Are you looking for the top 10 places to try tubing in Texas? If so, keep reading!

If you’re looking to try out tubing in texas, we think you’re going to find this list really useful! Whether you’re new to tubing, or an expert – this article will give you the top 10 places to try tubing in Texas!

So, let’s get into it!

Here are our favorite places to go tubing in Texas!

Guadalupe River

One of the best places to try tubing in Texas is the Guadalupe River. This tops our list as it’s large, gentle, and perfect for floating.

Not only is the Guadalupe River basically built for tubing, but it just so happens to be one of the most wonderful beauty spots in Texas. Lined with gorgeous cypress trees and running for approximately 230 miles, this river is ideal for some casual tubing in Texas. 

As the currents here are so mild, you can easily tube down the river with snacks and drinks in hand. Although it sounds ridiculous, Texan residents love holding a beer as they coast down the Guadalupe River.

It may not be a traditional approach to tubing, but it’s certainly one of the most enjoyable! 

Out of all the places to try tubing in Texas, we’d say that this is the most popular. If you’re wondering why, it’s down to both convenience and cool water. Due to the lake’s length, you can pretty much jump in at any convenient point from central Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. Also, the cool temperature of the water here makes it perfect for a dip on a hot summer’s day. 

So, whether you’re totally new to the activity or a seasoned professional, the Guadalupe River is the perfect place to go tubing in Texas.

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Comal River

Some people consider the Comal River as part of the Guadalupe River, but it’s actually one of its tributaries. If you happen to be traveling near New Braunfels, then be sure to stop by the Comal River for a spot of tubing in Texas.

Now, if you’re looking for aesthetic tubing in Texas, then you really can’t do better than this river. With its crystal-clear waters and extensive greenery, it’s one of the more beautiful spots for tubing in Texas.

Although you won’t be able to stay on your tube for several hours like on the Guadalupe River, it’s an ideal choice for newbies or those who can’t dedicate the whole day to tubing.

This tributary is around 3 miles long, so you’ll be able to float for a decent distance before hitting the famous sandbars for a snack and a drink. Shady, short, and sweet, this is one of our top picks for tubing in Texas. 

San Marcos River

Ah, the San Marcos River. In our opinion, this incredible spot is one of the top places for tubing in Texas. If you’re wondering what makes it so popular, let us fill you in. 

Not only is this area close to Texas State University (three cheers for the college crowd!), but it’s well-known for its insanely clear waters and amazing surroundings. The area is incredibly green, and the side banks are littered with trees that gently shade the area without being intrusive. 

The river isn’t ridiculously deep, but it gives you enough depth for a spot of snorkeling. Outside of being one of the most popular spots for tubing in Texas, the San Marcos River is also one of the top spots for general water activities.

There’s a glass bottom boat tour that runs quite regularly, so if you tire of tubing in Texas, you know where to head for something different! 

Frio River

When you first see the Frio River, you’ll probably be taken aback by its beauty. There are several gorgeous spots for tubing in Texas, but if you’re looking for stunning landscapes, you can’t beat this area. The river is cold during the summer, which makes it the perfect escape from the brutal Texas heat.

Due to the calm waters and low temperatures, this is one of spots for tubing in Texas that welcomes visitors to take a dip. With a rock bottom and clear waters, you’ll easily be able to see through to the bottom of the riverbed. 

The Frio River is ideal for tubing in Texas, but it’s also a great place to explore in general. Located close to Garner State Park, you’ll be able to jump out at any point for a hike.

Not only will you dry off in a jiffy, but you’ll be treated to the area’s unique flora and fauna. It’s perfectly safe to hike here, but we do recommend carrying a pair of sturdy hiking boots if you plan on walking for long periods. 

Brazos River

If you happen to be heading to Caddo this summer, then you should definitely hit the Brazos River for some awesome tubing in Texas. It’s more frequently visited by canoeists and kayakers, but the Brazos River also sees its fair share of tubers!

Before we go any further, we thought we’d mention that the Brazos River is a decent distance from any major cities. So, if you’re looking to pop over from Dallas or Austin, then you’ll be out of luck. However, because of this, it’s also one of the less crowded areas for tubing in Texas. 

We highly recommend visiting the Brazos River during mid-summer, as you’ll get the best weather and experience decent water levels. What’s more, there are plenty of great RV parks and cabins nearby if you fancy extending your tubing adventure!

Trinity River

The Trinity River is pretty remote, so it’s the perfect option for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of more metropolitan areas. Located relatively close to Dallas, this is an ideal option for travelers that are looking for an exciting day trip from the big city.

This is certainly one of the best spots for tubing in Texas, but the Trinity River also has some interesting offerings that you won’t find elsewhere.

If you’re visiting in June, you’ll find the Rockin’ River Concert series running. During the series, you’ll be able to experience top-class live music while you float down the river. It’s seen as an amazing thing to do on the Trinity River by both tourists and locals, so don’t miss out! 

Medina River

Are you on the hunt for a romantic spot for tubing in Texas? If so, be sure to check out the Medina River. Equal parts scenic and exciting, this incredible river boasts a 120-mile float length. Of course, we don’t recommend floating down the entire river, but you can select a section and go to town!

The main reason the Medina River makes our list of the top places for tubing in Texas is down to its privacy and isolation. We don’t recommend tubing in the nude, but you could probably get away with it in this isolated area! 

If you have time to spare, why not visit the town of Bandera while you’re here? Packed with great things to do and friendly local folks, it’s the perfect way to round off a day of tubing in Texas. 

Colorado River

The Colorado River is huge, so it’s unsurprising that it’s made its way onto our list of the best places to try tubing in Texas.

Flowing through seven states, this river offers several entry points for curious travelers. With a mild flow and gorgeous waters, this is definitely one of our favorite spots for tubing in Texas!

If you get tired during your float, you can stop at one of the many sandbars located along the banks of the river. There isn’t much space between each one, so there are plenty of options for a bite to eat or a cheeky cocktail. 

South Llano River

If you don’t fancy visiting the Colorado River itself, then why not check out one of its tributaries?

The South Llano River has long been considered one of the finest spots for tubing in Texas, so it’s unsurprising that it’s made its way onto our list!

Although it’s more popular among fly-fishing enthusiasts, the South Llano River is frequented by tubing fans too. 

If you’re not sure where to enter on your tube, we’d say the South Llano River State Park entrance or Boone’s Crossing are both safe and effective points. With very mild currents, a short length, and plenty of exit points, this is a spot for tubing in Texas that will suit the whole family! 

Pedernales River

The final spot on our list of the best places to try tubing in Texas is the Pedernales River. Located near Texas Hill Country Pedernales Falls State Park, this river offers top-tier natural landscapes to enjoy during your float.

Despite being a very popular place for tubing in Texas, there’s actually nowhere to rent equipment at the State Park. Therefore, we highly recommend picking up some equipment from one of the many rental spots nearby. 

Once you’ve had your fill of tubing in Texas, why not head to the State Park for some good ol’ fashioned hiking? There are several trails that head through the surrounding area and we feel they’re not to be missed. 

We hope that our guide to tubing in Texas has been useful!

As you can see, there are plenty of great spots for tubing in Texas that will take your breath away. With locations all over the state, there’s sure to be somewhere that floats your boat (or tube, as it were!).

Do you have any favorite spots for tubing in Texas? Feel free to let us know!