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Ultimate List: Places to Eat in Dallas

April 20, 2016

Looking for the ultimate list of places to eat in Dallas?

The list below is full of some of Dallas’ most top rated eateries. I wanted to keep things as varied as possible on this list of places to eat in Dallas, so I’ve divided the restaurants up into different categories. You can find Luxury & high-end, budget & cheap, quirky & unique, fast food and southern dining.

Let me know in the comments below if you found the list helpful, and definitely let me know if there are any amazing places to eat in Dallas that I’ve missed off! 🙂

Luxury and High-End Restaurants

The French Room – Upscale French dining, would make a perfect place to propose or for a special occasion. Luxury at it’s best, rated #1 in Dallas on TripAdvisor.

The Capital Grille – Well-known prestigious restaurant in the heart of the city. Serving up fantastic lobster and steak dishes – for anyone who loves meat and classic American dining.

Frank Underground – The restaurant founded by two previous Masterchef contestants. Trendy cuisine with a rustic edge. Definitely one for the foodies and food cooking enthusiasts.

Pappa Bros Steakhouse – Amazing steak in a great atmosphere, this is one of the leading steak houses in the city of Dallas. Vast selection of wine too – so it’s a great choice for wine lovers.

Abacus Restaurant – A sleek and modern dining experience serving up global cuisine that incorporates the flavours of the Mediterranean, Southwest and Pacific Rim.They have a chef’s tasting menu, if you want to sample the best of what’s on offer.

Hibiscus – Serving up a mixture of meats (fish, shellfish, poultry and red meat) with an emphasis on well sourced ingredients and well-paired wine.

Budget & Cheap Restaurants

Jimmy’s Food Store – Old-style Italian grocery and cafe, ranked #2 on Trip Advisor for restaurants in Dallas. Really authentic food and atmosphere, adored by locals and tourists alike.

Twisted Root Burger Co. – For a southern take on burgers (and some brilliant head-spin milkshakes) head here for some hospitality, southern style.

Edohana Sushi – Affordable healthy food is great to balance your diet whilst in the heart of Southern food – so having a budget, but healthy option up your sleeve is a great idea. These guys serve up delicious Sushi.

The Gold Rush Cafe – Your typical American greasy-spoon style diner, this places has great reviews online, so worth a visit if you’re after something easy and pleasing.

Italia Express – Delicious pizza on a budget. Yum!

Monkey King Noodle Co. – Authentic noodles on a budget. Great for a quick meal, most things on the menu under $10.

Jen’s Place – Home-cooking and home-baking at it’s best, this is a local gem worth seeking out.

Quirky & Unique Restaurants

Rise No.1 – This unique concept of ‘Souffles-only’ is hugely popular with locals and has high reviews across all online reviewing platforms. Go for something a bit different.

Truck Yard – If you fancy a selection of loads of different foods and flavours, then The Texas Truck Yard is a great place to go. There are loads of different trucks to choose from, and loads of food to try.

Fast Food Restaurants

Velvet Taco – Known by locals as ‘the best tacos in the south’ it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed by anything they serve up here. The menu has tons of variety too – so maybe an excuse for multiple trips!

Super Chix – Fast food chicken, in fried form – drumsticks, burgers, thighs, wings, you name it.

Start – Simple and small menu that is delicious and impressive. Lots of sandwiches and buns.

Jersey Mike’s Subs – Sandwich place serving up huge subs with loads of different fillings. A local favourite.

Southern Grub Restaurants

Lockhart Smokehouse – If you love BBQ and trying a variety of meats and sauces, you’ll love it here. With rave reviews from locals and online, it’s a sure-fire choice to tickle those ‘southern’ food urges.

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen – Traditional home-style southern cooking, expect filling, comforting and saucy food. A great place to start if you’re new to southern food, or need a tasty reminder.

Peacon Lodge – There’s smoke. There’s BBQ meat. There’s sauce. If that sounds like some kind of southern-food heaven to you, you’re going to love it here. It’s authentic, tasty and friendly.

Bubbas Cooks Country – With loads of local history, and a menu full of southern delights, this diner-style restaurant is a winner for anyone wanting a traditional American eating experience.

Hattie’s Restaurant – Traditional-style southern cuisine, with homemade food and traditional decor.

Don’t forget – if there are any places to eat in Dallas you think should be included in this list, you can comment below!

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