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We’ve got somewhere to live!

September 7, 2012

Although we haven’t actually arrived yet – we have (through our huge levels of awesomeness) managed to secure a house before arriving. Risky tactics you might be thinking – yes true, considering we haven’t actually viewed the place. But actually, the place we’ve got is pretty sweet! And beyond our expectations, needless to say – we are very excited.


The main things on our “house list” were:

– A water view. Not like a puddle outside the front door – an actual genuine veiw of either sea or lake, with boats and fish. 

– A balcony. I like drinking orange juice in the morning. It is my dream to do this on a balcony not just at the kitchen table. 

– 2 bedrooms. Because one just isn’t enough. 

– Close to the city centre. Because we want constant and frequent access to Fergburger.

– Nice decor. Not like a 1970s throw back. 


So anyway, this list is the one we were working from. I whole heartedly admit I have absolutely been stalking the NZ rental website ever since we decided we were going to do the move. We’ve seen houses come and go that were perfect for us – and then we made sad faces when we realised they’d probably not be available when our move date finally arrived.

And then.

We found this one. The moving date is perfect, it ticks all our “list” stuff and it’s just really nice.

And it is perfect.

The end.

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  • jackie hayes October 6, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    When is the house warming party?
    love from
    your moms crazy villa friend jackie have a great time xx