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Selling Up to Travel the World: Tips and Tricks to Maximise Funds

January 17, 2018

To a growing number of people, selling all their belongings, including their property, in order to travel abroad is more than just a dream. The idea of going off on the adventure of a lifetime becomes a reality and once they have tasted a life without ties they quickly realise it was all worth it. So, how do you go about selling up to travel the world?

Depersonalise Processions

There are some things that can be extremely difficult to let go of and while it may be a good idea to put some sentimental items into storage, what you must remember is that the more stuff you sell, the more money you will have to fund your dream.

A good way to view the process is that you are passing on your possessions and not only is this good for your bank balance, it is also good for the environment. And websites such as eBay make it easier than ever before to sell unwanted items for a profit.

Start Early

Giving yourself plenty of time to sell smaller items that are surplus to the requirements of everyday life will give you a great monetary foundation from which to build upon.

Things like book collections, ornaments and other decorative items should be prioritised – look for anything you haven’t used in the past six months and get rid of it. Once non-essential items have been sold, you can move on to other items as and when is appropriate.

Don’t forget, it is better to sell something for just a small profit than to take it to the recycling centre or give it away.

Selling Your Property

By the time it comes to selling your property, the likelihood is that you have made some plans and are now totally committed to your travelling dream.

In this scenario, it may be that you want to sell the property quickly and with the minimum amount of stress. To do so many opt to use the services of the Property Buying Company, who will make you a cash offer for your property and turn around the whole process within a fortnight.

This way there are no loose ends to worry about once you start to travel and you have the money stashed in the bank.

No More Rush Hour Traffic

If you aren’t taking your car along with you on your travels, then think about selling it just before you go or leave it with family or friends to sell after you have gone. The money made from selling a car can provide a significant boost to your finances and thrifty travellers can make that cash go a long way.

The process of selling up can be a life affirming revelation and what you get in exchange is to follow your dreams.

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