The best brunch in NYC: 15 must-visit places you HAVE to try!

October 1, 2021

Are you looking for the best brunch in NYC? If so, keep reading!

So you’re looking for the best brunch in NYC!

Brunch is the perfect meal (but you already knew that!). Nestled between breakfast and lunch – it’s ideal for late-risers and early-lunchers. If you’re looking for the best brunch in NYC… Then this list is going to give you plenty of amazing places in the city to check out.

The great thing about finding the best brunch in NYC? We got to try some pretty amazing food! And we can promise you, these brunch places in NYC are going to hot the spot.

So, if you’re looking for the best brunch in NYC… You have absolutely come to the right place!

So, let’s get into it!

Here are our picks for the best brunch in NYC…

Clinton Street Baking Company

The top spot on our list of where to find the best brunch in NYC goes to Clinton Street Baking Company. This popular restaurant serves the best brunch in NYC, hands down.

With perfectly poached eggs, gorgeous smoked salmon, pancakes, and cooked breakfasts all on offer, it’s unsurprising that this place is packed to the rafters whenever you walk past.

Though they are most popular for their stacks of pancakes, the Southern breakfast place is also well worth trying. I mean, who doesn’t love grits and bacon, right? An ideal place for the best brunch in NYC.

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Chez Ma Tante

Chez Ma Tante knows what diners want. Serving the best brunch in NYC with a dedicated menu, this is one of the city’s bougiest brunch options. If you’re looking for a delicious, cooked brunch then opt for the Kedgeree.

If you’ve never had this before, it’s essentially curried rice with poached fish and salad.

It’s unique, flavorful, and well worth a try! If you’d prefer to keep things more traditional, you can order a giant stack of pancakes and a whole host of cocktails. Buttermilk pancakes and mimosas, anyone? You’ll love this choice for the best brunch in NYC.

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Ed’s Lobster Bar

If you’re a seafood lover, then you should head down to Ed’s Lobster Bar to experience the best brunch in NYC. As you might expect, the brunch foods at Ed’s are seafood-focused, so if you’re not a fan of that kind of fare, you’re best steering clear.

However, if you can’t get enough of seafood, then you’ll have a blast at this best brunch in NYC. Some of our favorite dishes are the Lobster Benedict and Ed’s Brunch Burger.

If you’d like to keep things sweet, opt for the beautifully moist Strawberry French Toast. There aren’t really any dud items on the menu here, so anything you order should hit the spot! Another amazing pick for the best brunch in NYC.

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Jacob’s Pickles

Next on our list of the best brunch in NYC, it’s Jacob’s Pickles. Jacob’s Pickles is something of a cult spot in New York, and it offers what is possibly the best brunch in NYC (if you love pickles, of course!). None of the dishes at Jacob’s specifically revolve around the humble pickle, but many dishes feature them as a welcome side.

Expect to see biscuit sandwiches, plenty of eggs, and some traditional Southern dishes on the menu here.

Even if you’re not a pickle fanatic, we highly recommend ordering some of Jacob’s Pickles. Based on this joint’s name, we feel it would almost be rude not to! Seriously, you need to try this pick for the best brunch in NYC.

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2nd Avenue Deli

2nd Avenue Deli is next on our list for the best brunch in NYC. As well as being one of the finest delis in NYC, 2nd Avenue Deli also serves up the best brunch in NYC!

Although you won’t find high-class, supremely plated dishes here, you will find delicious pastrami sandwiches, French toast, and other incredible eats.

In addition to these glorious meals, we feel that the dedicated egg menu also makes this the best brunch in NYC. Allowing customers to order omelets, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or fried eggs, it’s an egg lover’s dream.  

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If you’re looking for the best brunch in NYC that’s located outside, then you’ll just adore Cookshop. This wonderful alfresco spot is ideal for basking in the summer sun. As you may know, New York’s summertime can be extremely hot, so ordering some cool drinks and some delicious food is sure to prove the perfect remedy!

We love Cookshop not just because of its food, but because of its mission. Aiming to use all sustainable ingredients in its dishes, this is one of the most conscious and humane places that you can visit in New York.

We feel that this commitment to sustainability makes Cookshop deserving of the award: “the best brunch in NYC”!

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Rule of Thirds

Sometimes, the best brunch in NYC is the one that’s just a little bit different. At Rule of Thirds, you can expect amazing Japanese fare. You won’t find traditional eggs and bacon here. Instead, you’ll find braised pork belly, miso soups, and fluffy Japanese pancakes.

If you’ve ever wanted to try fluffy souffle pancakes, then now’s your chance! Not only are the pancakes here reasonably priced, but they’re always cooked to perfection and pillowy.

If you don’t order a plate of pancakes, we can safely say that you’re missing the best dish in the house. This is a great pick for the best brunch in NYC.

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Russ & Daughters Café 

Russ & Daughters almost always appears on lists discussing the best brunch in NYC, and it’s no surprise. This famous Jewish restaurant specializes in bagels, smoked salmon, and French toast.

However, there’s plenty on the menu here for everyone. Although we highly recommend dining in for the quaint atmosphere, you can just as easily grab the best brunch in NYC to go!

If you’re in a rush, this is a great option. Simply order, wait a short while for your food, and then head on your day of magnificent sightseeing!


Now, Miriam is truly an up-and-comer in the brunch game. However, we still feel that it’s the best brunch in NYC. This unique Israeli restaurant is packed with flavorful foods, and they somehow manage to produce the world’s most perfect poached egg every single time.

You’ll find classic brunch fare like omelets and eggs benedict here, but you’ll also find more unique dishes on the menu that are native to Israel. Don’t forget to look at the cocktail menu too.

With numerous fresh and juicy concoctions on offer, it would be rude not to have a tipple or two. This is another wonderful pick for the best brunch in NYC

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Agave is our next suggestion for the best brunch in NYC. Southwestern food is the name of the game at Agave. Equal parts restaurant and tequila bar, Agave certainly offers the best brunch in NYC for booze lovers.

Located in the West Village, this best brunch in NYC offers a bottomless, boozy brunch every single weekend.

Although you will be cut off at the 2-hour mark (boo!), you should be able to have limitless margaritas, mimosas, or wine in that time. In terms of food, you’ll be allowed to order a meal of your choice at the bottomless brunch.

Of course, if you’re not into drinking, you can just order off the a la carte menu and eat away to your heart’s content!

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Next on our list of the best brunch in NYC, it’s Beatstro. If you’re a huge fan of Southern food, then you need to try this best brunch in NYC.

Serving up classics like fried chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits, you’ll get more than a taste of classic Southern hospitality at this fantastic eatery. If you’re craving mimosas, then you’ll absolutely want to opt for their boozy brunch. 

For a mere $20, you’ll be able to drink sangrias and mimosas for 90 minutes without fuss. Of course, you should always know your limits. However, we can’t deny that this is an incredible deal. 

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Café Mogador

Moroccan food takes center stage at Café Mogador, which is why it’s next on our list of the best brunch in NYC. Located at Saint Marks Place, this amazing café serves up fresh, flavorful food that never disappoints.

With homemade hummus, grilled halloumi, and mezze among the top brunch items, you’ll be in for a Moroccan feast fit for a king here.

Having originally opened in 1983, the staff here know their way around food. Due to the incredible flavors, friendly atmosphere, and unbeatable prices, this is absolutely the best brunch in NYC. 

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If you’re looking for a more traditional best brunch in NYC, then you should opt for a visit to Dante NYC. Serving up classics like sourdough toast and eggs, this is the place to visit for delicious brunch food that you know and love. However, you shouldn’t stop at the savory eats.

There are freshly baked sweet treats each day at Dante, with the homemade scones and fresh pastries being amongst the favorites. Don’t just take our word for it though, dine in and experience the best brunch in NYC for yourself!

Joseph Leonard

Joseph Leonard is a classic American dining spot that serves up good food at great prices. Home to the best brunch in NYC, this brunch spot is the epitome of casual neighborhood dining. Although everything on the menu is delicious, we highly recommend the Avocado Toast, Croque Madame and Baguette French Toast.

The menu for brunch isn’t extensive, but each dish is perfectly cooked. If you’re feeling dangerous, why not order a Garibaldi or mimosa to enjoy with the best brunch in NYC? Go on, you know you want to.

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There’s nothing better than Mexican food, so why not enjoy the best brunch in NYC with a trip to Atla? This restaurant serves classic shrimp tacos, lobster-based dishes, and other Mexican favorites.

Sure, you won’t find classic brunch dishes here, but the gorgeous décor and fancy atmosphere will make this your new go-to brunch spot in no time. 

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Hopefully this list of the best brunch in NYC has been helpful!

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