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Taking a Late Summer Holiday? The Best Places for Fun & Sun in Europe

August 30, 2016

Many people who can’t seem to get away during the ‘normal’ peak holiday season travel in late summer to early autumn and often are left with few choices to enjoy a bit of sun before the cold late autumn weather gives way to winter. This year, why not look at some of the best places for fun and sun in Europe that tend to enjoy warmth longer in the season and are known to be destinations where you can party to your heart’s content. From the warm Mediterranean waters to the picturesque seaside streets of England’s own Cornwall, there are places to go where you can still enjoy a late summer holiday and sometimes at less the cost!

London, UK

I live in London, so I’m here all the time anyway… But September is a beautiful time of month in the city. The sticky summer humidity tends to wear off a little, but the sunshine sticks around which is just gorgeous. Spend your time eating in some of London’s outdoor bars and restaurants, and checking out some of the fun outdoor cinemas too. I’ve been meaning to head to the Luna Cinema, so definitely put that on your list!


Tuscany, Italy

For anyone who enjoys a good glass of wine, Tuscany is the holiday destination of your dreams. Walk the vineyards to see how the grapes are grown and harvested. Taste the local wines and enjoy a late evening meal under the stars or an afternoon spent by the side of a pool. Two places that are a ‘must see’ are the Piazza in Sienna and the amazing San Gimignano skyline which at night gives off radiance you wouldn’t believe unless you’ve seen it for yourself.

Crete, Greece

There is nothing quite like the Mediterranean when you are looking for some late summer sun and when it comes to late summer sun in the Mediterranean, there is nowhere quite like the island of Crete. Here you will find that the summers last much longer than back home in the UK and if you are wanting a bit of history while enjoying that much needed R&R, take a stroll past buildings done in architectural styles of the Turks and Venetians that are, to this day, still well preserved. Bask in the sun by day and stroll the streets by night – in either setting there is a natural fun-loving atmosphere that permeates the entire island – that special atmosphere that is the very essence of Crete.

Budapest, Hungary

It is said that there is no better time to visit Budapest than in the late summer days. Tourists have begun to work their way back home and so the streets and shops are nowhere near as congested as they are during the height of the summer season. In the late summer days it is still warm enough to enjoy a dip in one of the famed Széchenyi Baths or to sit in the outdoor bars of the city drinking spectacular coffee or enjoying a late evening cocktail. You’ve nowhere to go in the morning, so enjoy whilst you can!

Closer to home?

Then, if you’ve a mind to stay closer to home, there’s always the South Western tip of England, Cornwall that is noted for staying a bit warmer than the rest of the country for longer in the season. Why travel abroad when you can stay closer to home, spend less money but still have a holiday to remember always. You may have had to wait a bit longer for your holiday, so make every moment count. Enjoy, eat, drink and be merry. You’ve smaller crowds to contend with so the world is yours – make the most of it whilst it lasts.


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