When leaving a holiday or a fun trip, it can be a sad occasion. All the fun, adrenaline and stimulating experiences soon evolve into mere memories, and while they’re valuable, living that life was another thing entirely. Going back to the routine of your normal life is therefore a rather sobering affair sometimes, but there’s no need to feel hopelessly disconnecting from your adventures!

Instead, take the experiences from your travels and incorporate them into your home. While it might not seem like the most smooth or natural of transitions, your experiences abroad reflect who you are, as should your home!

Consequently, here’s how to take inspirations from your travels and work them into your home!

Utilise Souvenirs

A holiday or trip often means another thing in turn; souvenirs! Whether it’s cheap titbits from a corner shop or expensive models of the Chrysler Building in NYC, consider incorporating your souvenirs into your living space. 

Remember, a lot of souvenirs go out of their way to authentically represent the places you travelled to. Dot a few of them around your home, and you may not feel quite as cut off from the places you visit. At the very least, guests will immediately recognise that you’re well-travelled without you even mentioning it!

Drawing on Colour Schemes

There’re numerous reasons and places to go on holiday, and each offers a different experience entirely. Still, instead of focusing on all the little bits and pieces that ‘made your trip’, try and instead turn your attention to the colour schemes of the place you visited. What colour pallets were most at play there? Did the interiors of buildings have a certain aesthetic? 

Once you’ve answered these kinds of questions, you’re away! For example, if you went to somewhere like Nice, France, then you’ll want to sharply swerve away from bland designs and faded, washed out colours. Instead, you’ll need bold blues, pinks and yellows to sell that inspiration you took from Nice. Consider the overall aesthetic of the places you visited and go from there.

Plant Life

Plant life should always be incorporated into the home, whether they’re a sourced from inspiring travels or not. They circulate oxygen, and add some greenery, and are an all-round good feature to have in the home. However, when you’re narrowing things down travel wise, there’re few different directions you could go in.

For example, if you went to sunny old Mexico for a spell, invest in a cactus or two and place them around the home to accentuate that feel. If you went to Morocco, some small banana trees and papyrus plants can carry of that exotic look you so desire! Put simply, the places you’ve travelled too aren’t all about furniture and wall paint; there’s obviously outside stuff you can draw inspiration from too!