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The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Lake Tahoe – 10 Beautiful Locations

November 26, 2020

Are you looking for dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe? Hopefully this list will let you know about all the best dog friendly places in the Lake Tahoe area.

If you want to explore Lake Tahoe but don’t wish to be shunned when you bring your favorite four-legged pal along, then never fear. Here are some of the best dog-friendly beaches you can enjoy with Rover in tow!

Though sifting through dog friendly options when you’re visiting somewhere can be arduous, we’ve made sure that you’ve got plenty of options so that you can enjoy Lake Tahoe with your pup without the headache. Here are my top picks for dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe.

By the way, this list isn’t just dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe… I’ve included some trails, hikes and lakes too.

From several trails, dog friendly parks and beaches, Lake Tahoe is a great playground for dogs that will allow you both to see the best of the area. I wanted to include a mis of dog friendly places on this list, without limiting you to only beaches!

As beaches are some of the most dog friendly places out there, we thought we’d start with some of Lake Tahoe’s most fabulous dog friendly beaches, but towards the end of the list, you’ll also find some suggestions for dog friendly lakes and nature hikes too. Variety is key, so I wanted to give you as many options as possible!

Kiva Beach

First on my list of dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe, it’s Kiva Beach. If you want to bring your dog to Lake Tahoe, try checking out Kiva Beach. Located near Baldwin Beach, here dogs can swim off-leash, but do need to be leashed on the beach.

One of Lake Tahoe’s more quiet beach spots, it’s a great choice for skittish dogs or owners that are seeking some peace and quiet! This is a perfect dog friendly beach to bring your pooch for a walk!

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Skylandia State Park and Beach

Next on my list of dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe, it’s Skylandia State Park. If you’re located in the north of Lake Tahoe, Skylandia Park and Beach is a fantastic place to visit.

A beach that’s still relatively unknown in the summer and attracting fewer visitors than some of Lake Tahoe’s other spots, it’s a great place to come year-round with your pooch.

A great time to come is during the fall and winter months, as dogs can run freely on the beaches and in the water. Though you need to make sure you stay to the dog-friendly sections of Skylandia, it’s a clear winner if you’re looking for a day out with the dog.

Definitely one of my favorite dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe!

dog friendly places lake tahoe

Patton Beach

Another great area in North Lake Tahoe is Patton Beach, and it’s one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe. A small rocky beach with great nature walks and plenty of picnic spots, it’s a dog friendly beach that lets dogs off-leash.

Fairly uncrowded in the summer months (which is a major plus!), this is a great place for a chilled-out afternoon. This dog-friendly beach in Lake Tahoe is only small, so it’s a lovely place to relax and enjoy together.

Carnelian West Beach

Next on my list of dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe, it’s Carnelian West Beach. It seems that North Lake Tahoe is the place to be for both dogs and their owners. Another fantastic spot in North Lake Tahoe is the Carnelian West Beach.

A wide beach that accepts leashed dogs, it’s got plenty of things to do. With a boating buoy area, a local restaurant and barbecues and picnic tables set out for guests, it’s a wonderful social spot for dog owners. A great option for dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe.

Zephyr Cove

A fun place for the whole family (including the family dog!), Zephyr cove is a great place to bring the dog!

You can get in a paddle boat and explore the water and the dog friendly beach with your pup. With picnic spots, barbecues and plenty of shady areas to avoid over-heated dogs, it’s the perfect spot. This is the next option for dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe.

Echo Lakes

Echo Lakes is my next suggestion for dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe. If you’re in South Lake Tahoe, there are also plenty of great dog friendly places. Echo Lakes is located near Highway 50 and is a great place for hiking enthusiasts and their dogs.

With two lakes just before Desolation Wilderness, there are some great easy hiking trails that will suit the whole family.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, The Echo Chalet has a great restaurant and parking too, which serves as an excellent pitstop in the middle of the day. This is definitely one of my top choice for dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe.

dog friendly beaches lake tahoe

Now, onto the non-beach options…

Sometimes we want to skip the beach and explore some other nature / scenery. For those days, when you’ve already explored all the dog-friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe, give one of these other dog-friendly places a try!

Carson Pass

Another spot in South Lake Tahoe is Carson Pass. Located a few miles south of South Lake Tahoe, it offers numerous trails, lakes and vistas for families and their dogs. Many of the trails allow dogs with and without leashes, so it’s freewheeling if you’ve got a high-energy pooch.

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Bijou Community Park

Centrally located and an easy place for your dog to run around should it need to let off some steam, Bijou Community Park is a popular place both with tourists and Lake Tahoe locals. Set up for the whole family, you can play volleyball, visit the bike parks, or take a look at some of the area’s exhibits.

There are fenced areas that allow dog owners to choose which spot fits their dog’s disposition best. If you’ve got a timid dog, you needn’t worry about it feeling overwhelmed!

Tahoe Ski Park

Located in Tahoe City, this is a place where dogs can enjoy the snow! Allowed to ski with you on the cross-country trails, it’s sure to be a blast for all involved!

With a few special areas where dogs can “ski” without leashes, it’s a low-cost way to do something different. In these leash-free areas, you’ll need to pay an extra $4, but we’d say it’s worth it!

Truckee River

The Truckee River Raft Company offers scenic floats down the Truckee River to River Ranch Resort. As these guys treat dogs as regular passengers, they’ll be more than welcome on any trip across the river!

A chilled way to enjoy Lake Tahoe from the water, it’s a fantastic option for dog owners.

As you can see, Lake Tahoe is incredibly dog friendly and there’s no shortage of spots for your pooch! In fact, there are plenty of dog friendly places in Lake Tahoe!

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