TOP 15 Best Desserts in Las Vegas – The Ultimate List

August 21, 2020

Are you looking for the best desserts in Las Vegas? This city has it all… Including amazing sweet stuff! Here are my top picks!

the best desserts in las vegas

If you have a sweet tooth, then you may find yourself seeking out the best desserts and sweet treats when you head on vacation.

However, seeking out signature desserts cakes is not the easiest of tasks, and sometimes the best goodies are tucked away in tiny local stores. Here are my top picks for the best desserts in Las Vegas.

So, to make sure you’ve picked the best possible desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth – I’ve compiled a list of the best desserts in Las Vegas so that you can balance the bright lights of the city with some truly delicious food.

So, whether you’re looking to sample the chocolate Frank Sinatra hat cake or the world’s most decadent fortune cookie, look no further, as we’ve got the skinny on Las Vegas’s sweet hidden gems. 

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Giant Fortune Cookie at Tao Asian Bistro

First up on my list of the best desserts in Las Vegas, it’s the Giant Fortune Cookie at Tao Asian Bistro! If you’re a fan of the humble fortune cookie, then be sure to check out this hefty derivation at Tao Asian Bistro. Filled with dark chocolate mousse and topped with delicious fresh fruit, this is a fortune cookie that certainly packs a punch.

However, be careful when opening those fortunes, as they tend to be a little on the NSFW side… Check out this video to see this amazing dessert in all it’s glory!

Titanic Sundae at Carmine’s

You must already be sold on the name of this epic and best dessert in Las Vegas! It says it all! Now, if you love ice cream, then be prepared for the sundae that will end all sundaes at Carmine’s Las Vegas!

Guaranteed to give you a massive sugar hangover, the Titanic Sundae certainly lives up to its name. Featuring six massive scoops of ice cream that lie on a chocolate torte, this gargantuan dessert is finished with hot fudge, fruit, and delectable whipped cream. Unless you’re an absolute dessert fiend, we highly recommend sharing this one!

the best desserts in Las Vegas

Lemon Ricotta Cookies at Pronto by Giada

Next up on my list of the best desserts in Las Vegas, it’s Lemon Ricotta Cookies! Yum! Lemon desserts are often underrated, so we felt the need to include these Lemon Ricotta Cookies from Giada on our list of the best desserts in Las Vegas.

Packed with lemon and creamy ricotta cheese, these tangy treats are delicious as an afternoon pick-me-up. Though they’re quite indulgent, the lack of heavy ingredients makes this a dessert that won’t leave you feeling bogged down. 

Black Tap Crazy Shakes

Black Tap is one of the hottest food places to have opened up in recent years on the strip, and it’s all about fun and flavour. Their crazy shakes are NEXT LEVEL (even for Vegas!) and some even feature full sized slices of cakes as a garnish!

Sound crazy right? It’s also mega delicious, and you won’t be able to resist ordering one or two when you visit there! The only difficult decision is choosing which flavour to go for!

top 15 the best desserts in Las Vegas

Sticky Toffee Pudding at Gordon Ramsay Steak

I LOVE this addition to my list of best desserts in Las Vegas. Being from the UK, sticky toffee pudding is a MUST on any trip (if I can find one nearby!).

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants have long been known for their decadence and high-quality food, and Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas is no exception. If you’re after a classic British dessert, be sure to check out the sticky toffee pudding.

Deliciously gooey and the perfect way to end a meal, it’s a no-brainer and absolutely one of the best desserts that Las Vegas has to offer. This is definitely one of the most unmissable and best desserts in Las Vegas.

Here’s a video just to make your mouth water!

Italian Rainbow Cake

Of course we had to include a rainbow cake in our list of best desserts in Las Vegas! A great addition to the list of the best desserts in Las Vegas is yet another entry from Pronto by Giada.

Now, a rainbow is a great way to brighten anybody’s day, so be sure to head over to grab a slice of this delectable dessert. Giada has created a truly immense layer cake, and with light buttercream that just bursts through the bouncy sponge, you’ll be in heaven. 

list of the best desserts in Las Vegas

24-Layer cake at Strip House

One dessert that we absolutely had to include on our list is the famous 24-layer cake that’s available at Strip House in Vegas’s Planet Hollywood Resort. Featuring 12 layers of cake and 11 layers of buttercream, this intensely chocolate delight is a must-try if you’re heading to Sin City.

Though the slices of this cake are undoubtedly huge, it shouldn’t put you off, as it’s certainly one of the best desserts in Las Vegas!

the best desserts in Las Vegas, nevada

Flower Pot Cake at Jardin

Next on my list of the best desserts in Las Vegas, it’s the Flower Pot Cake at Jardin. One of the most beautiful desserts in Las Vegas must be the “Fleur” cake that’s served at Jardin.

Looking much like a real flower, this delicious cake contains raspberry jam, layers of sponge, and chocolate mousse. By far the most popular dessert order at this restaurant, it’s certainly decadent and memorable!

the best desserts in Las Vegas

Snickers Bread Pudding

Though you may be familiar with a traditional bread pudding, you’re likely not well-acquainted with Vegas’s solution to the famous dessert. For pure originality, this has to make my list of the best desserts in Las Vegas.

At Hash House, you can order a Snickers Bread Pudding – yes, you heard that right! With an entire Snickers bar mixed into the pudding, this luxurious dessert is one that you’re best arriving hungry for…

top desserts in las vegas

Sinatra Hat at Sinatra

You don’t get much more “Vegas” than Sinatra… So the famous Sinatra dessert at The Wynn had to make my list of the best desserts in Las Vegas! Just one look at this dessert (see the photo below!) will show you why it made this list of epic dessert choices in the city!

Accompany your evening with a night of jazz downtown, and we think you’ve had the ultimate Sinatra night out!

luxury desserts in las vegas

Churro Fried Ice Cream Pops

Another delicious addition to my list of best desserts in Las Vegas…. If you’re a fan of the humble churro, then you’re sure to love Chica’s Churro Fried Ice Cream Pops.

One of the best desserts in Las Vegas for Mexican flavour, these caramel churro ice cream pops come coated in cinnamon sugar! We’re warning you though, these bad boys are guaranteed to give you a major sugar rush.

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Cheesecake Challenge at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar

Though you don’t really receive any major reward for ‘winning’ this challenge, this next idea on my list of best desserts in Las Vegas is definitely something to write home about.

This challenge requires diners to consume half a cheesecake that’s littered with potato chips, pretzels, and hot fudge. Absolutely the best dessert in Las Vegas for daredevils, we encourage you to document this one for future reference!

A dessert buffet spread!

Did you even really experience Las Vegas, if you didn’t indulge at a Vegas buffet? Las Vegas buffet’s are unlike anything else in the world… there is so much choice and it’s a dessert-lovers ideal situation! I promise!

Most Las Vegas buffets have entire sections dedicated to desserts, and you’ll find mini desserts by the bucket load to choose from! You’ll also lickly find ice cream, muffins, sundaes… you name it.

Chocolate Terrarium at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

If you’re lookinf for one of the best desserts in Las Vegas that oozes sophistication and elegance… this is the one for you. This dessert looks like something from Beauty and the Beast, and has a gorgeous fairytale feel to it.

Centred around chocolate and delicious rich flavours, this dessert is surprising, unexpected and beautifully subtle. This dessert from Rose Rabbit Lie is unmissable!

the best desserts in las vegas

Anything from the Donut Bar

Last up on my list of the best desserts in Las Vegas, it’s the Big Poppa Tart! Everyone loves donuts, and the Donut Bar in Las Vegas has fully capitalised on the fried dough phenomenon. Anything from there is pretty epic, so you can’t really go wrong.

Serving up huge donuts called Big Poppa Tarts, Donut Bar is not for the faint of heart. With each Big Poppa Tart weighing in at a pound a piece, you may struggle to finish these!

delicous desserts in las vegas

I hope that this list of the best desserts in Las Vegas has been useful!

With so many luscious restaurants to choose from, it’s no surprise that there are some truly incredible desserts on offer in Sin City.

So, whether you’re after a sugar rush after rushing the slots or just want a chilled afternoon sampling some of Vegas’s best sweet treats, we’ve got you covered!

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