Are you wondering ‘What food is Florida known for?’ – if so, keep reading!

Realistically, everyone loves food. Especially on vacation. So, if you’re looking to find out an answer to the question “what food is Florida known for?”, then we’ve got your back. 

We get it, when you’re visiting a place for the first time, you want to try all of those unique eats that you’ll remember for years to come! Singapore is known for its famous chicken rice, France is lauded for its snails and crepes, but what food is Florida known for? 

If this question has been playing on your mind, then let us answer that burning question for you: “what food is Florida known for?”.

Covering sweet treats and savory delights, our list is sure to have your mouth watering. 

So, are you ready to answer the question “what food is Florida known for”? Let’s get to it!

What food is Florida known for and why should I try it?

Trying new food is a scary and exciting experience. Over the course of any new tasting adventure, you’ll probably ask yourself “will I like it?”, “what’s in it?”, and most importantly “will it be slimy?”.

Okay, that last one might just be us, but unexpected texture is never a fun time. 

Although you may not have heard of some of the items on our list of “what food is Florida known for?”, we can assure you that each new delicacy is as incredible as the last.

We’ve purposefully chosen a selection of Floridian specialties that will satisfy every taste bud, so we guarantee you won’t be disappointed by any of these foods that Florida is known for. 

Key Lime Pie

If you’re wondering “what food is Florida known for?”, then you may just be on the hunt for a sweet treat. If you’re partial to a slice of pie, then you can’t leave Florida without trying Key Lime Pie.

Although this speciality is available all over Florida, the best spot to enjoy this tangy treat is in Key West. 

Made with limes, egg yolks and plenty of condensed milk, this certainly isn’t a light bite.

However, the sweetness of the condensed milk and slight sourness of the limes perfectly balance each other out to create a well-rounded dessert that’s deserving of your time and attention.

If the filling itself wasn’t enough to tempt you to try this amazing food that Florida is known for, then perhaps its buttery crust will. It’s a bit like a cheesecake crust, but we’d say that the Key Lime topping was somewhat superior! 

Key Lime Pie will always be our first response to “what food in Florida known for?”.

We get that not everyone has a sweet tooth, but this pie was literally created in Key West and is the pride and joy of the Sunshine State.

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If you can’t head down to Key West, you can still grab a slice of Key Lime Pie at most Floridian bakeries. Realistically, as we’re writing a piece answering the question “what food is Florida known for?”, we want to be make that our audience can sample the goods! 

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Cuban Sandwich

The next item on our list that answers the question “what food is Florida known for?” is the humble Cuban Sandwich. Before you argue, we’re with you.

We’re looking to answer the question “what food is Florida known for?”, not “what food is Cuba known for?”!

However, if you bear with us, we’ll tell you a fascinating tale about the Cuban Sandwich that explains why it’s a Florida staple. 

Way back in the early 1900s, expats from Cuba would travel to Florida with a sandwich for the journey.

Yep, a sandwich. Over time, this famous combination of roast pork, ham, cheese, and pickles became a Florida staple that’s now ordered all over the state.

Warm, perfectly toasted, and deliciously cheesy, this is a sandwich that you definitely need to try on your next visit to Florida. 

The fillings definitely make this sandwich one of the foods that Florida is best known for, but the bread deserves equal praise.

Made with lard in the dough, this bread is not the most nutritionally dense food in the world, but it’s certainly delicious!

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Conch Fritters

Another great answer to the question “what food is Florida known for?” is conch fritters!

The base of these mysterious little bites is actually a form of sea snail, and the fritters are born when the snails are dipped in batter and deep-fried.

You won’t normally find conch fritters on offer as a main course in Florida, but they make absolutely delectable appetizers! 

What makes conch fritters so popular is mix of factors. You’ve got the batter, you’ve got the fact that they’re deep fried, and you’ve got the TARTAR SAUCE.

Excuse our enthusiasm when it comes to the sauce, but it’s part of what makes conch fritters one of the foods that Florida is known for.

Rich, creamy and oh-so-delicious, the tartar sauce that conch fritters are served with truly elevates this Florida staple to the next level. 

If you’re wondering where to find conch fritters in Florida, we’re pleased to say that they’re pretty readily available. However, we highly suggest heading to coastal areas for the best fritters.

The sea snails tend to be freshly caught in these parts, making their natural flavor a thousand times more pronounced. So, if you’re asking “what food is Florida known for?”, one of the answers will always be conch fritters!

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Apalachicola Oysters

Oysters are extremely popular in Florida, so it’s probably unsurprising that they’ve made it onto our list discussing “what food is Florida known for?”.

The best oysters in Florida can be found in Apalachicola Bay. Although it’s a bit of tricky to pronounce, this area produces the fattest oysters in town!

Believe it or not, almost all of Florida’s oysters come from this single bay, so you’ll be able to experience these wonderful oysters all over the state. 

You can try Florida’s famous Apalachicola oysters in several chowders, but you should try them as-is to experience just how good they are. As well as being extremely tasty, Apalachicola oysters are some of the largest in the US. 

So, if you’re a seafood fanatic, we highly recommend sampling some! 

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Gator Bites

The final spot on our list of the top foods that Florida is known for belongs to gator bites. Before you turn away from this suggestion in abject horror, bear with us.

They may not sound overly appetizing, but gator bites are INCREDIBLE and definitely answer the question “what food is Florida known for?” adequately.

These aren’t really an everyday food for Floridians as they’re pretty indulgent.

However, if you’re visiting Florida for a couple of weeks, you can definitely get away with a plate or two of gator bites. 

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At first glance, these intriguing little nuggets look a bit like popcorn chicken. Rest assured though,  you won’t be finding a hint of bird in these bad boys!

Packed with gator meat, these are Florida’s take on fried fare and are certainly a great answer to the question “what food is Florida known for?”.  

If you’re not feeling up to the challenge or are slightly grossed out at the concept of gator bites, let us try and quell your concerns. Most of what puts people off this food is the idea of what’s in it.

However, if you’re a fan of funky French food like snails and frogs legs, then you’re bound to love gator bites. 

We hope that our list has answered the burning question “what food is Florida known for?”

There are a few more famous Florida foods that we love such as stone crabs and ceviche, but we’d say that our top 5 picks are the must-try treats on offer.

If you’re a local, how would you answer the question “what food is Florida known for?”. Pinning down your state’s signature dish can be tricky, so we’d love to know what you think!

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