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the plan so far

August 19, 2012

So here’s the plan.

Pad and I will be moving to New Zealand. It’s really far away and it will take us 3 different flights, over 3 days to get to where we’ll be living. The final destination will be a place called Queenstown. I’ve never been there but Pad assures me it by far the nicest most beautiful place he’s ever been. Needless to say – there is a lot of trust going on here (and a lot of Googling – especially on my end).

We’ll be flying out on the 29th September – and after recovering in a posh hotel in Auckland for 2 days, we’ll be heading down to Queenstown where we’ll spend a few weeks in a hostel while we find somewhere to live. We actually already applied to a gorgeous little house (I say little – it’s not though. It’s about 3 bedrooms, balcony, lake views…. ski storage) but we’re not sure if our application will get accepted what with us never having viewed the place and currently being situated half way across the globe. But fingers crossed, you never know.

We plan to live there for a while, whilst exploring the sights and sounds of Australia and New Zealand – which will hopefully include Sydney harbour for New Years Eve and various other exciting things such as whale watching, and Tasmania. After we’ve saved up enough money (we’ll both be working freelance while we’re over there) we plan on seeing as much as the world as humanly possibly on the budget we’ll have (hopefully) managed to scrape together.

We’ll hopefully visit:

– Australia

– Tasmania

– Fiji

– Singapore

– Bali

– Thailand

– Vietnam (?)

– China

– Hawaii (?)

– San Francisco

– Seattle


– Texas

– Florida


– Mexico (?)

– New York


Of course – this is all highly dependant on budget – and the locations with (?) are probably the first to be cut unfortunately as they’re either a little off-route or just hard to get to. And of course – Vegas has to come last – because whatever we have left will pretty much be spent / gambled there. Maybe if we win big, we’ll start the whole loop again – but as I’ve never played poker – and I’m doubtful of Pad’s poker face, this probably won’t be a reality. Sad times. Maybe I’ll start playing online poker to up our odds.


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