10 things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer

January 27, 2020

Are you looking for things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer?

Lots of people assume the Austrian Alps are a winter-only destination, but it’s just not true! The Austrian Alps make an amazing destination for a summer vacation, and there is so much to do in the Austrian Alps in summer. Here I’ll list out some fo my favourite things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer, I hope you find it inspiring!

Visit Lake Lünersee

First on my list of things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer… This stunning lake is one of the largest lakes in the Eastern Alps, and it’s such a stunning place to visit in the Austrian Alps in the summertime. It’s a destination that’s great for couples, families, hikers, and nature-lovers, and there is so much to see and do around the lake in the summer including hiking, climbing, fishing and swimming.

Lake Lünersee is also a great starting point for many summer hikes around (and up to) the Schesaplana. It’s all of these things combined that make this one of the best things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer.

Things to do in the Austrian alps in Summer...

The lakes in the Austrian Alps are actually one of the main reasons to visit Austria in the summer time. If you only have a day to explore the Austrian Alps, then I really recommend taking a private tour of the lakes. This ‘Austrian Lakes and Salzburg Private Tour from Vienna‘ by Get Your Guide is a brilliant way to squeeze in a trip to the alps and have the luxury of your own private tour guide.

Do a ‘Sound of Music’ tour

Next on my list of things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer…. If you’re a musical fan, then you know the pure magic of Sound of Music. A lot of the movie was filmed in the Austrian Alps in the heart of summer, so taking a ‘Sound of Music’ tour in the height of the Austrian summer is a perfect time to see the filming locations. You can do a Sound of Music tour from most places within the Austrian Alps, but the most popular starting point is usually Vienna, so if you only plan on visiting the Austrian alps for a day, this is the perfect way to see them!

The particular tour I recommend going on is the ‘Sound of Movies Musical Tour to Salzburg‘ by Get Your Guide. It includes a hotel pick-up, and a guided tour to so many of the movie’s filming locations, including the alpine lakes, Hellbrunn Park, Salzburg, and the Mondsee to St. Michael Church.

Things to do in the Austrian alps in Summer!

Grossglockner National Park

One of the Austrian Alps’ most stunning National Parks, this incredible place is home to the the Grossglockner Mountain (Austria’s highest mountain!). The Grossglockner is 3,798 metres above sea level (woah!) and it’s absolutely stunning. Whether you visit the national park for a day and drive through it, or whether you stay for a weekend – it’s a stunning place to spend some time if you’re looking to visit the Austrian Alps in the summer.

There are hikes, viewing platforms, cafes, hotels, nature-lookouts – there is so much do to here in the summertime!

Things to do in the Austrian alps in the Summer

Tyrolean Ötztal Valley

There’s a huge amount of diversity for activities in Tyrolean Ötztal Valley during the summer months in Austria. Although Tyrolean Ötztal Valley is known for being a winter destination, it’s actually an incredible place to visit during the summer months too. There are amazing bikes trials, hiking trials and even a high-ropes course for the more adventurous amongst you!

Austrian alps in Summer

Explore Innsbruck

Next up on my list of things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer, is Innsbruck. In the winter, Innsbruck is a cosy winter getaway – but in the summer time it’s a beautiful summer mountain resort! I love the buildings in Innsbruck, their colourful facades and beautiful architecture get me every time. It’s a stunning city to enjoy whilst you explore local shops, eat dinner al fresco, and admire the stunning scenery around you.

Things to do in the Austrian alps in Summer.

The city pass include entrance to loads of attractions and also includes public transport – so it is pretty useful to purchase if you’re staying there for a few days. I also recommend the cable car in Innsbruck too – the views from the top are fantastic!

Take a boat ride in Millstätter See (Lake Millstatt)

If you fancy a more relaxing boat ride (as opposed to the rafting mentioned above) then a nice relaxed boat ride in the Millstätter See is a gorgeous way to spend a summer day in the Austrian Alps. This is actually one of the most popular holiday destinations for summertime, because the lake provides such a lovely and scenic base for travellers and tourists. There’s lots to do on the lake (as well as a boat ride) so it’s a great place to set as your base if you want a few days in one place.

Schattberg X-Press Gondola

Next on my list of things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer, it’s the Schattberg X-press! This cable car / gondola station is located in the centre of Saalbach, and once on-board you’re whisked up to the dizzying heights of nearby mountains to enjoy the incredible views and panoramics. It’s truly stunning, and a way to capture some great photographs too (for those photography enthusiasts reading!). There are a few hikes that you can take from the top, some bike trails, and a playground for children.

Things to do in the Austrian alps in Summer

White water rafting at The Ötztaler Ache

Next on my list of things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer, something for the adrenaline seekers! If you love fast-paced sports and activities, then Austria has so many to offer during the summer time. One of the most popular choices is white water rafting at The Ötztaler Ache – which many people claim is one of the best rafting experiences in Europe. The views as you zoom down the rapids are just breathtaking too!

Salzkammergut salt mines

And last on my list of things to do in the Austrian Alps in Summer, the quirky Salzkammergut is home to lots of wonderful ways to spend time in the summer but the salt mine is a rare sight to see. I really recommend this ‘Salzkammergut: Salt Mine, Lakes, and Mountain Tour‘ – it has a good variety of activities and it’s good value for money too!

During your tour you’ll pop on some traditional miners’ clothes (great for photo opportunities!) and then take the traditional miners’ train deep inside the mountain. Once inside, you’ll find the fascinating underground world of the salt-miners, and the almost magical world of the salt pools. It’s like something from a fairy tale or fictional book!

Things to do in the Austrian alps in Summer...

I hope this list of things to do in the Austrian alps in Summer is helpful for planning your vacation! Austria is so beautiful, especially in the summer time – you’ll love every second!


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