If you’ve stumbled across this blog post, you’re looking for info on pee funnels – Here I’ll fill you in on the best ones available.  

The best pee funnels for female travelers & hikers

If you’re looking for information on pee funnels, chances are you love hiking and you love travelling – but you don’t love the ‘getting your bare bum out for all to see’ aspect of peeing. I’m with you!

Though hiking is undeniably one of the most amazing natural experiences in the world, mother nature will always call upon those trekking through the glorious wilderness. If you’re a man, you’ll find that you have little trouble taking care of that pesky urge in the middle of nowhere.

However, for women, things can be slightly more problematic. 

But luckily, that’s where pee funnels can help, and hopefully, if you’re reading this blog post, you’ll be able to find the right pee funnel for you and your next adventure.

pee funnels

If you ask any woman about peeing in the woods, they’ll tell you that it’s a major challenge. Between getting your angles right, remaining discreet and trying not to make any fatal errors with your stream aim, it’s a definite struggle. In addition to this, you don’t want to accidentally squat on the wrong shrub and end up with a case of poison ivy… (that’s a real issue!).

Then there’s the whole ‘what if a bear sneaks up on you and you have to run away with your pants down’ issue…. That’s apparently a thing too.

Let’s face it, pee funnels are one of the handiest little inventions. A great little contraption that has been a godsend to women everywhere, these little gadgets are a good idea for female travellers and hikers everywhere.

What exactly is a pee funnel and how does a pee funnel work?

Though pee funnels are relatively self-explanatory, they’re true feats of design. 

In their simplest form, pee funnels are straw or funnel-shaped plastic extenders that allow women to pee like men do (and by that, I mean, standing up). As a result, pee funnels allow women to pee standing, wearing pants, or even stuck in a climbing harness. 

Designed to help women answer nature’s call without having their shorts around their ankles, pee funnels are the perfect addition to a female backpacker’s arsenal. Keep reading to learn all the reasons and contexts a pee funnel can really help a woman out (there’s more than you’d think to be honest!).

best pee funnels for female travelers & hikers

What are the best pee funnels out there for female travellers/hikers?

Though there are many different styles of pee funnel on the market, we’ve listed some of our favourite ones below to get you started.

Any of these will certainly do the trick, and you’ll notice the main differences are either in price or slight design changes.

Top Tip!

I always recommend to buy 2 separate pee funnels to begin with, from two different brands, and try them both out. Because a lot of brand differ slightly in shape and design, you’ll find that you’ll have a natural preference towards one of them, as it’s often little design differences that make a big difference to the experience of using them.

Buying two means that you can test them both out and realise which you prefer. And it also means you have a back-up just in case.

Do disposable pee funnels exist?

Yes they do! I’d actually really recommend these ones by SaniGirl or PeeBuddy, if you’re looking for a disposable version of the pee funnel.

You might want to take disposable ones with, especially if you don’t think there will be places to wash out the pee funnel along the trip, or if there are several women taking the hike / trip, and you think it’d be beneficial for everyone to have affordable access to pee funnels if they need them.

So, why are pee funnels a good idea for female travellers and hikers?

It’s about practicality

A big appeal of using the pee funnel, is practicality. Though many women find it reasonable to pull down their pants and pee in public behind a bush, this is not always possible. For example, if you’re stuck inside a harness, you can’t simply drop trou and get a good stream going.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to find a way around those many wires and trappings to sort yourself out! Though you can give a squat a good go in these instances, we don’t recommend soiling your climbing equipment if you can avoid it, which is where a pee funnel definitely comes in handy.

why use pee funnels

It’s about privacy

In addition to the reason above, you may just not want to show your bare behind to your hiking troupe. We can safely say that bathroom duties should be afforded a level of privacy, so if you absolutely can’t avoid peeing in the woods, you can simply turn away from the group and pee away without exposing yourself.

Some women will be absolutely fine with squatting and peeing wherever (in view or not) but some won’t. For those women, the pee funnel offers them a bit more privacy and ease of mind when peeing.

It’s about speed

However, whether you’re shy or not, it’s nice to just quickly take care of a pee without having to engage in a song and dance as you shuffle out of your gear… Pee funnels let you take care of yourself quickly and effortlessly (and without worrying too much either).

Let’s not forget about weather conditions

Now, it’s not exactly pleasant to pee in the middle of a blizzard, nor will it be practical to. So, if you don’t fancy popping out to drop a squat whilst battling the elements, then a pee funnel will prove an extremely good idea for female travellers.

Whether you don’t wish to leave the warmth of your tent or simply want to pick and choose where you pee, you’ll be grateful for the assistance.

Oh, and of course, it’s more hygienic

It’s no secret that women are more prone to urinary tract issues than men are. Unfortunately, we just have an anatomical makeup that lets pesky bacteria into our systems more easily than you’d expect. If you want to keep things clean down there whilst hiking and avoid any UTIs or yeast infections, you’re best taking every hygiene precaution you can on the trails. 

With less contact time with the environment needed with a pee funnel, they’re a no-brainer for female travellers and hikers.

Helps you stay hydrated

The less worried you are about peeing (and pee funnels will help with this) the more water you’ll drink (and staying hydrated is so important!). We all know that feeling, when you’re on a certain walk or hike, and you just hold off on drinking water because you’re not sure when the next chance you’ll have to pee is.

Having a pee funnel handy will ensure you can literally pee anywhere – so staying hydrated is no longer an issue.

It’s also good for emergencies

Finally, in my list of why pee funnels are useful… they’re great for emergencies, for example, if you can’t leave your tent. Now, sometimes you’re stuck in truly dreadful weather and you simply cannot leave your tent for your own safety. Though it may seem a grim prospect, a pee funnel can be siphoned into a bottle for an absolute emergency bathroom solution.

With the funnels able to fit into most bottles, you’ll be able to relieve yourself without danger if you’re stuck in a freak storm. In these cases, we obviously recommend getting a GREAT seal on the bottle with the funnel before you start to go…

How do you use a pee funnel?

I’m assuming, as you’re already searching for pee funnels, you know how they work and how to use them. But incase you stumbled on this post by accident, you might not fully understand yet how you actually use one.

I think the best way to understand how a pee funnel works, is by watching one of the many videos out there that explain how to use one in detail, and also gives lots of useful tips too.

Top tip!

Before you head out on your big adventure, make sure you practise using the pee funnel at home a few times beforehand. It’s weird as a female, learning to pee standing up (and it can take a bit of getting used to).

Hopefully you’ve managed to find the perfect pee funnel for you!

Now that you have all the information you need to know about pee funnels and why they’re a good idea for female travellers and hikers, go forth and pee in the woods freely!