If you’ve found yourself googling ‘why do people travel?’ and you’re looking for an answer, then keep reading…

Why do people travel? It’s a question lots of people find themselves asking. Maybe you want to travel, and you’re looking to justify it. Maybe you already love to travel, and you’re looking for reassurance that you’re normal. Or maybe you hate traveling, but you have friends who love it, and you’re simply looking to understand.

‘Why do people travel?’ is a question so many of us have found ourselves asking at some point.

So, why do people travel? Let’s explore the answers!

There are so many reasons why people travel. How long is a piece of string?

Below we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why people travel, and delve into what makes traveling so amazing and such a wonderful part of life.

Why do people travel? Because they want to explore.

Exploration is one of the most common reasons for wanting to travel. The world is a big place, and some of us are driven by a desire and need to see it, and see as much as we can! People who travel for exploration have a longing to see parts of the world other’s haven’t, they want to see new things, experience new things and have memories to cherish.

Exploration is a challenge, it’s something that fulfils your life and enriches your mind, and once you experience that for yourself, it’s addictive!

Why do people travel? To meet new people.

Another reason people might travel, is to meet new people. If you’re the kind of person who is driven by interactions and friendships, then traveling is a wonderful way to expand your friendship circle and meet new, interesting people.

Personally for me (hi, I’m Elle the Editor!) some of my most cherished friendship, are people I’ve met whilst traveling. Or, I have traveled with existing friends, and watch our relationship strengthen and grow!

Why do people travel? To experience different cultures.

This answer to the question ‘why do people travel?’ often goes hand in hand with exploration. Traveling the world lets you learn about and experience first-hand, many different cultures and ways of life. If you want to experience what life is like in another country (or another city) then the easiest way to find out for yourself, is by traveling there!

One of my favorite things when I travel, is trying new activities, eating new food and learning new things. It’s immersing myself in that different culture and embracing and enjoying it. When asking ‘why do people travel?’ this is often one of the most common answers.

Why do people travel? They want a change of routine.

Another reason why people travel if often for a change in routine. If you’ve found yourself feeling bored in your 9-5 job, and you’ve noticed yourself feeling tired of the same old routines, traveling is a great way to break the monotony.

Travel breaks you out of your routine, it goes against a schedule, it makes you live life in the moment. You’ll never feel more alive than when you head out into a new city for the first time, or when you see the ocean for the first time in months. Traveling puts your life in high definition – and it’s the opposite to boredom or routine!

Why do people travel? For a change of climate.

Let’s face it, a big reason lots of us travel, if for a change of climate. When you live in a country that experiences all four seasons (like the UK and Northern Europe) you can go months without seeing proper sunshine, or feeling any heat on your skin.

This can have a big impact on mental health (as you’d expect!) so one of the reasons many people travel is to escape their regular climate in favor of something a bit sunnier or milder. Or, it works the opposite way too! Maybe you live somewhere that is sunny and warm all year round, and you travel each year to experience the cold or the snowy weather.

Why do people travel? For a change of scenery.

Why do people travel? Some people travel simply for a change of scenery. Maybe you’re just fed up with where you live, or how your life is going, and you need to feel something new and exciting. Maybe you feel like you want a change of scenery, a change of surroundings and a bit of excitement. This is as good of a reason to travel as any on this list!

Why do people travel? For education or volunteering.

Why do people travel? Often it is for education or volunteering. Many universities offer great programmes for international students, and it can be much easier getting a visa for a country as a student, than via any other method.

This often means (for those lucky enough to afford it) that education provides lots of opportunities to travel! It’s the same with volunteering – there are many interesting and rewarding opportunities for volunteering abroad!

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Why do people travel? To see family.

For many people, they travel to see their family. As someone who has family living abroad, traveling is a big part of our lives. We travel to see each other, to be reunited and to share moments and memories. Without travel, our lives would be a lot less interesting!

Why do people travel? To make the most of your life.

Why do people travel? Another beautiful reason to travel, is to quite simple, make the most of your life. We only get given limited time on this planet, and making the choice to travel, is making the choice to live each moment to it’s fullest potential and enjoy all the amazing things to world has to offer.

Sometimes the reason to travel is that simple. You want to spend your time doing something that makes you happy!

Why do people travel? To relax and unwind.

There are many different ways to travel. For some people, it’s all adventure and exploration, but for others, traveling could be all about relaxation. Many people choose to travel to help themselves unwind and unplug. They use their time traveling to reconnect with themselves, family, friends, and use it as a real opportunity to switch off and relax.

You might find relaxation sitting on a beach hamoock, reading your favorite book. Or maybe you find relaxation hiking up a mountain. Whatever the method, traveling gets you there for sure.

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Why do people travel? To gain confidence.

This is a big one. Traveling really helps you gain confidence… In yourself, in your abilities, in your skills. Whatever. There’s nothing like a trip away to help you realise just how capable you really are. Maybe before you traveled, you never really felt much self-confidence…

But after traveling, you realise you are great at navigating a city, great at making friends, and great at planning trips! Then your confidence soars!

Hopefully we’ve answered your question… “Why do people travel?”

Whatever the reason you’re traveling, it’s an amazing thing to do, for so many reasons. Travel is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Not just for the memories you’ll make, but also the things you’ll learn too.

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