side shops. 

Don’t Miss out Fruits:

Yes, fruits are one of the best travel buddies to carry along while you are hitting the road of Colombia for sightseeing or heading towards Andes mountain range. They are juicy, healthy and instant appetite satisfiers. Travel-friendly fruits like apples, pears, peaches, apricot – ok fine, there are many more – are best to add, rather than fruits that create garbage like, melon, oranges, watermelon, etc. Once you have them on your trip, you will find that they are the best food to carry while traveling.

Your trip is incomplete without packs of cookies, chocolate, chips and crackers – it is totally understandable. Pack them either for your trip, but don’t forget to concentrate on energy-rich snacks rather than just tummy fillers.

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