Romantic things to do in Kiev, Ukraine

September 15, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine’s capital and one of the most appealing cities globally, is a bliss for lovers and honeymooners. Whether it is on valentines day, a vacation or when you are in your feelings, Kiev has a good number of romantic places you could visit.
1. Declare your love at Lover’s bridge
The bridge has been used as a wedding proposal site by many couples and passionate poets who come to write their love romantic lyrics on the railing. There is a belief among the people of the city, that if you kiss someone while standing on the Lover’s bridge, you will never forget them, for as long as you live.2. Create memories swimming with dolphins at Nemo Dolphinarium
Enjoy watching a delightful dance waltz performed by the dolphins with your lover by your side. You can even jump in the water with your heartbeat and swim with these sweet and trained creatures. You can even take pictures! For more intimacy, book an unforgettable and private show for just the two of you.

3. Make wishes, at the Fountain of Desires
Located on the wall of the Intercontinental hotel, the Fountain of Desires receives a huge number of visitors every year. There are 21 bowls in the fountain, with the images of Nike, the famous Greek goddess. The bowls are gold coated and they sparkle like diamonds on sunny days.

4. Enjoy the sunset at Navodnitskiy park
Located on the Dnieper river, the scenic Navodnitskiy Park has a monument at the centre; a bronze boat with the founders of Kiev. The park is perfect for newly weds or people who have just renewed their vows. According to the locals, couples who manage to throw their bouquet into the bronze boat (with their backs turned) will live a happy, peaceful life full of love.

5. Enjoy breathtaking views on the Castle Hill (Zamkova Hora)
From the hill, you and your lover can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Podol district and the Dnieper river. You will also build the team spirit as you climb up the 120-steps metal staircase, to reach the hill. The hill got its name from the castle built by Prince Vladimir Orgerdovich.

6. Landscape Alley (Peysashnaya Alleya)
Enjoy a romantic walk, looking at the beautiful sunset and a view of the Podil district (on the lower part of the city). On the alley, you will find a range of captivating and romance-inspiring sculptures of fairy-tale characters.

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