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Top 11 Nicest Towns in New Jersey – The Best Places to Live in New Jersey

November 23, 2020

Are you looking for the nicest towns in New Jersey to visit or move to? Whatever the reason, this is the ultimate list…

There are so many beautiful places to live in Jersey, in fact, there are so many nice towns in New Jersey to explore.

New Jersey is full of beautiful towns, from well-known tourist attractions to those magical hidden gems!

So, if you’re looking for your next trip destination or are thinking of laying down roots somewhere, we’ve rounded up the nicest towns in New Jersey so that you don’t have to!

With smaller towns and more populated areas making a mark on our list, you may just find a place that you’ve never considered visiting before. So here’s my list of the best New Jersey towns.

So, settle in, and let’s get started!

Cape May

Not only is Cape May one of the nicest towns in New Jersey, but it also happens to be America’s oldest seaside resort!

With an amazing cultural scene that features music, festivals, and theater across the year, it’s a top entertainment spot that shouldn’t be missed.

If you are here for the festivities, then try to align your visit with the Cape May Music Festival. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! 

So, if you want some family-friendly fun as well as some great architecture and history, then Cape May should be on your list of places to visit in New Jersey. 

Top 11 Towns in New Jersey


One of the nicest towns in New Jersey is, without a doubt, Allentown.

As well as having a super-rich history that remains in the form of an Old Mill, Allentown is full of craft shops, amazing restaurants, and a hopping downtown district.

If you can’t get enough of antiques, then Allentown is also one of the best places in New Jersey to shop for bargains.

Whether it’s vintage clothing or old-timey décor that you’re looking for, Allentown has it all. This is one of the New Jersey towns you certainly won’t want to miss!

Towns in New Jersey


Another place on our list of the nicest towns in New Jersey that’s ripe with antiques is Lambertville. In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as the “antiques capital of New Jersey”!

However, it’s not only antiques that will pique your interest here. Oh no, Lambertville has far more to offer than that, which is why it makes my list of the best towns in New Jersey.

Lambertville also has some amazing historical attractions that are worth the trip alone.

Whether you fancy checking out the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead museum that looks into the lives of New Jersians in the 18th and 19th centuries or want to explore the Howell Living History Farm, there’s so much to do here that will shed light on how our ancestors lived. 

Once you’ve had your fill of history and antiquing, be sure to hit the local shops!

With quaint boutiques and unique small businesses to be found on every corner, Lambertville should be at the top of your list of towns to visit in New Jersey. 

Top Towns in New Jersey

Spring Lake

Next on my list of the best towns in New Jersey, it’s Spring Lake. If you want to eat your way through New Jersey, then you need to have Spring Lake on your list.

With some of the best eateries around, you certainly won’t be disappointed in Spring Lake’s finest fare. However, what makes Spring Lake one of the nicest towns in New Jersey isn’t its food, but its atmosphere.

With a stunning boardwalk that never feels too crowded and an equally gorgeous beachfront, Spring Lake is an amazing place to visit for city dwellers that just need a break! 

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New Jersey towns


If you’re looking for a picturesque town, then Frenchtown should be on the top of your list the best towns in New Jersey. This place is gorgeous!

Deemed to be one of the nicest towns in New Jersey on account of its lovely architecture and quaint shopping district, Frenchtown will not disappoint.

If you’re looking for a town in New Jersey to visit on a couples’ retreat, then this is one of our top picks.

With lovely country views and numerous places to stay that just scream romance, Frenchtown is a great vacay spot for couples that need some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life – and it’s a perfect choice for those looking for a quiet relaxing New Jersey towns to live in.

best new jersey towns

Red Bank

If you’re interested in the arts, then Red Bank will be one of the nicest towns in New Jersey for you to visit! If you’re in town, then don’t miss the Count Basie Center for the Arts.

Offering great performances year-round for the community, it’s one of the most unique places to visit in all of New Jersey.

If the arts scene isn’t quite what you’re after, then don’t fret, as Red Bank has plenty more to offer! Though it’s not necessarily known for its scenic beauty, Red Bank is home to a gorgeous park called Riverside Gardens Park.

Whether you fancy throwing stones along the Navesink River or just want to have a picnic and a walk along the riverbank, you’ll be blown away by just how nice this town in New Jersey is.

Top 10 Towns in New Jersey


Next up on my list of the best towns in New Jersey, it’s Chester. Chester is absolutely one of the nicest towns in New Jersey. For starters, we highly recommend checking out this area’s bustling shops, restaurants, and galleries.

We truly meant it when we say that there are endless things to do in Chester. So, whether you love to relax with a great ice cream cone or prefer to flex those retail muscles, there’s so much to do in Chester to suit you. 

However, what you absolutely NEED to check out in Chester is the stunning Grist Mill. Open for tours from April through October, this place is a must-visit for any tourist.

If you’ve got any energy left after touring the wonderful mill, why not check out one of the many trailheads in the area?

Though these trails will bowl over nature lovers, even less outdoorsy types will find plenty to love on one of these hikes. This is such a gorgeous New Jersey town to explore or live in!

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Located only 10 miles from Pennsylvania’s border, this stunning town (though small!) is packed with charm.

Though this place is home to several amazing farmers markets, local stores, and amazing walks, it’s the history here that makes this one of the nicest towns in New Jersey.

If you choose to pay this place a visit, be sure to check out the Indian King Tavern Museum. Though it may not look that noteworthy from the outside, this is one of New Jersey’s most important historical attractions!

As the site where New Jersey was declared independent in 1777, it should certainly be on your list of places to visit in Haddonfield.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, there are a great number of historical buildings, fossils, and other secret bits and pieces to uncover here.

So, whether you’re in Haddonfield for a day or a week, you’re certain to uncover some amazing things to do here!

West Orange

Next on my list of the best towns in New Jersey, West Orange, which is a suburban township in central Essex County.

West Orange is a popular choice for those who want a ‘suburb feel’ – and it’s a really popular location for settling down and buying a family home… Because the homes in the area are so scenic and pretty!

West Orange towns in new jersey

North Arlington

Another popular town in New Jersey… also because of it’s community feel and proximity to the Big Apple.

This popular and scenic suburb of New Jersey is only 15 miles from NYC’s financial district, so it’s obviously a popular choice for those looking to move out of the city, but still commute.


Last on my list of towns in New Jersey, it’s Ridgewood. Ridgewood is a stunning suburb in New Jersey that’s absolutely packed with Victorian homes.

If you love architecture from that period, then you’ll likely consider it to be one of the nicest towns in New Jersey after your visit!

What we love about Ridgewood, is that it can be a great peek into how the other half lives. Don’t get us wrong, we love to people watch, and as houses here cost a pretty penny, checking out the locals can be a great way to spend an afternoon!

With great little parks and a bunch of lovely walks to embark on, this is a stunning place to decompress after visiting some of New Jersey’s more bustling areas, and it’s a beautiful choice if you’re looking for scenic towns in New Jersey to visit or live in!

best towns in New Jersey
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Hopefully, this list of towns in New Jersey has been helpful!

Whether you’re looking for towns in New Jersey to vacation, or whether you’re looking for somewhere to move to… Hopefully, this list of towns in New jersey gives you lots of useful ideas!

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