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Luxurious hotel beds around the world

March 12, 2016

One of the things that you inevitably come across in a life of travel is countless amounts of hotels and resorts, which means countless amounts of beds.

I have had many great nights of blissful sleep in some of the most comfortable beds… and I have had some pretty bad ones too! For me, it’s all about size and comfort. I want to be able to lay across it and not even be able to touch the ends! It was actually some of the amazing beds we slept in during our holidays, that inspired me to overhaul our own bedroom and invest in some luxury duvets and sheets. Because it really does make a difference. My next leap (maybe when the wedding is over and we have a bit more money) is to invest in a new bed and new mattress too.

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Anyway, without delving into my ‘perfect-bed-philosophy’ I think I have developed a good idea of where to go for the best sleep and I’m pretty sure being ‘bothered enough’ to write a blog post about sleep, means you’re a proper grown-up.

Sleep is really awesome.

It’s probably one of my favourite things to do (lame right?). A good hotel bed can make or break a holiday, and if you get a truly amazing bed, you always feel like you’ve hit the holiday jackpot. So, here are some of the best hotel beds around…

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is interesting because it offers a unique and customisable experience. You can choose everything from bed size, to your mattress topper and support level. Is that not perfection? So on top of being able to choose a room with a view, you can select firm to extra soft, with temperature control, and reduced motion transfer. Talk about your sleep options!

Westin Hotels

Probably the first hotel chain who thought of creating and marketing a “signature bed.” If plush is what you dream of, this bed is it. Called the Heavenly Bed, most who have tried it can vouch that the experience is nothing short of divine. With a 13-inch pillow top, you may well feel like you are lying on a cloud. Of course it is topped with the softest down pillows, the most comfortable 250-thread count sheets known to man, and an incredibly luxurious duvet. When you fall into this bed, you don’t feel like getting out again!


Marriott has a bed that is a particularly high order. Quite literally, the Marriott Bed mattress measures to about a foot in thickness, and is resting on another 9-inch box spring, so by the time the bed measures up, you are quite literally sleeping in the clouds, or at least have a sort of princess and the pea feeling going on.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 

This is a hotel that I really recently stayed in. The room was incredible, but the bed was out of this world. I’m not sure it’s anything unique (it was just really high quality stuff) but oh boy, it was so comfortable. I’d pay good money to get that bed in my actual flat, but imagine the shipping costs!

Of course all of these large hotel chains seem to have gotten in the business of selling their award winning beds online (seriously – people actually buy their hotel beds if they like them…!), but we don’t all have a couple of grand just lying around that we aren’t using.

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  • Jessica Edwards March 16, 2016 at 2:32 am

    Wow I have never given that much though to hotel beds before but I sure will now! I am going to have to remember this article for next time I am headed on a trip. There is nothing better than a super comfy cozy bed!! I’m surprised to see that hotels are marketing their own brand of beds these days!

  • Hannah Stein March 16, 2016 at 7:14 am

    I love this list!! The Westin Heavenly Bed is basically my dream bed. I stayed at The Westin in Cancun and oh my gosh I never wanted to leave. I had myself looking up how much it was to buy the Heavenly Bed! Not cheap, let me tell you haha. I’ve never stayed at the Four Seasons or Cosmopolitan Las Vegas so one day I’ll see for myself 🙂

  • Jenny March 19, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Nice — never really thought about ranking hotel beds, but this is a super useful list. I agree, sleep is the best. A lot of my traveling has been pretty budgeted and non-hotelly, so I will have to come back to this when I start traveling like an “adult”:P