Are you looking for a list of the most impressive and best castles in England to visit this year? This list should help!

If there is one thing England has in spades… It’s history and CASTLES!There are so many incredible castles in England to explore – and I’ve put some of my favourites in this list.

If you’re looking to explore some of the UK’s local history this year, then finding some of the best castles in England is a great place to start.

This list features some of my favourite castles in England, picked for their impressive architecture, or notable historic significance!

So let’s get into it! These are the best castles in England!

This is Warwick Castle (which you’ll find further down this list!)

Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire

One of the best castles in England to visit this year is Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire. The castle itself is a sight to behold, and it’s said that Katherine Parr is buried here on the castle grounds.

We do love some great royal connections when it comes to castles!

However, it’s not just the castle’s awesome royal history that makes it worth visiting. The grounds of the castle are possibly more beautiful than the castle itself.

With perfectly preened hedges and stunning, flowery gardens, it’s unsurprising that many people visit this area to relax and unwind in the castle grounds. It’s such a great choice for castles in England!

Admission to Sudeley Castle is reasonable, coming in at £16.50 for adults, and £7.50 for children. So, if you’re looking to live your best royal life, then be sure to head down for the day!

Warwick Castle, Warwick

Warwick Castle is not only one of the best castles in England to visit for its beauty, but it’s also got some great activities and extras that kids love.

This castle is old, and it’s been standing for about 950 years –impressive if we do say so ourselves.

Though some of the activities held here can be a bit cheesy, they’re great fun for the whole family. From creepy dungeons and ghost shows to excellent themed summer shows, Warwick Castle is a must-visit.

This is one of the best castles in England for activities and shows.

If you’re looking to experience the best of what the castle has to offer, then you’ll need to cough up a little bit of extra cash (if you’re looking to visit the dungeon for example).

However, we really do think it’s worth it, so consider splashing out on the full ticket if you pay Warwick Castle a visit, as it’s one of the top castles in England. 

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Corfe Castle, Dorset

Next on my list of castles in England, it’s Corfe Castle. This is another really old castle that has a great deal of history behind it.

Though a lot of the history associated with Corfe Castle is difficult to prove (as it dates to the Saxon era), some of it’s gnarly and well worth learning about!

Much of the castle itself is a bit worse for wear, but much like Stonehenge, much of this castle’s beauty lies in the fact that it was built so long ago.  Sure, this option for castles in England isn’t ‘whole’ but it is beautiful!

If you fancy it, there are some great places to stay nearby that give you some excellent castle views.

If you really want to splash out (and we’re talking over £300 a room), you can book into Castle Cottage which is only five minutes from this landmark. 

The Tower of London, London

We couldn’t write a list of the best castles in England without mentioning the Tower of London! Though you might not immediately consider this a proper castle, we can promise you, it is.

The Tower is better known as one of London’s finest fortresses (as well as one of the best castles in England), and it’s even more well-known for its gruesome history.

If you’re partial to horrible histories, then a visit to the Tower of London will be just what the doctor ordered.

Covering everything from the execution of Anne Boleyn to the stories of the Princes in the Tower, you’ll never look at the Royal Family the same way again! 

This is one of the most important historical castles in England.

Dover Castle, Kent

Dover Castle is another one of our top picks for the best castles in England. The great thing about Dover Castle is that it offers a little bit of everything.

So, whether you’re keen on Roman Britain or Churchill’s office as Prime Minister, you’ll be able to find something out about it at Dover Castle!

This place is home to a great deal of British History, so you really need to spend more than one day exploring this castle to really appreciate it. 

With entry fees around £22 for adults and £13 for kids (which makes it an affordable choice for castles in England), it’s not an unreasonable day out for the family if you’re trying to cut costs!

A family ticket will probably save you even more, so it’s certainly worth looking into as there’s plenty to do. 

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Castle is another great choice for castles in England to visit. Lindisfarne Castle certainly has the WOW factor, perched high on top of a hill, overlooking the Northumberland coastline – it’s a picture-perfect location.

This incredible looking castle was built in the 16th-century, and it’s definitely one of the most unique castles in England to visit!

Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire

Bolsover Castle is next on my list of castles in England! This Stuart Mansion was originally built as a massive entertainment venue, and it’s still got a reputation for being THE place to be.

With great views of Derbyshire on offer as well as a host of lavish rooms to explore, it’s the perfect place to visit with the family.

We highly recommend checking out the Riding House first (which makes this place unique on our list of castles in England), and then moving on to the extensive ground to let the kids run wild.

Well, not too wild, but there is a great fun play area that kids adore. 

Oh, and if you really want to be fancy, why not book in for a tearoom treat while you’re at Bolsover Castle? It’s been said that the scones with fresh cream and jam are just delightful. 

A great choice for castles in England to visit!

Middleham Castle, Yorkshire

A visit to Middleham Castle is a must if you’re heading to the Yorkshire Dales – and it’s a great option for castles in England to visit.

Known as one of the best castles in England to visit because of its awesome history (Richard III lived here once upon a time!), it’s certainly one to add to your must-see list.

This castle in England no longer has a roof, but the walls of the castle have survived well, and its ruins are truly a sight to behold.

If the castle itself wasn’t enough of a draw, you get some great views of Wensleydale from the viewing platform, so it’s a great place to visit for some photos.

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for the horse mill too! Castles in England are amazing and this is one of the top ones!

Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire

Kenilworth Castle is next on my list of castles in England to visit this year. Having been around for over 900 years, Kenilworth Castle has plenty of history to teach you about!

Whether you fancy checking out the famous Norman keep or would rather explore the majestic Great Hall, you’re sure to have an awesome time at Kenilworth Castle.

However, it’s not just the castle itself that makes it one of the castles in England to visit. Its grounds are a huge draw too! So, make sure you don’t miss them out when you book in to visit!

Windsor Castle, Windsor

Another iconic choice of castles in England has to Windsor Castle. It had to be on our list of the best castles in England!

Home to the Royal Family, this is easily one of the most iconic castles in England.

Located only 30 minutes from Central London, you can be at Windsor in a jiffy!

If you’re choosing to visit Windsor Castle, we highly recommend booking your tickets in advance. Though you can buy them on arrival, it does tend to get incredibly busy, so we recommend planning ahead.

This place has been the host of many royal weddings too – so there’s plenty of modern history as well as ancient history!

Bodiam Castle

This castle in England isn’t one of the biggest, but it is unique and that’s what I love about it! I love the little moat around the castle, and the grounds are wonderfully well kept.

In short- this is a picture-perfect choice for castles in England that you won’t want to miss!

If I had to pick one of the castles in England on this list to live in… I think this might be the castle I would choose! What do you think?

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is next on my list of the best castles in England. For me, Leeds Castle is one of the best castles in England, because it has the typical grand castle-look to it.

If you were to ask someone to draw a castle – it’d probably look something like Leeds Castle!

Interestingly though, Leeds Castle isn’t actually in the city of Leeds. It’s 5 miles southeast of Maidstone in Kent, and named for the tiny village of Leeds nearby.

Bamburgh Castle

If you’re looking for castles in England that are by the sea, then Bamburgh Castle will likely be what you’re after!

It could be argued that Bamburgh Castle is one of the most magnificent castles in England – situated right on the coast with incredible views of the ocean to enjoy.

This castle is like something out of a fairytale, and for that reason alone, it’s worth a visit.

It has also stood guard above the beautiful Northumberland coastline for over 1,400 years – which is quite an achievement!

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Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is next on my list of the best castles in England… and it’s another castle located in Northumberland.

Alnwick Castle is a pretty spectacular castle in England, it has towering walls and structures, and remains pretty intact too – so it’s ideal for exploring.

This castle in England has been around since Norman times (the 1300’s) so it’s seen it’s fair share of history! It has also seen it’s fair share of TV and movie location filming too! So you may recognise it!

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle is next on my list of the best castles in England. Lancaster Castle is actually in the heart of Lancaster, so if you’re in the city for a weekend or a day, chances are you’ll easily be able to check this place out.

Lancaster Castle has over 1000 years of history, fascinating stories weaving through history at this castle in England.

Lancaster Castle is a great choice for castles in England as it’s one of the most significant castles in the north west and a perfect place to watch history come alive!

We hope that our list of the best castles in England to visit has been useful!

As you can see, there are SO many options across the whole of the country to visit castles in England!

So you’re sure to find the perfect castle in England to explore that’s not too far from you.

If you don’t mind venturing a little further afield.. then this list of castles in Aberdeenshire is also worth checking out!

So, what are you waiting for? Get planning, history seekers and check out these castles in England!